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Keyword Tool Pro Case Study – C3 Prague

Keyword Tool Pro Case Study – C3 Prague

My name is Daniel and I’m in charge of Data Analytics and Performance Marketing here at C3 Prague. C3 Prague is a content marketing agency currently we work for two major clients and that’s Skoda, which is the biggest car manufacturer in the Czech Republic and Ceska Sporitelna, which is the biggest bank here in in the Czech market. We help our clients to create content to write articles which are based on data. The main connection between content marketing and SEO for us as a content marketing agency is that we need to create content that is relevant for the audiences of our clients We use Keyword Tool to understand the trends and topics people are interested in or search for Just a couple of weeks or months ago, we saw that organically, for those queries that we wanted to rank for the video actually ranks in the top 10 positions The first thing that is really great
about Keyword Tool is that it is very easy easy to use, and you do not need to be a professional to work with it as sometimes, it is difficult to get the idea just from your mind As opposed to Google Keyword Planner, the information that we can get from Keyword Tool is much more granular, it’s much more detailed. So for example, we see all those Related Keywords which are extremely relevant for us we see the most typical questions that people ask over there as well then the next thing is, that you can use different filters so that you can choose a country, or even a region inside a country, language and so on. Last but not least, it’s not just about Google we can also see the most frequent search queries for other search engines– YouTube, Amazon and so on For a content marketing agency, such a tool is necessary.

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