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Lead Form Ads on Google – All you need to know

Lead Form Ads on Google – All you need to know

Hi everyone! Welcome back to the next edition of Digital Bytes. Today we are going to talk about something very interesting. It’s about Google Form Leads. This is something that Google announced at
Google for India event very recently. And we are very excited to hear that. Primarily because Facebook launched this a long time ago. After Facebook, it was launched on Instagram. Then LinkedIn came up with it. And now, Google’s finally launching their own lead form. One of the key reasons these platforms do this is because they want the users to stay on the platform When you click the lead form, you fill it up, and when you finish that, you come back to that platform. You do not stray away to another platform, or another website. So it is really great for that platform to have something immersive in the same platform itself. So what is amazing about the Google Lead form is that all it takes is 2 clicks and 3 seconds, …and you’ve already given your lead to the company you want to. And because the leads are pre-filled, the experience for the user is obviously excellent. It is a great extension for what Google has done with the Accelerated Mobile Pages, …or as we know as AMP. And the entire experience for the user with these lead forms is really amazing. What makes the Google Lead forms different from the Facebook, Instagram or Linkedin Lead Forms, …is the fact that the intent of the user looking for it on Google Search is very high. Whereas on other platforms, you target them based on their interests or on who they are. But here there’s a very very high intent, and they are looking for something that we have to offer. And thereby the quality of leads is likely to be very high from the Google Lead Form. One of the things that one needs to keep in mind is that, …it’s still not launched.
It is going to be out very soon. But they may not really have a CRM integration to begin with, in the first phase. Which means we may have to have some additional efforts to pass on these leads from Google Sheets, on to your Sales Team or Support Team to activate it forward. The other thing to probably keep in mind when using this is the fact that, …we may not have custom questions when you initially launch this. So, from the initial looks of it, it looks like it’s going to be standardised questions that Google is going to give. And you can only use from those standardised questions. Which means, you may not have the liberty to ask specific questions that you may have for the user. So these are the only two caviars that we know and would want to keep in mind. But we are really excited to try this out. And we hope to get to share our results and what we do with these google lead forms. And you will hear this on our next Digital Bytes.

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