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Laugh.. and Nicolas Cage will visit your Nightmares YLYL #0060

Laugh.. and Nicolas Cage will visit your Nightmares YLYL #0060

brrra brRrRrRa *explosion* Welcome to Youtube’s favorite show Skratta duUuUu förlorar du Mannen maAnNEn!! MAANNEN cameraman: you stupid kid: no I’m not cameraman: whats 9+10? LEBRON JA- LEBRON JAAAAA *inhale* Lebron jahahmes so far, have not laughed (ZERO DEATHS)(Totally not true but eh) How bout you? leave a sp – s – like down in the comments. so I can know if you liked or laughed. Straight guy, James Charles (old tea, new taste.) What’s the matter? Scared you might like it? subscribe to hannah kim levy (This isn’t funny I am laughing at my reflection) (Why is it funny?) Oh that was hard I almost laughed at that one. *mumbles* the f*ck (FRICK) happened to this show? Big man Tom: hOW YOU DOIN INSTAGRAM IT’S BIG TIME TOMMY HERE’S MY THOUGHT O’ THE DAY LIVE THE BEST LIFE YOU CAN (if you have one) Thank you, thank you so much *cries in Gucci* (trippin’) How is this real??//?? Need some frickin’ sUNSCREEN TOMMY Haters will hate always That’s what they do :’) They hate. BUT YOU KNOW WHAT They hate themselves tHeY haTE tHemSelVes (damn Tom u hit pewds in the feels) h e y w a s s u p Instagram (ad) it’s your boy Tommy T (That’s a big cigar) How ya doin’ Instagram it’s Big Time Tommy *Laughs in not laughing/tots not laughing* Something to remember, something to carry you through this day, so far no skratta du. I gotta say, so far no skratta. Isn’t that right Felix? (just had a skratta- STILL ZERO DEATHS) GOT EM what is this? Austrailia I love you Henry, that’s nice. *still not laughing. Not skratta* *What does Cyka Blyat mean* *Little skratta* They still want- they’re not gonna settle down until I give them Major, I guess. I can’t do that. Well played Australia, well played, that was beautiful. Here, this is for you. Me? Nonono for him Oh him? *Why is Felix laughing so hard, its not that funny?* (omg ikkk) GOT EM I love that, you’re out with your girl; [and] she accepts a rose from a random stranger. No, it’s for you. Brofist, that’s epic. That’s a gamer moment. (we love sonic pr0n) (It sounds kinda like a human/cow mooing at a scared child?) (I really don’t know what’s happening.) I think we can all relate, I think we’ve all been there. No judgement passed from this guy at least. IS DAT SONIC??? BELLE DELPHINE SONIC? ok.. ok.. ok…. i’m not hating! i’m not hating… *flips skateboard* WOOOOOAH! (;-; reminds me of Slippy) WOOOOAAAAAAHH! Holy s*it it’s like airbug but instead of a dog it’s a tOAd and instead of bASkETBaLL its SKAtboaRdiNG wat da hell man the frog is more skate-cllah than I ever will it’s like the new tony *tony hawk more like tony– …………………………… frAAhG *cuts to credits but not really* hey more James Charles memes everyone
“James Charles trying to seduce straight men into hooking up with him” vid: pLEaSe nO cHOwDER prETTy plEEEEZ? WAT THE– *pewds chuckles* oh god… anime girls smiling with their eyes
closed are so cute hey look it’s Poppy Gloria (uwu) she is so adorable too bad she’s living on the streets now thanks to you guys and your
cancel c*nt culture. Disgusting *music* oh stop stOOOp sTOP you ain’t cute
okay, you ain’t cute and no one think you cute no no no you look stupid *music resumes* (she trying too hard) wat is dis? heh heh heh heh *pewds chuckles* I leave TikTok for a week and this is
what you come up with? oh my god oh my god what has happen- what has happening AAHHH ah thank God it’s over
*pewds laughs* dan’t nah f*cking stay around my house all day go teh f*ck, go go find
a f*cking job ya fu*kin sausage roll lookin’ tw–*bleeped* noo-oooo oh heh ooooo don’t hurt himmm poor thang stAAAP that he can’t hAAALLLp it fat dog can’t even get a job what is this? I’ve got three tens which is thirty and five ones
so that is 30
plus 5 12 is one 10– heh heh you know people did the teachers did this in school like this is
so much easier if you do it like this and it’s just the most elaborate thing
to ever remember that no one’s ever gonna use as well
okay so that’s step one why’s there a dog crying in the background? “now draw a large box”
she’s teaching a dog how to do math? *laughs very loudly at his joke* okay and on this box we’re gonna put
both of our expanded number– oh my god waman: so on the top, I’m gonna put 30
plus 5 and you know the teacher forces you to use his
method too like if you didn’t show that you did her method in the test you
wouldn’t get like the grade or whatever and on the side I’m gonna put 10+2 where your plus signs are I want you to draw a line through the middle pewds: oh my god waman: and down it and then in the very corner– how long does this go –a big multiplication sign starting with our very first number on the top pewds: thirty-five times twelve you take(x3) you take thirty times ten… no wait.. how would I do this
now you take 35 times ten and then you you plus seventy…
three hundred fifty… plus seventy it’s 420 (pewds is a math genius!!! 👏👏) four twENtAYYYY OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH *explosion* *knocking sound*
*loud clash* pewds: NOOO *video repeats* nOOO you can’t snap your fingers
inside your mouth *pewds tries lol* *succeeds once* AHhhh! you already did this in the video getting old…. VIDEO: ah oh you f*cking
you won’t do it (x2) lemme just go like this and see if..
if it connects to thaa– *screams* PEWDS: Oh Jesus! Oh Jesus
hahahaha *clip repeats* a millimeter away actually let me just
make go ahead and make sure the–AAHHH so I was playing Minecraft and trying to
build a house and I forgotten that I had Nicolas Cage texture pack then it
started raining and I freakin screamed hey hey hey hey I would die for you! AWWWWWW you awww you lose, and I guess I just lost VIDEO: somebody help him like why you f*cking recording? B*tch cause I don’t work here (in background: exACtlY)
YOU work here
Help ’em! the f*ck you mean?
dumbass VIDEO: somebody help him like why you f*cking recording

B*tch I don’t work here (in background: exACtlY)
YOU work here
Help ’em! the f*ck you mean?
dumbass dUMMY PEWDS: so much nicer to see people have empathy
and caring for each other, helping each other *in another language* (So how ya’ll doing? doing good ya know :3 this clip is really cool uwu) Pewds: What? oh my god what is…
what is that?!? how does that even wORk!? *startling noise*
WOAH they’re summoning the jeans from the
nebLAH RROOOO OH MY GOD *electrical buzzing* OHHHHHHH OH! *sounds like creepy chanting* (they’re summoning the jeans!) OH. MY. GOD! Take off your jeans right nOW
you could be possESSed! is it weird that I kind of want to lay in front of that laser?
and just become jeans (YOU’LL JUST GET BURNED) Can you imagine how awesome that would be?
That you can be your jeans. (this should seriously be a pewdiepie quote) PewDiePie jeans… Random guy: Oh shi*iiit Pewds: What is this clip It’s everywhere *block breaks* *throws shoe* stAAAAp
ah goddammit I don’t want to alarm you, but– *phone alarm goes off* goddamn it memes are so bad right now, we
need a good meme guys please it’s just please anything but this say at least that I can appreciate a funny creative edit Welcome to Arby’s would you like to try one of our
today? *too mixed up to understand* BRAH *all laugh* Da fuk– Pewds: HA Just ask for a water. That’ll be it. *Pewds laughing* Pewds: alrighty water coming right up
they should have all said in unison that would have been so great I don’t know what I’m doing *All Screaming (and swearing)* (yo is RDJ ok??) WAT DA FUK
AHHHHHH! Pewds: oh god that’s great all right they
picked up a bit, they picked up a bit I may have been skratting just a little
bit (nah u did, A LOT but like ZERO DEATHS) Whaa-huh is this? HAMBURGER STAAP GODDAMMIT sTOP with a hamBURGeR please *prays* please!
I need a good 👏Meme Review👏
no hamburger please i can’t do it AH So, that’s another episode of
skrattar du förlorar du hope you guys had fun I said I hope you
guys had fUN Roll the outro ! (Brad-Madlad-Moment.mp3) (BUT CAN YOU DO THIS???)

100 thoughts on “Laugh.. and Nicolas Cage will visit your Nightmares YLYL #0060

  1. Ok who else tried to snap their fingers inside their mouth the same time Felix did and made the same reaction

  2. 11:35 you know when you say "hey Google" and that bitch pops up, it happened at this moment because of burger

  3. 6:26 this is why I took consumer math instead of algebra like wtf who the hell can remember all that junk lol

  4. The math portion is how America (don’t know if that’s extended out of the country) is teaching” new math”.

  5. Pewdie pie I am saying this right now I was watching a gacha life vid and it ended up threatening me to sub to you or else it would kill my family😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
    Btw my roblox user name is pewdie_new cux I am honestly a fan byeeeee👌👍

  6. YOU RASCALballs-up — a messed up situation.wazzock — an idiot.legless — extremely drunk.miffed — upset or offended.knackered — tired and exhausted.gobby — being a loud mouth and/or offensive.collywobbles — a feeling of acute nervousness.

  7. YOU balls-up — a messed up situationwazzock — an idiotlegless — extremely drunkmiffed — upset or offendedknackered — tired and exhaustedgobby — being a loud mouth and/or offensivecollywobbles — a feeling of acute nervousnesstosh — nonsenseminted — to be wealthy

  8. YOU The Democrat’s unprecedented balls-up surprised everyone.The culture minister called Hillary Clinton a ‘wazzock’.We've all seen people leaving legless after a heavy session in the pub.Miffed with local cops, the Punjab minister staged a hunger strike.I'm completely knackered after the weekend!I discovered he was a serial cheater and got a bit gobby about it.A bloke came in the pub and he was a bit gobby.The BBC corporation gets the collywobbles whenever a programme is controversial.Serena claims she got the collywobbles ahead of London Olympics.Politics is complete tosh to me.After working the whole night, I was knackered.I crawled out of that bar completely legless.My friend is a little gobby at times.She got collywobbles before presenting her report to the class.The show was graced with another balls-up tonight.He is not going to take you to court for calling him a ‘wazzock’.After he started a new business, he is minting a lot of money.Malaysia’s prime minister is miffed by a Justice Department investigation into his private bank accounts.

  9. balls-up — a messed up situation.wazzock — an idiot.legless — extremely drunk.miffed — upset or offended.knackered — tired and exhausted.gobby — being a loud mouth and/or offensive.collywobbles — a feeling of acute nervousness.

  10. The meme doesn’t make me laugh it’s the way PewDiePie reacts to it😂😂😂
    Funniest guy on earth 🌍 🌎 🌏

  11. My math teacher was nice about equations. She didn’t care how we did it as long as we showed our work and got the right answer.

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