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Lawn Care Business Tips – Google AdWords, do they work? –

Lawn Care Business Tips – Google AdWords, do they work? –

Brooks Belanger here with Bellis Lawn and Gardens today I’m gonna bring you a quick video about using google adwords and running ad campaigns to promote your business and your services online. When it comes to online marketing goes without saying pretty much all business owners want to be on the front page of Google. When it comes to the internet Google owns the Internet there’s absolutely no other search engine that even comes in a close second when you compared to google. With that being said I think there are some other opportunities that ad campaigns offer other than simply allowing your business to show up on the front page of Google. And here’s what I’m talking about, running ad campaigns really act as a call to action for potential clients, so if you’re running a promotion for a particular service you can highlight that in your ad campaign and it’s really going to stand out to your potential clients so that hopefully they’ll click on your ad pick up the phone and call you and you could make this sell. Also, running ad campaigns allows you to highlight and really focus on a specific service that you’re trying to promote you can’t do these two things that I’m speaking about simply by having an organic search from your website so I’m campaigns really allow you to highlight promotions, a service, or a new service you can also run ads for services that may have a higher demand at a certain time of the year. I’m going to use an example here such as aeration so if you run an ad in the spring and in the fall when these services are in higher demand hopefully people are going to click on your ad pick up the phone and you can make more sells for that particular service. I’ve used ad campaigns in the past I’ve had some pretty good success with them even being a solo operator I don’t think there’s absolutely anything wrong with running google ad campaigns it really did allow me to gain several reoccurring clients it also really helped me land some one-time big profitable jobs. So for me it was very it was a good decision and also I saw a really good return on my investment using google adwords. However, with all that being said i want to highly highly recommend that you absolutely just don’t jump into this headfirst without doing your homework and your research i’m going to put a link in the description below to a book by Jason McDonald’s called google adword gotchas! There are many other books out there that you can read to get the knowledge that you need before you run ad campaigns this is the book that I read I found it very helpful so you know it just want to put it out there in front of you you don’t have to read that book like I said there’s many more out there. But I really think that Google AdWords can be another asset for your online marketing campaign I don’t think it’s something you want to run entirely throughout the year, but there really are certain times of the year when you can really narrow in and try and focus on a particular client and also really focus on selling a particular service. This has been brooksville on che bringing you another lawn care marketing tip any questions any comments good or bad leave them below any experiences that you’ve had using any type of AD campaign online whether it’s Bing, Google, Facebook leave them below and until next time I shall see you then but I do want to let you know be doing another video here about a week of using temp agencies and temp employees the benefits and the cons of that so stay tuned for that video and as always thanks for watching and until next time I chose see you then!

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  1. Advertising does pay off. I've got enough work to keep busy being it's just me & one of my sons. Not really looking to hire any employees. Been there. Good advice on getting more work for those looking to grow. Best of luck this season bud.

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