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Lauren Jauregui Discusses the Importance of Self-Love | Women In Music

Lauren Jauregui Discusses the Importance of Self-Love | Women In Music

(electronic music) – My advice to women struggling to find their self-worth is to look within themselves, acknowledge the beautiful resilience of having gotten through whatever it was that caused them to lose their sense of self-worth in the first place. The fact that you’re still here and you’re still thriving and your essence is beautiful and what your face looks like and your body looks like is just a default setting of what it means to be alive and to be a woman. Look within yourself for that light that is existent, is in
there, and you do have it. And no one else can give
that to you but yourself. (electronic music) They greatest piece of
wisdom I’ve received from a woman in my life would probably be to center self-love in practice in life and to make that be
who I fall in love with the most, and stay in love
with throughout my life.

47 thoughts on “Lauren Jauregui Discusses the Importance of Self-Love | Women In Music

  1. I have no self worth and I have nobody to blame but myself. I really love that Billboard is posting these empowering videos. Thank you 🙏❤

  2. Lauren is such an amazing artist and as a fellow artist I respect her creativity and hopefully I get a chance to work with her one day

  3. first little mix and than lauren … i love that these women are using the platform they were given to talk about things that actually matter … and for u passing by reading my comment i really suggest you watch a documentary called ODD ONE OUT about jesy nelson's journey with online trolling and her body image i came out with an important lesson from it and so should u ❤

  4. it's absolutely crazy how much I love this woman, but not only for her gorgeous look but every detail from her soul. I feel like she is the only one who really gets me

  5. I couldn’t agree more .
    So much compassion i love her so much.
    She has these beautiful heart and soul and how her mind works is just really amazing. My Queen my woman crush everyday Lauren Jauregui

  6. A Lauren sempre fala sobre temáticas importantes e como poderia ajudar outro ser humano que está passando por problemas.

  7. 1.What's Lauren's Ethnicity, Race, & Nationality?

    2.What's Lauren's Parents, Grandparents, & Siblings?

    3.What's Lauren's Hair, Eye, & Skin Color?

    4.What's Lauren's Birthday, Birthplace, & Hospital?

  8. Lauren é um ser tão lindo e maravilhoso, ela espalha amor e carinho, da conselhos é honesta (até demais as vezes) uma verdadeira mãe e amiga pros seus fãs. Eu amo tanto ela e a amo mais ainda por ter me ensinando e ensinado muitas outras mulheres a se amar. Em resumo: Lauren Jauregui é amor e nós, latinos e provavelmente o mundo inteiro tbm a amamos muito.

    We love you bby 💚💛


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