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Kevin Brady on Prudential’s “Day One” Campaign | YouTube Advertisers

Kevin Brady on Prudential’s “Day One” Campaign | YouTube Advertisers

Ken: We’ve been working with Prudential for
I guess a year now, and when we sat down with the client, we talked about what it was that
we wanted to do with them, which was tackle the big challenges in society and to deal
with it in a macro level. We’re not dealing with the fake facade but we’re dealing with
the big issue that is facing all of us. Linda: Move on might be a good word to exchange
for change. It’s always moving on. Ken: So we got 200 people, 250 people around
the country to send us photos of their first day of retirement. Linda: It’s hard to make decisions about yourself
all of a sudden when you’ve been making them with somebody else for 35 years. Ken: We are fortunate enough to have the client
that saw the value of the photo part of this project where we go find all of these photos,
and we put them online, and we had a commercial about that. But also it gave us the leverage
to say, “That’s cool, but these people that we get these photos from they’re so interesting.
We need to go farther.” But the challenge is in the digital age where we live in where
people can skip things, they can fast forward things and just be bored and have a short
attention span is how you get them to stop and spend time with them? And, for us, the
most key approach was to be honest. Linda: I had a wonderful, wonderful happy
marriage, and I was well loved. And so many people don’t have that. Ken: If you really have a story that’s told
really directly and simply, and you get to know somebody, it’s hard to hit stop. It’s
hard to turn away from that story if you really start to like them. And with Linda, you so
early on just by the timber of her voice and the way she has that optimism and a frailty
at the same time. Linda: Hey, buddy, what’s out there? Tom didn’t
leave very much, but he left me a little money, and I bought Deacon with the last of the money.
He doesn’t talk back, but he looks at me like he understands. Ken: I get choked up thinking about moments
of Linda, but I hope it’s an optimistic story in the end. And I hope people are left at
the end of that with feeling that she’s gonna get by, and she’s gonna be okay. And I have
no doubt about that. It was infectious, her optimism. Linda: Day one. First day of my retirement.
First day I’ve never had to answer to anyone for anything except Deacon. Ken: After that day, she started a blog, a
retirement blog because of that effect of us visiting her. And so every couple of days,
she’ll add a new thing. And she just wants to say, “Okay, you guys saw my day one. I’m
gonna take it from here, and I’m gonna show the rest of my retirement.” And our plans
are also to go back for day 1000 or day 10000 and see how the people are doing as well.
The environment of advertising has changed from it used to always be here and out. “We
have something to say, we’re going to put it out, and that’s our job. It’s one direction.”
And obviously today, that is a much more interactive direction. For us, this is just step one.
I think Day One will continue and there will be different versions of that. And we hope
to have that be that almost equals retirement. That’s a version of retirement. That’s just
something that can be there and can grow in different forms and become a national holiday
almost. But the great thing about advertising or any kind of communication is can this one
thing you do last longer? Can that one rock that goes into the pond, how long can those
ripples go on? How long can it affect somebody?

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