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Las Vegas SEO | Advertising and Marketing Agency

Las Vegas SEO | Advertising and Marketing Agency

Welcome to my Las Vegas SEO video, have you ever wondered how it’s possible that your competitors are always going on vacation driving newest models luxury cars help make
enough Ford to leave some most luxurious houses
in Las Vegas well have you I’m gonna tell you why I’ll also tell you that you have me as your new internet marketing consultant, specializing in las vegas seo but first let me introduce myself i’m
john white a local Las Vegas internet marketing
consultant hand it’s my job to guide you my by dominating your online competitors using my las vegas seo services. Welcome to Top Rank Media Group a local las vegas based seo company we’ll take care of all your search engine optimization needs including social media and reputation management required we
can get your YouTube videos to the
first page of google who ewbal have lifted thing which what time with friends and family let me MIT all the work I can tell you a
bunch of backs eight years but I won’t bore you with
that right now what I can tell day your online
customers while not search beyond hate one search
results if you’re on page two for further behind the attack you need
help and I need lot today if you’re not in
the top 10 spots search results you are not getting any
online business Matt back for example I have one client
who was way back on page twenty has pretty far behind hey we’re not
getting any online self at all held on the first page guess what
seventy per se Hall shared coming from online track he called me and told me that literally
speakers business going thing back goes to show that online markey’s Mary all there’s a lot
going on Google just for the search term Las
Vegas Restaurants there are over 14,000 searches every
single month same goes for dentists with over 2400
searches every single month in Las Vegas including other stuff another she’s too imagine
that you would check his team lost a scanned ranked in the top spot on you
have a very large piece of those twenty four hundred people searching for dentist las vegas, but lets just assume 5 percent today traffic hold you for
more information and then only 20 percent resulted in sales will just assume that
he each dental patients for thousand dollars
trying them one visit that twenty four thousand dollars profit and you business generated from hong surged
back lifetime value he’s haitian is a
different story because you’re most likely his she did a
good job first show how much you focusing on the big
picture being found online whose be found on first page in the search
results can be rewarding your website isn’t going to get there
all by itself here’s a brief example what did you and we can do the same for
years 10 spots on the first page first thing
we do you is tried to get everything you can to
the first page shooting most your social network review
sites on YouTube videos this field the space pushes your
competitors down by allowing you to revolving he’s my
friend the whole dominating the competition heat of hockey here examples summer fine that we
did this for not too shabby a hey I’m not here to
force you to be my client help your business get to the top search
results that’s your decision tired are you struggling to get customs UK cold calling do you hate showering be down on the first page in the search
results have customers whole you like what you
hear in so far the 300 is getting to the first page surgeons if only way people are gonna
find your website but don’t worry with a little work and
patience I can get you there me asking what the
investment would be to get them to the first page of Google my answer to that question executive
Willie Horton price into a taking a look at the
website and other factors how competitive your keywords of a little one no I’m not
she hand some businesses just can’t afford murders brown only dedicated to what I
thank you produce results it’s not a wham bam
thank you ma’am scenario take my control Shari Shari will have a of the consultation to show what’s working what’s not working so we can make those changes in our seo las vegas service. we’re totally transparent relationship usual process much for me talk on the phone or
now from no I asked a few questions about
your business and a little bit about your website and
then from there we’ll schedule a one on one consultations sash doing the accession all go over plan that will help you get first page Google ideal where or without Haiti do you decide you want me to do
the work all started on your project with my seo las vegas firm, i’ll help you dominate your competitors just like the example show
the Bobcat bite there my friend is a guarantee oh and another thing um website in the
going to magically appear on the first page of the search result the next day to dispel that myth it’s a possible you have to put time and effort can’t be
to you 11 cancel trash Ashley comp public going over your web site
strategize on what needs to be done 16 hairs forage
estimates that need to be made to help you attract more visitors paul
also go over what needs to be done to get your business to page one of Google produced by small I ask in return that
you please consider me when you need someone
you do you’re on my mind and of course some referrals what her
dad so give me a call LA that the stage where your competitors won’t stand a chance because were taking
on the first page cool have a good day. Check out our Las Vegas SEO and you’ll get our complimentary initial internet marketing consultation.

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