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Kevin David Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass In Depth Student Review! TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?

Kevin David Facebook Ads Ninja Masterclass In Depth Student Review! TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE?

hi guys my name is Kelsi Anderson and I
made this video to share with you my personal experience working with Kevin
David and being a part of his Facebook Ads
of course online so I just want to share with you my honest and genuine review so
you can know if this course is for you or not so in this video I’m going to go
through both the positives and the negatives of the Facebook Ads course
then we will jump onto my laptop and I will actually show you a peek at the
modules so please stick through to the end so a quick note before we get
started this course is not for everyone this is not a get rich scheme you will
absolutely have to be committed and make it happen for yourself which in my
opinion shouldn’t scare you or anyone away doesn’t it feel just much more
accomplishing in the end when you’ve actually worked hard to get to where
you’re at with this course you will get out what you put in it’s hard work guys
but working for yourself is a process but the freedom you receive is worth it
and one last thing before I dive in I promise I want to explain a little about
me and why I am where I am today so in January I begin my last semester of
college all grad applications were in I was planning on going to graduate school
but then I realized that I was not feeling the way I should have been which
sucked so in March rolled around I started hearing back from schools I got
accepted into every school I applied to while I was extremely grateful I just
could not bring myself to be excited going four more years after already going
four years of undergrad did not excite me this is not gonna fit the lifestyle that
I wanted to live I love traveling spending time with my dog my friends my
family so with an undergrad degree in communication sciences and disorders I
had zero experience in business knowing the conventional job application route
was not for me I had no idea what to do so after a couple days of feeling sorry
for myself I decided to start browsing the internet I searched every way to
make money and that’s when I came across Kevin’s course at the perfect time –
because I was chosen to be a beta tester and get the course two months earlier
so I dove all-in and long story short I have since started my own Facebook ad
agency and locked down four clients so what I next want to talk about is what
made me successful in this course so obviously you need to go through each
module every single video and also take notes I understand we aren’t all great
note takers but this helped me tremendously in addition the PDFs this
is something I’m going to talk about later but absolutely take advantage of
the PDFs so I like just realize I’m like not even smiling either alright so the
benefits so I’m gonna go in-depth later on but I just want to stress the main
benefit the most valuable part of this course is having Kevin as a resource as
one of Kevin’s students I truly felt that he actually cared about my success
he also was and still is always up to date with any changes and never
hesitated to share his experiences in addition to answering every single
question imaginable guys I asked so many questions he also does live video
meetings once a week you also have access to the private Facebook group
where kevin has built such an amazing and supportive community others in this
group are literally at your fingertips answering any questions as well and
maybe even asking questions before you have the chance to do so so please take
advantage of this group so okay so again so if you take nothing else away from
this even if you buy it and don’t even watch the modules having access to Kevin
is more than worth the money so when I first started this course two
months ago I had no idea that anyone even had the ability to run an ad
through Facebook I figured only big corporations did I also had never heard
of a pixel coding or anything to do with websites so I started off as a complete
beginner and quickly was able to become knowledgeable and understand so much
so since Kevin’s course I have never once regretted my decision to not go to
grad school as I said before I was able to lock down four clients already all
while traveling and spending time with those that I love
Kevin’s goal is to free as many people possible from the nine-to-five job and
he absolutely did that for me all right so now let’s jump into the course all
right so we are over on my laptop so you can see what is in the course
unfortunately I cannot actually click on the videos but I am going to open up the
modules so you can see the titles of each video that goes along with it that
way you can get more of a sense of what you are getting yourself into what’s all
included and that way I can just do a little more in-depth review of what you
are getting with this course all right so start off with the first module and
what is super nice about this module and what I feel other courses are lacking in
is that a person can literally start out as a complete beginner and really get
the foundation that is needed with Facebook Ads so module 1 understanding
Facebook Ads and what works vocabulary you need to know and the power of the
ninja pixel strategy so as I mentioned before before this course I knew very
little about Facebook I didn’t know you could run an ad anything without being a
corporation so I didn’t know what a pixel was I was just very unaware of all
the Facebook vocabulary you could have literally talk to me about Facebook ads
and I would have had no idea what you were saying so again with this module
like I did you will get the foundation that you need all right so let’s get
started so the watch my first video this just really gets success the stage for
what is going to be included in all the modules on here just a great starter
video then you also have the resources for every single module right here on
module 1 resources and it’ll be in the first of every module as well and these
are just PDF notes that are written in an extremely organized manner something
that I super appreciate these notes are great if you are a visual learner and as
I mentioned before I downloaded these before each video and it’s super help me
next how to create a Facebook page this is this video talks about how every
single ad has to be run by a Facebook page it can’t be run through a personal
profile so this is a great way to get started
all right so below module 1 resources to how to create a Facebook page needed to
run your ads so every single ad has to be run by a Facebook page it cannot be
run through personal profile so this is just a great way to get started Kevin
goes into the best way to start a Facebook page how to get a lot of likes
and that’s important because you don’t want to be running it through a brand
new page that doesn’t have any engagement or anything so yeah it just
gets you started well right off the bat next so how to optimize Facebook
settings and CTA this goes along with exactly what I was just talking about so
just getting the whole Facebook page optimized just so you can start running
ads the correct way little bit lowers how to set up business manager so Kevin
teaches to run all ads through business manager a lot of people can run it
through the personal page but with business manager you can have many add
accounts running through the same thing so it’s just a lot more organized way to
do it okay so this next one is great so campaigns ad sets and ads oh my so this
is where you get into the actual ads and he explains exactly what these are you
can really see things start to come together here and all make a little bit
more sense custom audience hacks that have made me Millions
these next two videos are just setting up for some videos later on but he goes
into custom audiences look-alike audiences these are extremely valuable
throughout the course power of Facebook ninja pixel this one here is super
important for all of those who haven’t come near an ad platform so Kevin goes
into extreme depth on what a pixel is and what is it is used for so a pixel is
one of the most important things for Facebook ads or any ad of any kind and
you really need to know this and he explains it beautifully okay and this
video brings up another point so Kevin has provided some amazing resources for
the people that buy this course so for example funnels that you can use that he
has proven to make him millions of dollars in advertising so you can use
his exact ones and just change it for your own super super helpful for
elements of a perfect Facebook ad so this explains Kevin’s philosophy on
advertising how he goes through each individual part of an ad so there are
different types engagement traffic conversions this goes through a Kevin
has found through a lot of testing to be the perfect way to run the lifecycle of
an ad that’s just a quick overview of the
first module to start with you are already getting a ton of information
okay so module 2 how to go from a complete beginner to Facebook ad ninja
and the only campaign types you need so this module goes into depth explaining
each of the different marketing objectives within Facebook Ads alright
so the perfect ad lifecycle here’s where Kevin talks more on his philosophy
within Facebook Ads there are different categories so you can run your ads and
different things so if you are wanting awareness to reach a bunch of people he
explains the objectives and how to go about using these and when to use them
so there’s traffic engagement there’s five or six different options that Kevin
will explain and with everyone he will tell you when and why to use it so with
conversion so Kevin will give you a few videos on when to use the conversions
and this is one of the most important parts of this course because this is
when Facebook ads are turned into actual sales which is what we want right so
most importantly he describes a right way to do it because most people don’t
do it the right way okay so I’m not gonna go through and read off every
single name because that’s boring and you guys can read and that would just be
super incredibly painful to watch but as I’m explaining each module and going
through these videos go ahead and read it write it down pause it whatever you
have to do to get this information but just to be able to look at and see what
are actually in these modules is super super helpful and hopefully it’s one of
them sparks your interest alright so module 3 so how to create
your ultra targeted audiences that will skyrocket your business so this is a
secret to becoming a master advertiser so yeah and again this module has great
information talks about audience insights narrowing down who you are
looking for that way you aren’t wasting money on targeting to the wrong people
so yeah I mean there are 10 to 15 different videos hours of information
explaining the perfect ways to target the perfect audience I find that when I
run my facebook ads that targeting can be one of the hardest things but these
videos have given me tricks to really focus in on who I am wanting to attract
which has made a huge difference in my facebook ads so a very broad example if
you are running a car ad and you are targeting people who
I live in New York City you know people who probably don’t buy cars as much so
this isn’t gonna go well and Kevin will go into more detail in these videos on
the best way to target your audience so all right module four so this entire
module has to do with ad copy ad copy is the actual content to show people in the
end whether that be the actual video or the words above it on a Facebook ad this
is everything that is actually seen by the consumer at the end so this module
is very important because you figure out the best audience to target the best way
to do a marketing objective so for example you are doing traffic everything
can be set up perfectly but if what you are showing the person at the end is not
enticing or poor quality it will ruin it this module dives into buyer psychology
and explains exactly what you need to be putting based on what you’re looking for
okay so right here this is perfect so how to leverage human psychology and
Facebook stock photos to create powerfully influential apps so this one
talks about the psychology if you are doing Facebook ads for e-commerce stores
and you need to get people buying Facebook probably isn’t the best
platform because most people don’t go to Facebook just to buy something so an ad
just showing a product isn’t usually going to get a sale but Kevin goes into
great detail on what exactly you need to be saying and doing using specific ad
examples that he has actually used for thousands of his products before that
convert into purchases all right how to spy on competition okay so this one you
get to see their Facebook ads so this one is superb unofficial how to optimize
an ad this one is important because if you have an ad that shows up great on
desktop but doesn’t show well on mobile it’s never going to convert to phones
and this is huge because I don’t know something like 60
to 70% of Facebook is viewed on phones so this is definitely something that
most people probably overlooked so module four is one of the most important
in my opinion because it’s the actual ad that people are seen and I love how much
Kevin explains this and so especially the psychology to get getting people to
purchase because that is what most of the ads I’ve been doing have to deal
with module five how to make a ton of money without meeting your own product
creating your own ad agency even without any experience so I’ve mentioned this
already before but there are tons and tons of video most of these videos are
eight to nine maximum filled with right to the point extremely important content
and many other Facebook ad courses in my opinion and that I’ve gone before are
not this way so they tend to fill it with fluff and just not as much content
not as much meat so this module helped me understand how to make ads how to go
through talking about creating engagement ads traffic ads turning all
these into conversion ads so I understood everything about them but
didn’t exactly figure out how I could apply that to me making money until this
module so this module also explains how advertising is moving away from TV
newspaper you know all those pathways of advertising for a long time now so
social media has been for a little bit the up-and-coming ad medium but it’s
going to be even more important is getting so important especially for
anyone that wants to get into advertising to understand social media
Facebook Instagram all these types of advertising and building an agency off
that in today’s day and age can become so much more valuable than the extremely
high-priced TV ads that are out there today what people aren’t doing and what
this course can teach you is to take all this valuable information and go to
local people like doctors lawyers anyone who has some sort of local shop that
doesn’t know how to do Facebook or Instagram and seriously it’s
understandable because the actual ad platforms on these things are confusing
but you can take the knowledge that you have gained up until this point to turn
into a full-time skilled business that will make you money right away Kevin
talks about how to use a business manager for ad agency clients how to go
out and find your own clients and also gives you a script guys a script on what
to say to get those people to believe in you this was huge for me he also gives
specific examples like how to advertise for a personal trainer over here how to
ad campaign for a dentist how to target first-time homebuyers for agents this is
huge so real estate agents love advertising but not a lot of them know
how to use Facebook and platforms like this so this is where you
can start providing so much value to your local people like I’ve been able to
do alright how to close new clients um my exact phone and email templates Kevin
has written it out so professionally and all you have to do is change a couple of
words like I said I’ve chose four clients already it’s literally served on
a platter for you and made so easy because you are told what to say what to
do and after the first few times you just you get that confidence and start
adding your own personal touches and it just it becomes second nature and
further before this course I seriously had never made a sales call ever and I
never did anything to do with business so again
I had no idea what to do but Kevin made it simple for me
so client let’s go a little bit further down client generation strategies the
free ninja value tactic so what this this is another thing you can go into so
getting leads for businesses out there using Facebook is extremely lucrative
all right below that how to sign your first client in 24 hours and get your
first testimonial so I mean Kevin just goes through the business sides of
things that no other Facebook course goes into detail about maybe all the ad
stuff and the technical information but then you’re stuck on what to do next
what to do with this information so Kevin’s course will literally show you
how to use it he will show you exactly how to apply this information oh and got
down here so he talks about charge so this is huge because some will go out
and not know what they’re worth or maybe say they’re worth too much and get left
out this course will tell you what you are worth and then how to change that
with the better you get and the more clients that you get then it gets into
the more technical information once you have more clients all the rest of these
videos other things that make it easier when you are trying to scale a Facebook
Ads agency okay how to create ninja funnel
this is huge again Kevin gives you exactly what to do okay so he will
literally go into click funnels and give you his exact funnel one he has pre-made
that you can literally just plug and play information with whatever you need
for your clients he gives you a video on leads for if you need people to sign
clients this module is great for anyone that doesn’t know
where to go for Entrepreneurship you already have all the technical
information and this gives you the what to do once you have the information
module six with Facebook Ads people don’t realize that you can retarget you
need to go back to people that have seen your ad but didn’t buy or have visited
your website and what the pixel you can do that you can turn these people into
actual sales and money so seriously guys in my opinion there’s literally more
information here than you could get with a full advertising degree in college and
it’s all applicable alright so yeah this gets into retargeting like I said talks
about how to scale which is extremely important with Facebook ads and at the
end there are bonus modules so there’s three bonus videos that you get with
this course so these videos will go deep into psychology with sales and this is
extremely beneficial for advertising for clients who have Shopify or Amazon
businesses Instagram blueprint this is excellent because getting the ad on
Instagram on top of the Facebook is amazing because you can apply all the
info for facebook to instagram and actually attract the millennial audience
that you’re looking for I guess in my opinion that’s what I’m looking for so
that is what I wanted to attract and a lot of them use Instagram over
Facebook’s so obviously I would want my ads to be showing through Instagram
Messenger bots so this is something that is revolutionizing marketing so many use
email which is great and never go away from that because it is proven but
messenger bots are new upcoming and they get seen 60% more than emails do Kevin
will show you how to use them the right way and what to say to turn it into more
sales all right so that’s it for now and as I stated in the beginning Kevin will
always be updating the course when something new comes up but that is what
is up there right now alright thanks for making it to the end guys I seriously
really appreciate it so again it is possible success takes a few bumps in
the road but you will get there alright so just a few last things check out my
description if you want to hear more from Kevin himself there’s a link and
there’s also a link if you’re ready to buy so again thanks for watching I hope
you found this helpful and have a good rest of your day

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  1. Hey Kelsi wish you the best in your journey towards entrepreneurship ! Signed up to the course under your link so i hope you already received a nice ROI on your investment 🙂 well keep it up !

  2. Dear Kelsi! I have just liked and subscribed your channel! You should know that I already follow Kevin everywhere and I have Kevin David affiliate account but I still never ever used it! Im totally broke down and I ask your helpfully to I can start earning money with Kevin affiliate site! Could you help me? Thank you in advance!

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  4. if he really wants to help so much why is he charging so much!!! and also exploiting people Who are unemployed and struggling to spend stupid amounts of money!!!! ITS DISGUSTING

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