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Khóa học Facebook Pixel (Bài 1): Traffic – Facebook Ads

Khóa học Facebook Pixel (Bài 1): Traffic – Facebook Ads

alright hey everybody and welcome to the
Facebook pixel conversions traffic and more training program misses lesson
number two traffic website custom audiences one of my favorite topics so
we’re gonna have fun with this one so how is it’s gonna work man I think I
think this one is is likely to push the 90 minute mark or at least 75 minutes
but I will say 60 plus we’ll start with last week’s assignment in case you have
any questions we’ll we’ll cover what we can there we’ll go into today’s
presentation which is very full and then we’ll talk about your assignment for
today I’ll get to your final Q&A so ask those questions as you’ve got them of
course we’ll be recording I say aloud 24 hours but should be ready then for ish
hours tonight it will be emailed to you but you should already have access to
the members area at power hitters club comm login credentials so it’ll be there
as well once it’s ready so last week we talked about it was the introduction of
the pixels so this one moved pretty fast it wasn’t really a one-on-one dr.
sieving at 101 which would be this is what the pixel is and put it between the
head tags it went much deeper than that we talked about how to do it in a few
different places with different software and we also talked about sharing the
pixel and a little bit a little bit of business manager in there as well so we
moved pretty quickly there so last week’s assignment was you need to create
your pixel if you hadn’t already you need to add it between the head tags of
every page of your website if you hadn’t already you need to test it to pixels
working and a couple ways doing that was first of all with the pixel helper
chrome plug-in and also just checking out the the pixel page within business
manager migrate from the old pixel to the new one if necessary
and then share your pixel with a test account within business manager I know I
heard from others too that they maybe didn’t do that because I didn’t need to
just don’t know that you know with my instructions too as we went through it
last week it’s all about setting up a test account to do that a test ad
account so even if you didn’t have an ad account to share it with you could
create one just to go through that now if you feel like you’ll never need to do
that and that’s fine but I’m just trying to be thorough over there uh you see
here Michael you should reach out to us buddy
I’ve tried to message PHC as much as possible on this that PHC elite members
already will have access to the replays on this but this is not in the pH C
elite members area yet it won’t be until this training program is over but you
shouldn’t have needed to sign up for this as phd elite member either so but
some it’s an email at info at Jon Loomer comm all right so doesn’t appear we have
any questions about last week’s assignment so let’s get to it
so today’s plan we’re gonna talk about the pixel and remarketing you know the
pixel is required is necessary if you want to do this this awesome thing
called remarketing so about how to create website custom audiences will dig
into a strategy for building audiences so not only what should those audiences
be but you know maybe you don’t have a lot of traffic right now what should you
be doing talk about how to share audiences if you’ve got someone you need
to share an audience with and we’ll get to today’s assignment before going to
what’s next and today’s Q&A so some basic assumptions before we get rolling
same assumptions as last week that you are a client have a website you have an
active Facebook ad account you’re a client have a business manager can
which will be useful and helpful we’ll talk about sharing the sharing your
audiences so some key takeaways hope you’ll have afternoon today don’t you
understand the importance of website custom audiences understand how to
create all types of website custom audiences that’s what WCA is if you’re
not sure I understand how to target and exclude baby wcas understand which
website custom audiences you should be creating and understand how to share an
audience which I think a lot of people don’t really know okay so let’s get
rolling the pixel and remarketing before we even get started on that just I guess
the lingo clarification is that you know talking about targeting
people who visit your website is often referred to as remarketing so when you
hear me use that phrase we’re talking just maybe
a clicker easier way of saying targeting your website custom audiences okay so
last week you installed the pixel and that’s going to be required to do
anything that we do today so hopefully you did that so the pixel should now be
on every single page of your website so once again you know that we’ve moved
away from the old conversion tracking pixel days where you put a different
pixel on different conversion pages and those people who did that may not have
had the main Facebook pixel on every page so it’s required you have this on
every page in order to create these website custom audiences so with that
pixel on every page Facebook now knows what whenever someone visits your site
and you can then create audiences based on those visits so you can then use
those audiences to both target or exclude and ads and I think people often
forget about the exclusion part of it that is really important as well for
full efficiency of your because you want it if you’re promoting
a product for example it’s a one-time purchase you don’t want to promote it to
people who already bought it same thing with an opt-in or even a blog
post which I think I feel like I’m one of the few people would do that I
exclude the people who already read that blog post so some types of website
custom audiences one is any visitor to any page of your website so that would
be the the biggest audience in most cases depending on duration but no
matter what page they visited really off of anything off of your pixel period
create an audience to those people someone visit a URL that equals or
contains certain characters certain word phrase within the URL visited one page
but not another visit during the past 180 days but not recently visitor
performing an event a certain number of times and purchased products for total
determined value and also your top 5% 10% 25% most active visitors okay so
that’s just a quick overview but we’re going to dive into how to do all that so
why is this important though you know I I talked a lot about this in the free
webinar as well anyone who attended that remarketing allows you to target people
who know your brand that’s really really important so you can target people who
regularly read your content people who have subscribed or purchased from you
and understand once you get a taste of this well you just don’t start targeting
people who know you well and not only visit your website but maybe they
visited often or most frequently you know it realized that success rate tends
to be really really high when you target those groups so those who use this which
say it’s not a huge percentage these days the advertisers there do you have a
big advantage and I take it a step further those who use it
have large audiences that you’ve created because you’ve invested in this it’s a
long-term commitment they have these audiences you have even a bigger
advantage over those who use remarketing but don’t have those big audiences so
remarkably mate it makes a huge difference
I think live you have probably seen this before I’ve shared this in the past past
month or so some in I wrote a blog post on this but some of the results I got
from for example just targeting my top web site visitors when promoting my free
webinar and here with lead ads I was getting 17 cents per lead and then
running with web site custome running to a landing page for the website visitors
was getting twenty seven cents yeah that was actually more than the top Facebook
visitors which was it’s 12 cents but regardless it was really really cheap
and I got I was trying to think here there’s 2,500 of my visitors 2,000 2,500
mile of sea met my registrants or through these very inexpensive
registrations so makes a huge difference I know a lot of people talk normally
about building leads at like 3 bucks a lead 3 bucks over at registration
sometimes more sometimes less and you can shave off so much when you build
these audiences up all right so now let’s talk about creating these website
custom audiences so if you haven’t done this before just a quick run-through
where to go first of all go to facebook.com slash ads slash manager
slash audiences or within your menu you can find audiences under assets as you
can see I have it under my frequently used because I use it all the time but
if you do not it would be under your assets and if you haven’t created an
audience before you’ll you’ll have something looks sort of like this we
have a button to create a custom audience otherwise you may have a
drop-down to create an audience and then select custom audience and of course
here we’re gonna want to select website traffic for the website for the audience
that we want to create all right so this was it looks a little
something like this by default you’ll need to choose what
website traffic we’re gonna focus on and choose in the last four your duration
select a domain if necessary name it and you can also include past
website traffic which if you’ve had the pics on your site for a while I’d
recommend checking that box keeping it checked if it’s a brand if you’re brand
brand new just added the pics lose your site checking that box isn’t gonna do a
lot of good but I mean you should still check it but just know that you can only
go back as far because you’ve had the pixel on your site so here are those
options again that we’re kind of talking about so anyone who visits your website
people who visit specific web pages people visiting specific web pages but
not others people will have them visit a certain amount of time based on time
span your website and then custom combination which is where some of these
other features are buried for frequency and dollar amount and events that things
like that now I understand that I guess there’s still some stragglers out there
who don’t have one or the other at the bottom too you may have custom
combination but not the feature that we need but we’ll get to that in a minute
so yeah it’s possible not all advertisers have all options yet so the
two options still rolling out our time on website and custom combination using
the Advanced Mode custom combination by itself is actually pretty old but the
Advanced Mode is what you really really need to make that especially powerful I
don’t really use a custom combination other otherwise so now if you don’t have
it the best route would be to contact your
rep your ad rep if you have one otherwise you can reach out through
facebook support which I know is always a fun approach but it’s uh facebook.com
slash business if I’m not mistaken and click on support there may be a chat
support there if they’re available again there’s no guarantees on that otherwise
you gotta just keep on waiting unfortunate
so again when creating these website custom audiences you want to first
choose which the website traffic so choose how you want to add people to
your audience include all of your website visitors or create rules that
only add people who visit specific parts of your website which of course will
make that audience smaller but make it much more relevant more powerful and
that duration at the bottom there it’s the number of days people remain in your
audience after they visit your website so people would be removed from your
audience after the set time period unless they visit your website again so
this this is something maximum time is 180 days you can do anywhere from one
two hundred eighty and this is something that’s often misunderstood from anyone
who is coming from doing a data custom audience like an email list we have to
keep keep on updating it all the time this is a rolling window so in terms of
durations it’s a set period when people visit your site so if you created if
it’s an audience of past 30 days it’s going to be a rolling dynamic window so
durations can be anywhere from 180 days obviously the shorter the duration the
more relevant and smaller that audience will be and the longer duration is the
less relevant and larger the audience so look at this way as long as someone
visited your website during the last six months unless it was a mistake which is
always possible there’s there’s some level relevance there it’s probably
going to be more relevant than an interest or look like audience because
they’re showing a certain interest in your brand now of course you got various
levels of interest there so we got some people who visited for like three
seconds and bounced and other people who visited for a long long time and so the
more recent though they’re more likely to actually remember you so for the
light if you have light traffic though let’s focus on the longer durations
first and it be clear I like did long durations I like having a big pool of
people to pull from in my experimentation I’ve you know because I
used to think oh wow I could do 14 days seven days one day one day I actually
found to be pretty effective but so small
you just assumed that 14 days 30 days whatever is me more effective than 180
days I have not always found that and I think part of its just given Facebook
more data to work with but also understand duration is a
rolling window of time that’s updated dynamically so you don’t have to say oh
once a month I need to up create a new audience or update theirs audience or
anything like that there’s nothing you need to do so we’ll start with anyone
who visits your website and then you’ll in some cases you may have domains
appear as well facebook says you may see domains in this list where your pixel is
not installed if the domain for a pixel event can’t be detected this will show
the referral domain and the person was on and they came to your site alright so
if you have domain 8 options domain options will appear with the pixels on
multiple web sites so you should usually separate unrelated domain audiences so
for example so I can I combine the related subdomains you know so that’s
okay so John lucam members John number comm power here’s club comm those are
all closely related I could certainly create an audience of just one one of
those three for a specific reason I haven’t really had a reason to do so but
another example would be well I also have a pixel or you stab my pixel on
another website I own it’s for its baseball related and originally I had
had this main pixel on there and I would just had to separate it out but I’ve
actually found that was just it made it too risky that I’d combine audiences and
so i neva tably create a new ad account just for that separate website because
it’s completely unrelated so this is what will happen then I’ve got get those
options that then appear actually these days power here’s club.com appears there
as well and then I could select all three um so with anyone who visits your
website now in this case what we’ve got is okay we’ve got anyone who visits
javelin or calm during the past 30 days and so that’s all those deserters that
will create that audience for then we’ve got specific webpages so people who
visit specific web pages and they can use URL contains so this at this point
then we’re only going to focus on certain sections of your site or a very
specific page of your site so one example of doing that could do two
different pages at a time so if you enter in multiple URLs or portions of a
URL there would be an or statement as you can see here it’s a URL contains so
we’ve got intermediate Facebook advertiser webinar or beginner Facebook
advertiser webinar those are both portions of a URL so anyone who visited
either those either or both of those pages or pages that included that that
part of the URL in the last 30 days will be added to this particular audience
understand you can also do URL equals there are times when you should use URL
equals or URL contains we’ll get to that in a minute
and here’s another example so then I’ve got the entire URL so for URL equals so
there’s no making sure that it’s only people who visit that specific page so
people who visit specific pages include the entire URL or key part of the URL so
I could be just one word for example as long as it’s in the URL it could be you
know whatever portion of that URL like you throw in there so for your equals
zero must equal exactly what is entered so that way Facebook will only pick up
that single URL example of why you might want to do that is if for example I
think example you’re actually just a minute
then you’re all contain zero unless contain what is entered so URL contains
equals domain.com / product – 1 for example so that would include domain.com
product – 1 domain.com product – 1 – think – you domain.com – product – 1 –
Musa whatever right so if I didn’t want to pick up all of those other pages and
I only wanted domain.com / product – one I’d want to do URL equals you can also
list multiple URLs as I gave in my example before when doing this or you
can do just a single URL so some use cases for specific pages someone who
visit a Thank You page meaning that they converted during the past hundred 80
days so if I’ve so I’ve got a thank you page
for this training program for example and I created a website custom audience
out of that for the last hundred 80 days so when promoting this training program
that can then exclude those who converted when promoting it or I can
target those who registered for every so for the the free webinar for example the
keys to success free webinar targeted those people who visited that Thank You
page to promote this program can also use that for people who write a single
blog posts and as a result and exclude people who already read it we’re
promoting that blog post or I can target those who read that blog post promote a
related product and once you know it I think was last week I wrote a post about
again seven keys to success with Facebook ads and I could promote either
my webinar or training program to anyone who read that post and view content on a
certain topic so this is soon as the topic is somehow included in the URL you
know be it would be helpful with the category so if you automatically include
the category in your URL that’s not required I actually don’t include a
category in my URL but what I do is when I
do create the the URL for each blog post Facebook tends to be the first word I
put in that URL but they say that I can’t think of the name with them what
that’s called but Jon Loomer comm slash the date stamp and then Facebook – wrap
up not whatever never else we had in there but lately I’ve been doing stuff
that’s real it for entrepreneurs as well so I definitely want to keep that
traffic separate so I also created audiences for any URL people visit a URL
they included entrepreneur in it because I’m including that word and all this
entrepreneur focused content then you’ve got specific web pages but not others so
in this example we’ve got anyone who visited one webinar but not another
webinar landing page but a use case for it really would be more like an
abandoned cart so some of the visit the landing page or shopping cart page for
certain product but never did visit the purchase confirmation page you can
create audit create an audience that for anyone who visited one but not the other
now an alternative to that you create two separate audiences so the first
audience would be anyone visited the landing page or shopping cart page you
would actually target that group and the second audience would being able to
visit the purchase confirmation page and exclude that group so my preference is
actually the alternative I really don’t do this specific pages but not others
because you know it can really only be used for that one purpose when you
create that audience as opposed to creating two separate audiences I have
more flexibility I can then target people who visited that landing page I
can exclude people who try to visit that landing page I can do the same thing
with people who if the confirmation page use it for multiple different things so
you can then exclude mix and match with other audiences you’ve got haven’t
visited in X days so include people who have visited your website in the last
hundred eighty days but haven’t been back in the last by default it’s
days so or for this to build you know people have visit at some times in the
past hundred eight eighty days so once again if you’ve had your pixel on your
site and just added it recently keep that in mind that Facebook won’t
know if you’ve only had it on there for seven days then we’ll know who’s on your
website prior to that they have not visited during the past X days so
example would be 30 so they visit sometimes on the last hundred eighty
days but not during the last thirty so it’s just a way to re-engage those who
haven’t been back lately yeah be honest with you I really haven’t done anything
with this I feel like it’s these people are typically included anyway in much my
targeting when I my target 180-day durations but it’s up to you we could
actually craft a and ad with copy and imagery specifically trying to draw
people back like you know say hey we missed you kind of thing and see what
you can do kind of like with email then based on time on your website this is
you know maybe my favorite in terms of simplicity to just a really good
audience to create news is this fifth option here anyone any based on time
spent on your website so this allows you to create an audience based on the
relative amount of time people spend on your website obviously if they have the
pixel on every page you say for best results and then your options are the
most active users top 5% 10% top 25% and really again this is based on time on
site so theoretically how that would be done is let’s say you had a hundred
thousand visitors during 180 days Facebook would line them up in order of
how many minutes they spend or seconds they spend on your site and then take
the top 5% 10% 25% to create your audience here obviously don’t never see
who those people are so this significantly enhances targeting
I mean I was so excited when this became available the thing I remember is that not all
website visits are equal they’re not even close I mean some are just gonna
bounce after a few seconds and maybe it was six months ago
and they never come back again whereas you got other really loyal visitors who
stay for hours so we want to isolate those who spend the most time on our
website so keeping it keep in mind now that we’re only talking about at most a
quarter of our total traffic now so audiences will be smaller if you do have
less traffic start first with 25% it takes us to custom combinations so
that’s the final option when selecting your website traffic now I know and I’m
sure I’ve gotten a bunch of these messages already
not everyone has advanced mode so that’s what you would need for this to work
custom combination is still there it’s been there for a long long time but it’s
advanced mode that you need for all the extra bells and whistles have been
available made available so use advanced rules to create a limited limited number
of audiences based on frequency devices some average maximum minimum values lots
of cool stuff but this is the old custom combination it’s really it’s a matter of
adding a whole bunch of logic which as you probably remember now I don’t really
do I’ll just create a whole bunch of individual separate audiences but create
lots of different logic for a single very complicated audience so with that
old custom audience you could combine things like an statements or statements
include exclude and be used for more complicated audiences it was really best
for the high traffic sites but I still prefer creating specific individual
audiences as opposed to this now it takes us to advanced mobile custom
combination hopefully you’ve got it it looks a little something like this
let’s get to it so advanced mode allows you to create audiences based on number
of visits for example create audiences based on number of events so people who
searched registered purchased etc but you have to use standard events for
that to work and which so we’re not gonna get in a lot of details on that
takers will talk about standard vents yet it’s also based on all pics pixel
activity across all your domains and then you create audiences based on the
value of purchases which is pretty cool so the Advanced Mode allows you to
isolate your most frequent visitors isolate your most frequent customers or
registrants isolate customers who spent the most money and isolate visitors
looking for specific answers so people who are searching for something so first
of all this is something that even if you don’t have standard events you can
do yes this is the frequency side of it like basically you visited pages that
include some sort of domain word or phrase in the URL a certain number of
times during the last certain number of days really cool but then you also have
the option for events so just go back real quick I mean this is something that
I still use create an audience of like one thing to do because when I create
that hundred eighty day audience I want to eliminate maybe those people who only
visited once because maybe was an accidental visit maybe it was a really
quick bounce so instead of limiting myself to just having to jump all the
way down to the top 25% I’ll focus on those people who visited two times or
more so visited John Lieber calm at least two
times when I was hungry eighty days or something I’ll do there but then yes we
do have events but under standard events these require that you use standard
events we haven’t talked about standard events yet we’ll do that next week so
I’m not gonna get in to the real nitty gritty with some of this as far as a
how-to but if you have standard events set up here’s the basics in terms of
what what you can see and what keep what you can do so basically can select from
any standard event that it’s currently appearing on your website so a page view
complete registration purchase search or examples again if this doesn’t make any
sense to you right now don’t worry about it
we’re gonna cover it in great detail next week the page view thing I mean I
don’t know really why you’d use that as opposed to that other option we had
before like all website visitors you could even indicate the domain basically
in that case here you can’t so now it’s a court across wherever your pixel
exists and you want to made a page view during the last 30 days if but you can
use use a frequency there then complete registration which i think is pretty
interesting so if you’ve got someone who completed multiple registrations during
the last 180 days that person would be very valuable or purchase so you can use
value of the purchase what currency used content type or name so if the value
example would be the value is or for some sort of go back yet again the value
would be more than or equal to a certain that
and as you could focus on those who spent the most money on your site then
search once again it’s assumed that you’ve got that standard of an on your
site so search string contains you can find people who are looking for
something very specific on your website and then you can also do an include so
you’ve got people who performed one action and also performed another action
so this is quite a bit like that custom combination old-school but including the
Advanced Mode also exclude people who perform certain action but didn’t but
but it’s not include those people will also perform this other action and
something else you may want to look at is creating audiences based on the
device they use now I know when I heard about this at first it didn’t make a lot
of sense because all while you could have as just go to certain placements or
you could target people who owned certain devices or using certain device
but this is different so this is people who have viewed your content from a very
specific device let’s add them to an audience so an example of that could be
someone who visited your website from a mobile device
maybe conversions are more difficult there let’s have an ad that targets them
once they’re on a desktop but anyway you can do all mobile devices
Android devices only iOS or other mobile devices I wanted to point this out this
is a free tool I’ve got no arrangement or anything with
AD espresso but it looks like they just came out with this today I think or very
recently and because I know I mentioned several tools last week for adding your
pixel and some of them can help you create audiences well I haven’t used
pixel caffeine yet but it looks like this could be really really helpful not
only in terms of adding your pixel but creating a lot of these audiences we’re
talking about some of them that which are were more complicated they’re using
standard events that are anyway we’ll get to here in a second but if you’re
come on if you use WordPress its wordpress.org slash plugins slash pixel
– caffeine so some features that you got instant installation so it’s really easy
adding the code advanced custom audiences so create audiences based on
standard custom events like I said referring sources so if they came from
Twitter or Facebook or Google would create an audience out of them easily
categories and tags of content like we were talking about then specific URL
parameters and like they said literally most almost anything you’d like and then
Facebook dynamic ads as well so if you use WooCommerce they make that really
easy – and some examples of how they say that you can use that tool is to create
category audiences for your blog or website and then retarget these visitors
with lead generation and drive sale campaigns lot of stuff I’m talking about
and they make it a little bit easier create art at least again I haven’t used
it so supposedly they create audiences of people to viewed specific products
and dynamically target them with specific incentives or coupons create
audiences of those that submit particular forms click on certain
buttons so this really takes a lot of difficulty out of cream many of these
audiences once again no connection to this I do respect at espresso they
didn’t even reach out to me and tell me about this I just saw it my newsfeed
today and especially since this is a free plugin I want to let you know about
so I want to give you now just a quick targeting example of how I’d use these
custom audiences and it’s really you know pretty basic before we get to some
of these other examples but so last Friday when I wrote my blog post seven
keys to Facebook advertising success and it created an ad I was gonna publish it
to my Facebook page and I want to create an ad to then promote it so I want to
promote that blog post I also want to target those people who viewed my
Facebook related posts because again remember that I write about
entrepreneurial stuff too so I want to isolate just those people who’ve been
reading stuff about Facebook on my website so I used that custom
combination advanced mode URL includes Facebook and visit at least two times is
agai I like focusing on that when possible there’s at least two times
there in past 180 days and so they’ve read up a post about Facebook on my site
at least twice some ice during last hundred eighty days but I also then want
to exclude anyone who already read the posts how am I gonna do that here’s that
example first of all creating an audience of people who read a Facebook
related post on my website so this is I don’t have to say John Rackham or
anything cuz my pixels now is only on websites that are about Facebook or
Facebook related stuff or it could be a business related stuff I just want to
make sure that I kick out any of the entrepreneurial stuff so I have any URL
that contains Facebook number of visits at least two times in the past 180 days
and I’m doing it all all devices then I need to create a nice for anyone who
already read that post so I just did the URL contains and pretty much the bulk of
that that URL for that blog post I did for last 180 days and then so my
targeting looked a little something like this I’m targeting all website visitors
and the Facebook topic 2 plus frequency excluding anyone who viewed the Facebook
advertising success posts during the last 180
all right so that’s just a really simple example of how I use website custom
audience targeting exclusion that takes us to strategy so we’ll get into more
strategy at the end but so in meaning in the fourth lesson but I want to get into
some specific things that you should be doing with website custom audiences as
far as what you should be creating and maybe how you can even build up some of
these audiences a little bit so first of all some types of audiences you you
should start creating today Isis for general visitors for frequent visitors
for people who visited landing pages people who converted so they visited
confirmation pages people who read a blog post a specific blog post so I do
that for every new blog post I write by the way I created web site custom
mornings for it visited category of content so really
when it comes down to it probably 95% of any page or post that I create going
forward I create a website custom audience for it just become a routine
for me so for general visitors create audiences for all website visitors split
by domain if necessary so if your content isn’t consistent across domains
where your pixel exists then you may need to specify the domain and in terms
of durations cuz people often ask me what duration to use it really depends I
mean experiment with different durations I’ve had to do that look I’ve got a
large website audience where I could do one day seven days 30 whatever but I
typically use 180 days just because that’s what I found that I’d like to use
so experiment I don’t works for you then based on time on your website so create
for top 5% 10% 25% do all of them and then again experiment with durations I
like to use 180 days for that one especially since we’re really shrinking
up dead that audience sized and then general visitors this is what
it looks like so anyone who visits your website and in this case I’m gonna
select all three of my domains there they’re the last 180 days and then top
25% so these days can also include the domain when doing the top 5% 10% 25%
which is a nice addition I actually recommended that one and that’s what it
looks like there is his top 25% time on site for related John level cobwebs web
sites during the last 180 days now we got advanced mode so we haven’t
discussed standard events yet so just start with the visitors stuff so anyone
who made two plus visits 3 plus visits 10 plus visits whatever I’ve created
audiences for a whole bunch of variations they’re just experiment so
experiment with the frequency and the durations so here’s an example of that
URL contains you know John liver calm power here’s club calm and number of
visits at least 10 but just know that when you do at least 10 their last
hundred days that number is gonna be quite a bit smaller but like I said
create a whole bunch of them experiment with it see what works make great
audiences for landing pages so you’re doing this for the purpose mainly I’d
like an abandoned cart type scenario the duration is up to you but typically it
should be less than 30 days when you think about because otherwise you’ve got
an ongoing campaign targeting people with banding that page after a certain
amount of time they’re just they’re not gonna buy so that’s why you know 30 days
kind of stretching it that means that they’ll see it see your ad for 30 days
if your duration is 30 days your duration is 180 days they could see that
ad for up 280 days if you keep running that ad for that long so that’s just
something to keep in mind there but create an audience for the landing page
of all your products and create an audience for the landing page of all
opt-ins so I’ve got you know awnings for all those things here’s an example of
what that could look like so this is for my Facebook pixel training that’s much
more right here landing page for that product
anyone who visited that landing page here in the last 30 days so again we’re
using people visit specific web pages in order to pull that off and also create
audiences for people visited confirmation pages so create the purpose
of upsell cross-sell and exclusion scenarios so for upsell or cross-sell
duration could be variable right so it’s like anyone who bought a certain product
or registered for a certain thing would be a good candidate for something else
it doesn’t necessarily have to be super short but once again forget it’s me an
ongoing campaign 180 days probably wouldn’t be best because you’re gonna up
with a lot of waste but if you’re excluding though that’s when you want to
use the longest one longest duration possible so if I’m promoting my Facebook
pixel program I want to make sure to exclude everyone who already signed up
so I wanted that to go back as far as possible obviously a hundred eighty days
isn’t relevant now but it will be in about six months from now
so then create an audience for the confirmation page of all your products
as well as the confirmation page of all of your opt-ins which I have done and
it’s very useful I use them all the time so here’s an example again we’re doing
people visit specific web pages so this would be my training program Facebook
pixel thank you so this is a different page than the other one this one is a
URL contains because the URL does not start the same as the landing page did
that intentionally so I could do use your old contains but I am doing 180
days there for exclusion purposes also create audiences for your blog posts so
we’re gonna create this for the purpose of promoting a related product but also
for the purpose of excluding when promoting that blog post so once again
that first example I’ve got that blog post from Ice Friday and you want to
read that in the seven key six Facebook advertising success that would be a good
one to target those people to promote my free webinar it’s the keys to success
or I could even Pro maybe this this program but also want to make sure to
exclude anyone who already read that post if I’m gonna promote that post when
promoting a product the duration could be variable again but when I’m excluding
once again I want to make sure to use 180 days even if that 180 days isn’t
relevant today it’s just the routine that I’ve gotten into so an example of
that here’s that audience I’m creating for anyone who read that blog post
during last 180 days they’d also create audiences for categories so it’s ideal
when you have categories of content so for example I you know I I definitely
have two very specific categories of content now with Facebook and
entrepreneur in the past my categories well it depends on how far back you go
but once I was focusing on Facebook Ads the category didn’t matter that much if
you visit a page about write a post about Facebook ads it’s all relevant but
I definitely need to separate them now and a reminder that was a caffeine fix
with caffeine or whatever apparently helps you do this really easily so you
can then create an audience again using that specific pages feature and a
duration again would be variable depending on the audience size and
whatever it is you’re promoting is really when we’re talking about
categories that audience size could shrink really quickly depending on how
many categories of content you have and but let’s talk about promotions like how
long are you promoting something so if it’s that that’s really important here
when we’re talking about how what the duration should be because if you’re
only promoting something for a week you can use on or eighty day duration no big
deal because so in promoting short term yeah that long duration is okay but when
promoting a long term you should probably consider short duration because
ad fatigue alright something about that I kind of alluded to that a few minutes
ago but if we’ve got a campaign that’s going to be running for six months and
we’re targeting anybody who performed a certain action during the past six
months and they perform that action for the first time today
they’re going to see that ad for six months and we don’t really want that to
happen so those are things to keep in mind
so what categories here’s again a bad example for me before I showed you how
to do it with frequency of 2 plus but this is just creating a general audience
of anyone who visited any page in my site with Facebook in the URL
during the last 180 days so that’d be a good audience to target whenever
promoting anything about Facebook all right so that takes me to a question I
often get like yeah that’s the sounds awesome but our traffic is terrible and
how can I use any of this so I still want you to create these audiences even
if you can’t use them now or even if you can only assign minimal budget to them I
still want you to create them now your goal should be increased to increase the
size of these audiences because we’ve seen how effective they can be and you
wants you to get a taste of how effective they can be should give you
motivation to build these audiences so one day what we should want is to be
able to focus only on website custom audiences or those people who are most
closely connected to you which is where I’m standing today which is really nice
position to be in it and then you can always branch off to other stuff if you
want to but you don’t need to so how do we get built how we’re going to build
these audiences ideally you’re gonna write content on a
regular basis how often I often get that question how often should we write new
new content you know it’s up to you whatever the assets and your resources
and time and everything else will allow but and to be clear helpful content not
so promotional content about how great your product is well you can
occasionally loop that stuff in you need to create something to track people who
were just looking for a solution to their problems it’s related ultimately
to your product make sure you then share this content to your social channels
build your email lists share that Ries your recent posts to those subscribers
every single time ok I’ve got a routine a new blog post I’d do a couple things
share it to my Facebook page I share it to Twitter I schedule an email to go out
either immediately the next day to let people know on my list that this new
blog post is available and I run an ad the next day as well promoting it so all
those things combined helped a ton in terms of the distribution those people
then see it they share it help build my audiences some of these people may not
have visited recently who I’m sending it out to so they would have fallen off so
my audiences so this keeps them engaged and keeps them coming back and keeps
them in those audiences that’s really important so final thing is always have
a campaign that’s running how is having a campaign running that promotes blog
posts I think I get a lot of people who don’t understand why I do that but it’s
for is very purpose we need to keep these audiences going these are because
they’re so valuable that I need to continue to promote stuff that just
drives traffic a quick reminder funnels I mean photos is how all this stuff
happens okay so your most effective audience will be
those close to you so you should always run campaigns with different goals just
content so drive traffic or video views to increase our teen size so we’re
focused today on the pixel and building a website customized but maybe video is
your strength you can you can do a lot of this with video too and registration
promotes something that requires an email address and sale promote a product
understanding that all these things will be more effective when you’re targeting
website visitors so you may need to start with promoting especially content
to look likes or interest or something like that but our end goal should be
using website custom audiences from most of this so doing this will steadily
build your audiences your email list and your revenue so all at the same time
it’s a really good long-term stress so this is example of what I’ve got
going on right now now these aren’t the only three campaigns I’ve got going but
guess what I’ve got this one that’s promoting a blog post I got this other
that’s promoting my webinar another is promoting a product I’ve got others that
are promoting other webinars other blog posts other products too but this is a
really clear example of how the funnel works all right so where we get man
we’re already at fifty minutes I thought this would be a little bit longer
there’s two sharing audiences let me get a quick drink here and just breeze
through some of the questions make sure there’s nothing big they need to be
aware of all right looks like we’re okay so it takes us to sharing audiences you
know I said a it’s an issue I hear about a lot like people don’t know how to do
this but not everybody needs to share audiences so I think the same people
last week when we talked about sharing the pixel probably won’t be that
interested in sharing the audiences either but why should you if you’re
managing ads for a client and the client has been successfully using certain
audiences already and maybe instead of sharing the pixel they’re just going to
share those audiences with you with your audio ad account right that could be
easier so that way you’re using established audiences instead of
building something from scratch and you’re not sure what’s gonna work when
they do share it with you you won’t be able to edit it or do anything like that
but you can use the audience and see see results so to share these audiences
first of all we’ve gotta make sure we’re all part of business managers so your ad
accountant may be your client or vice versa
our part of business manager so we’re not gonna get in the weeds on this one
we already covered it last week so you should know how to do this but within
your business manager settings we’re going to add accounts and you’re going
to want to request access to an ad account either you or your client right
so that we can add another ad account to business manager and during that ad
account ID confirm and then we should be good to go
so once you’ve done that you select your audiences with so within your your view
of audiences which we’ve kind of covered before how to get there but you still
check the audiences that you want to share with that an account go to actions
when you click on share and then you select the add account you want to share
with so a Facebook even says this new feature apparently that you can share
multiple audiences at once and I can select multiple custom audiences or
look-alike audiences so it’s not just custom audiences by the way look like
audiences – and share them in a single click the recipient will need a business
manager account to receive them so you enter an ad account name or ID to give
another account permission to target as – or see insights for this audiences
audience they won’t be able to edit share or create look-alikes basement
your audience though unfortunately so yeah it wants to select that ad account
then you’ll need to indicate what – permission they have is targeting in
insights or targeting only alright so this is an example then all five of
these were shared and then they indicates that on the far right that’s
sharing this has been shared by Jon number digital ok um so I know this is
something that a lot of people use I’ve heard of people also using this in ways
that I’m not real comfortable with so almost like a swap of audiences with
with other advertisers and I think you’re gonna be violating Facebook’s
Terms in those cases so this is really the only way and let’s remind me of
another reason why you might use it it’s ethical using sharing audiences because
you’re doing work for a particular client sharing their audience is really
the only way I could they go alright so it takes us fifty five minutes or so now
it’s time for your assignment so do this before next week’s session
please so first of all now look we went through that whole section about
building audiences and you could technically go through every single one
of those things out of laid out but your assignment and you could I’m not gonna
stop you from doing it your assignment though is gonna have a smaller number of
very specific things I’m gonna ask you to do make sure you do these so create a
website customized for all of your website visitors during the last 180
days Korean website customized for a very specific blog post create a website
custom audience for a category of content on your website create a website
custom audience for visitors to a landing page create a customized for
visitors to a confirmation or Thank You page great website customizes audience
for those who visited five plus times if you can if you’ve got that available and
create a website customized for your top 5% most active visitors once again if
you can if you have that feature and you know I’ll stay for a second but of
course I will always email this out to you and I’ll be part of the replay notes
as well all right so what’s next the third so we’re half way down here once
you get the assignment done the third lesson will be custom conversions and
standard events so know it like I went back and forth on what should be first
year I just feel like custom audience audiences are such a basic strand of why
you use the pixel that I wanted to talk about that second of course it did have
a minor connection to standard events so kind of have to backtrack after we talk
about that next week then optimization tracking and other
strategies so you know this is the first time we’ve gone through this training
program so that’s bound all this is still kind of coming together so I’ll
based on a lot of things that questions that you have to so all additionally
I’ll give me more training programs yeah I think so I’m still kind of figuring
out what the next one is gonna be I’ve a lot of people been asking for business
manager that’s possible we’ll see stay tuned on that but I’m certainly open to
any suggestions you may have as well additionally at the very end I’ll
probably tell you a little bit about power here’s club it might be a good fit
for you if you’re not you shouldn’t be in power here as Club elite yet but I’ll
give you a shout when we’re done all right
Q&A time Darrin says we created an engagement audience from February 10th
2016 to February 10 2017 so I come up with 14,000 this doesn’t seem right when
we have a hundred thirty four thousand people who follow us are we doing it
right first of all Darrin it is kind of off
topic because it’s not anything to do with the pixel Facebook engagement
audiences but I will say that I too have been skeptical about those numbers
because it yes you can do 365 days when we do engagement audiences and I kind of
wonder if it’s because those audiences are new that maybe they weren’t
collecting some of that data but yeah but keeping in mind I’ll – a lot of
people follow you it depends on how long you’ve had your page and all that kind
of stuff all right but yeah though that number has seems
smaller than I would have expected as well Yona says I don’t have the one that says
based on time spent yet unfortunately everybody has that yeah it’s weird
because the Advanced Mode with in custom combinations was released in May
beginning in May and time spent may have been a month or two after that so it’s
really brutally slow roll out at Darren asked how do we get an ad rep I mean
first of all spent a lot of money I guess but beyond that it’s um because
views that’s what happens is once you hit a certain threshold someone will
reach out to you but if you can’t get an ad rep
just using that facebook support there’s really the but next best thing to do
everything you can to push them and see if you can get access to feature so
Patrick asked how can you include those who visit your website but exclude
subscribers so how to upload their email addresses for exclusion well actually
there are two different things you can do there Patrick so let’s say for
example that we’re not gonna upload that list then we’re gonna exclude anyone who
subscribed during the last hundred eighty days you can create a website
custom audience of anyone who visited a Thank You page after subscribing during
the last 180 days and then so you can create those two different audiences one
that’s targeting one that’s excluding but otherwise yes you need to create
audience of if you want to create a data custom audience which sounds like what
you’re talking about uploading your email list that’s a whole separate topic
that’s not pixel related unfortunately um but um just trying to think of the
best way it this it should be links when you go through the process in facebook
in business manager when audiences when you create an audience for data data
custom audience upload your email list something like that there should be a
link that has more details on how to do it it’s please I think it’s pretty
straightforward so once you create that audience when you’re in your targeting
in your ad set you’ll want to target that group or you can exclude that group
of people that you upload it and and target your website visitors hopefully
that makes sense Jeff bass how big doesn’t upset
customers need to be to run ads you know I think one or two potential answers to
that either 20 because Facebook will say too small if it’s under 20 or there’s no
size because I’m kind of I personally believe that Facebook just doesn’t
report the number until it gets to 20 but you can still use it for targeting
excluding now are you gonna get much result out of targeting 20 people of
course not so in all cases the bigger the better
for audience size as long as it’s high quality when I talk about this today
it’s probably something we would talk about in the fourth lesson but when you
are going to be tart if it is a very small audience consider optimizing for
reach when you choose your objective so select reaches your objective and then
optimize for reach or use daily unique reach for optimization because in either
case it will then show to everybody within that audience you can control how
often people see it so we have a small audience we would do that small relevant
honest we do that because otherwise with optimization optimizing for an action
Facebook’s only to show it to a small number of people and it’s already a tiny
audience all right hope that makes sense how can I have Facebook track the value
of the purchase so a couple things on that when we talk about custom
conversions we’ll be able to assign value multiple talk about that next week
but additionally I think again we’re because we’re not if we’re not talking
about anything regarding conversions yet we’ll talk about that next week but I’ll
try to remember to include that because I the problem is some of this dynamic
stuff with conversion value comes down to variables that you use on your site
and so but that said if you use WooCommerce if you use
Shopify that should help using that that plug-in we just talked about today pixel
caffeine may help because otherwise there’s got to be some kind of
programmer level work done there but again we’ll talk more about conversions
next week yeah Gary asked again how to get the custom combinations custom
combination and advanced mode enabled it’s uh it’s really again when those
things you have to go through Facebook add support if you have an ad rep ask
them otherwise it’s just a constant wait for whatever reason Cesar says if I’m a
new business little base of followers how do you create buzz of traffic to
your Facebook page I post frequently and create content but the traction traffic
is still quite limited it seems a lot of this strategies ideally apply for when
you have a reasonable-sized dollar base no no so it kind of like what I was
getting to earlier too you should absolutely be creating
content but you don’t just create content and publish it to your page and
hope someone finds it you got to run ads and in the very beginning top of the
funnel Caesar what we should be doing yeah I have one ad set the targets your
website visitors and people who know you but knowing that’s going to be small
also have an ad set because I have multiple ad sets and in the early going
I would have had multiple ad sets including an ad set for interests and
maybe an ad set for look-alike audiences promoting content because the reason why
that content and there are lots of reasons why the content is so important
but you can drive traffic much less expensively when you’re promoting
interesting helpful blog posts they’re related ultimately to your niche then if
you’re just promoting product because then it’s going to cost 50 cents or a
dollar just to get it click on that other stuff but you’re promoting helpful
stuff you can build audiences quickly same thing with videos if you have a
video you can create an audience quickly and then remarked it to those
people who’ve watched the videos who have visited your website you know
become easier and easier over time it’s tougher in the beginning because you
have to focus primarily on a cold audience that’s why this topic is so
important that we’re building these audiences and creating content and
driving that traffic with all those methods that we mentioned Jeff asks do
you use popup and install pixels on them no I don’t use pop-ups I’ve used pop-ups
before but really no no need for a pixel on the particular type of pop-up values
though I used too fast might have missed this one can we add people who are
interested in blog posts or competitors no there’s not a you you can’t do
website custom audiences for other people’s websites it’s only for a
website that you control so the closest you can get to that is targeted by
interest if your competitor shows up as an interest that will include all kinds
of activity with that interest or competitor Nicole asked if you ever set
up Facebook traffic for an event Eventbrite page do you have any tips how
to properly set it up no I haven’t someone did that asked me about that and
because they had a bunch of info on it of course not I can’t tell you
specifically but I’m pretty sure though they offer the ability to inject code
but what I would do is that that’d be one of the primary things I would ask
Eventbrite or check out their FAQ like how to add tracking code because that’ll
be important now Courtney I think I already answered
that question about how big your audience says has to be to either your
Facebook ad it really doesn’t have to be any size obviously can get more results
the bigger it is and the smaller that audience the less you’ll want to
optimize for an action like converting or whatever that you just want to try to
reach all those people by optimizing for reach or daily daily unique reach and
Courtney also asked once you create an audience is it updated dynamically yes
website custom audiences that’s one of the beauties of website custom audiences Lydia asked with retargeting well
Facebook only show your ads to those who have visited your website or is there an
option to create look like audiences from these videos do ya
so these audiences if you use these audiences it will only target those
people who visit your website but yes you can create look like audiences from
them as well so any custom audience you can create a
look like audience from it JT asking select multiple audiences for specific
ad campaign for for instance include audience and exclude ah yeah yeah yep so
man I I was going to show you an example in these slides buzz like this is gonna
overwhelm people understand that especially when I exclude I have crazy
number of website custom audiences and different kinds of custom audiences that
I’m excluding trying to make sure that I remove everybody that’s already bought
or registered for whatever it is I’m promoting and I sometimes include
multiple audiences that I’m targeting okay so yes you can include multiple
custom audiences in there for targeting and exclusion the boat says what if I don’t have a
blog I sell baby products it’s up to you I assume you still have a website though
right so you can still find ways to drive traffic could be a carousel ad
something like that videos something to build your audience but we need
something top of the funnel to build that audience but regardless you sell
baby products I assume you have a website selling baby products probably
broken up by category of some sort there’s still lots of lots of reasons
for creating website custom audiences for that Tara asks is the replay only
audio for this lesson now I have audio and video for all my for all the replays
so last week you should see both audio and video how do you ask when we create
a website custom audience will be able to see how big the audience is before we
process the ad yeah so not only with within the audiences page will it show
you how many people are in that audience but when you’re creating the ad ad set
Facebook will tell you the potential reach to that audience to srini asks why
are all orders coming in a specific time window every day is this pixel anonymous
anomaly no it shouldn’t shouldn’t have anything to do with your pixel if you’re
if your orders are coming in a certain time every day though maybe you should
run your ads only at that time yeah it’s interesting it’s the first I’ve heard
that Chris says I’m very new to Facebook
advertising so this might be a very simple question we’re creating this
custom audience using the pixels to use it for the Facebook ad yes for for
Facebook advertising so we’re gonna target these people who visit our
website with Facebook at its correct Justin asked what’s the best way to
build an audience if you have just created a pixel for your website yeah I
mean I know we’ve talked about this a few times but we always go down our
priority list all right so the priority is website custom audience so we always
have an an ad set targeting those people who visit our website before even if
it’s tiny and assigned tiny budget to it so there’s one ad set for that we’ll
have another ad set for whatever audiences we have could be an email list
it could be our Facebook fans it could be our Facebook page engagement custom
audiences and then if those audiences are still tiny we’ve still got lots of
lots of budget left create an audience of look like audiences create an
audience for interests are you assuming ad sets for look like audiences and ad
set for interests and so all these things we’re trying to promote this
content to build that custom audience that website custom audience so what you
can focus primarily just on targeting with that in the future Rodrigo said considering fantasy ideal
unlimited budget as a fantasy and other than the benefit of not wasting ads and
people that aren’t interested but actually more likely that our ads
appears to our ideal target customer compared to it was targeted inside a
bigger audience I mean the Facebook algorithm favouring ads very
specifically targeted yeah actually they do because if you’re targeting an
audience of people and they engage in a very high rate the costs are less cost
your CPM cost or less whereas if you’ve showed it to a broad audience it just
happens to have your ideal person in it most of people are gonna hate your ad
and the costs are higher so waste is absolutely a big deal and you know that
I don’t think we can discount the the topic of waste there at all Yusuf said
selling a product that doesn’t change meaning can’t write enough blog posts
about that although we’ve really missed and shouldn’t necessarily be telling
writing blog posts just about a product all the time I you suggest traffic is
built when it comes to building custom audiences so I don’t I don’t know your
your industry Youssef but you know I compare it try I try to use my own
website as an example doesn’t mean that your your product is anything like mine
but the content I alright I write has never about sign up for my
buy my product right it’s always the content that applies the people that
helps the people that are looking for a solution that ultimately maybe my
product can help them with so that’s what you got to think about if you’re
going to write blog posts is let’s write about a topic that’s closely related to
these problems that my target audience has so I don’t recall you severe the one
I’m talking about baby products but if you were holy cow there’s all kinds
of issues the parents young parents have with young children have with babies
that even if your product specifically doesn’t relate to all those things
they’re gonna come to your website looking for solutions to stuff and then
once you know you also have baby products that they can buy so I don’t
know if that was you but it’s an example Chris asks I don’t have a lot of
visitors not enough now how effective Facebook pixel would be should I keep
running the ad like I keep saying it should just be one of the ad sets crisp
and at a very low budget that’s targeting your website visitors the
others should be focused on building that audience within that campaign –
what so targeting interest targeting look-alikes trying to drive more traffic
promoting content to build that audience so over time you can have a bigger
website custom audience it’ll be more useful to you where we have our time
here okay our 15 yes this is moral next week but look we
can see Lydia says conversion question for next week I’m running an ad with the
pixel for my company’s annual sale I can see through ads management there have
been 27 conversions so far but Google Analytics only attributes to sales from
Facebook and I measure the total sum of the actual revenue so understand
something Facebook attribution is completely
different from Google attribution typically Google when they report a
referral from Facebook has to come directly from Facebook but Facebook has
a conversion if someone clicks on an ad and then converts within 28 days or just
views and ad and converts within 24 hours then with them day Google’s not
gonna tell you that so those numbers are never gonna add up Syrena a CPC or CPM was starting out
brand new site an offer I don’t care I really don’t care about CPC CPM those
are secondary metrics I mentioned that a little bit if you check out my blog post
on Friday when I talk about measurement and following the right metrics that
you’re the metric you should be caring about is what is my cost per desired
action for this campaign if my campaigns goal was to drive traffic was my cost
per website click my goal was to get registrations was my cost per
registration there are lots of reasons for this but a really simple example is
this there’s a wide disparity between your CPC PMS for all in the news feed
and the sidebar the news feed CPM is much higher than the sidebar on the flip
side your click-through rates much higher in the news feed than the sidebar
so as a result if you only care about CPM them cheap CPM so you’re only going
to care about sidebar if you only care about click-through rates you’re not
gonna the sidebar anymore so your focus should
be on whatever your desired cost per action is Dori asked when you announced
your blog posts on Facebook do you boost that posts as well as creative
understand this this whole boost thing all boost is is is creating a very
simple campaign ad set mad most people don’t realize that who use the boost
button I do not use the boost button I I create that post publish it in facebook
go to power editor select that post that was already published in facebook and
promote it in power editor taro asked to use bit ly links how does that work with
tracking I don’t use bit ly links no but this doesn’t impact any because
ultimately the bit ly re redirects to your website so they’ll be on your own
for your website eventually Brittany says if I have an ecommerce business but
don’t create a ton of content how I built those audiences up there’s still a
couple ways I mean first of all if you’re if you’re not going to create
blog posts for example you can still create ads that promote product one way
would be with carousel ads so you can folk feature many different types of
products many different categories of products whatever you your bestsellers
your biggest sales and still do your best to drive traffic that way but
regardless you should still absolutely be creating those audiences based on the
products they visited the the category product they visited etc so hopefully
that helps Courtney says I’m trying to create an ad
with my custom audience Facebook is telling me that my audience is too
specific for it as to be shown if your audience is too small
once again I would not have Facebook optimized for an action so I would use
the the reach objective or I would select daily unique reach for your
bidding in either case which show it to everybody within that audience and you
can control HOF and they see it so because yeah you don’t want to have
Facebook optimized for an action if your audience is like a few hundred people
that may be what’s happening there Justin says I’m trying to create a
website custom audience but I do not see the advanced option to target visitors
who have visited my site more than twice our Advanced Options and the process of
being rolled out yeah that’s one of those two options I was referring to and
that one started rolling out in May of 2016 so it’s kind of ridiculous but yeah
I don’t know why that’s not a hundred percent rolled out yet
unfortunately but it’s one if you’ve got an ad rep or if you want to reach out to
have facebook support that would be a good place to go all right so man we
went to about an hour and 20 minutes there thanks again I know we talked
about a lot today hopefully you found this really really useful and definitely
good luck to you and that homework the main thing is start experimenting with
these these custom audiences create them because they’re gonna be your friend you
start using them for targeting in the future so if you have any questions on
today’s assignment you know what we will address those again at the beginning of
next week’s lesson otherwise we’ll get that replay out to you here within the
next 3-4 hours until next time do awesome things I’m out

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