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Keyword Research for Google Adwords Search Ads | How To Use Adwords Keyword Planner

Keyword Research for Google Adwords Search Ads | How To Use Adwords Keyword Planner

hey everyone this is Viren and
welcome back to another Google AdWords tutorial on my youtube channel. In this
tutorial I’m going to show you how to do keyword research for your ad. So what
we’re going to do is use the Google’s keyword planner to try and find new
keywords for our campaigns. We’ll also check the trends of the keywords, how
much do they get searched on a monthly basis and accordingly decide what
keywords we want to add on our campaign. So to get started once you’re into your
ads manager you’re gonna go here and click on this button and there are lot
of various options here from planning to a shared library where you keep all your
audience’s bulk actions some things for measurements and account setup. So the
first thing right here is something called keyword planner and that is what
we are going to use. This is what the keyword planner looks like. It gives you
five options right here, I usually just end up using the first two but I’ll just
give you an overview of what these are. So the first one is where you can just
use certain keywords that you already have or you can add in your website link
and Google will suggest some keywords to you with their search data. Using the
second option you basically can upload or add few keywords and you can see the
trends on how the search results have been fluctuating over the past for the
keywords you’ve added. Multiple keyword lists to get new keywords is basically
you add two lists of different keywords and Google will try and combine those
lists to give you more combinations on keywords. To plan your budget and get
forecasts – basically you add in the list of keywords you are using and Google will
basically try and forecast what the search could be in the future. Get
forecasts for campaigns or keywords from your account – here you don’t
have to add in a list of keywords, you can just add in the campaigns that
you’re already running and you will be able to see the forecasts. So in this
tutorial we are going to be using search for new keywords as we want to first
create a campaign. So let’s assume that I want to create a campaign for Facebook
advertising. When people search for Facebook marketing or Facebook
advertising kind of keywords I want them to see my link, so I’m gonna start by
writing some keywords here. You can also add the landing page here
so let me just quickly add the landing page. This is the page on my site. You can
enter the product category. So sort of online education – my
tutorials. Now you can select a location so I would want to keep the location to
say a few cities in India and save it. The language is English, you
can change the language if you want. Do you want to see the search trends just on
Google or Google and the search partners. You can add negative keywords if you
want and you can select the date range you’re looking for. You can add some
filters – do you want to see only those keywords that have greater than certain
monthly average searches, which have low competition and things like that. Do you
want to see new keywords that contains a certain term and these are some more
options that you can select from. But I like to let this be on default and let’s
click on get ideas. There you go these are the keywords that I added and below
here are all the keywords that Google is now suggesting me to use. So what you can
do is whichever keywords you feel you want to add to your account just click
here add to plan. and here on the right hand side you will
see something called a daily focused of clicks you can expect and the cost
involved you can change the bid range here and the daily forecasts will keep
updating accordingly. So if I were to have a bid range of 0 to 10 rupees I
would get about 65 clicks every day with these keywords. Once you’re done what
you can do is you can download this as an excel sheet, you can save it to your
account. What this means is you can directly create a new campaign with
these keywords or add these keywords to an existing campaign that you have.
That’s about it for the keyword planner, it’s a really handy tool and you must
absolutely use this while creating new campaigns to get keyword ideas, to see
the average monthly searches, check the competition and the suggestion bids. Hey
everyone this is Viren and thank you for watching this video. I really do put
in a lot of effort in making these videos so if you did like the video hit
the thumbs up button comment and please let me know and subscribe to this
channel because I come up with new content on a regular basis and you might
find them helpful. Thank you.

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  1. when I signup adword is asking for a budget for the campaign. what should I do? I don't have a plan to advertise but intend for keyword research.

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