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Learn Digital Marketing Techniques — By Having a Thumb War?? [2019]

Learn Digital Marketing Techniques — By Having a Thumb War?? [2019]

(mellow lo-fi music) – Good morning, it is 4:40am, and I have to admit, it
was a very early morning. So, I had to wake up and feed the baby, get ready, but we are on our
way to Detroit to do LCA, the one-day, and I am so excited. Let’s go. (mellow lo-fi music) So, we just got to Detroit. The good news is we’re early. The bad news is I looked in the mirror and totally forgot to put on makeup. So, on it now, good thing I brought it. See you guys soon. (mellow lo-fi music) So, I don’t know if you guys heard. This is day one of my
mission to cure mom-bod. So, what that means is that
I’ve had three children in under four years, and I need to dramatically get my butt in here. So now, I’m working out with a trainer. I have a nutritionist. I packed my breakfast for
probably the first time in my life, and my snacks for the day. I tried to get up at
two o’clock this morning to work out, and it didn’t happen. So that means for five
other days this week, I have to get up really early and work out before my kids wake
up, but I’m excited and I promise to keep everybody
updated on how it’s going. (mellow lo-fi music) – So, here’s the thing. We hear people like “Gary Vee and “Grant Cardone and everyone else out there “telling us the hustle.” (mellow lo-fi music) – People need guidance, and they need clear responsibilities, right. So, I would trust too often that they would figure it
out, and that would lead to chaos because they
wanted to be told how to succeed, and I at first didn’t have the structure to make that happen. – [Event MC] Ladies and gentlemen, welcome Ms. Carrie Shoals. (applause) (mellow lo-fi music) – I need you to listen really carefully because you’re real estate agents, and we don’t like to listen, right. We’re gonna have a thumb war. (mellow lo-fi music) (cheering and shouting) Here’s what’s incredible
about digital marketing mail. The cost that you’re spending to get to an entire community is less than when you’re going after a segment of buyers and sellers. (mellow lo-fi music) You’re making me so proud. (mellow lo-fi music) So, all the mamas are always
asking me about balance, and the truth is it’s a challenge. I mean, I just got off stage and I’m dying and I need to pump right this second, and if you’re out there and
you’re a mom and you work, you know that sometimes it’s really hard. So, I’m on it. (mellow lo-fi music) Thank you so much for
joining us today in Detroit. It was absolutely incredible. I learned a ton. Some of my favorite podcasts
of all time were at this event. So, come follow us at the
HyperFast Agent podcast. You’re gonna get a ton out of it, and we hope to see you at our
event coming soon in November, 11th and 12th with Ryan Serhant, Nick, Tristan, and a ton of
other incredible speakers. See you guys soon. (mellow lo-fi music)

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