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Learn how Majestic Heli Ski uses YouTube and Video Ads to grow their business.

Learn how Majestic Heli Ski uses YouTube and Video Ads to grow their business.

NJORD ROTA: One of my
favorite experiences is when we fly out
in the helicopter, and we land on the top of
the peak, and you get out, and the wind’s blowing
everywhere from the rotor wash, and it’s real loud. But then the
helicopter takes off, and then it gets real quiet. I force myself to just
take 10, 20 seconds and just look down and
just appreciate how beautiful and amazing it is. My name is Njord Rota. I’m the owner of
Majestic Heli Ski. I was a helicopter pilot, flying
for the United States Army, moving troops from base
camp into the mountains. So I left the Army, really
had a chance to reset my life. I really like
skiing deep powder. I really like
flying helicopters. And I really like drinking beer. That was the
genesis of the idea. We’re about 2 hours
from Anchorage. We’ve got thousands
and thousands of acres to choose from,
where normally you’d be fighting with 10,000
other people at a resort. We tried all sorts of
different ways to advertise. We did print advertising,
radio advertising, hosted parties at ski resorts. And we’ve gotten rid
of a lot of that stuff. Video does allow us to make
an emotional connection, especially if you’re a skier
and you see amazing skiing, your brain is on fire. You’re like, I want that. Majestic Heli Ski
is an experience, and that’s where
YouTube comes in. They see the lodge. They see the dinner
in our videos. They see the skiing,
and they get it. You say a picture’s
worth a thousand words. A video is worth a million. We get about 40% to 50% of
our new first time Heli Skiers from YouTube. It’s showing that our marketing
dollars are well spent. If you have an idea, and
you have the guts to do it, you’re going to be successful.

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