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KENZO Fall-Winter 2019 campaign

KENZO Fall-Winter 2019 campaign

Having this year off to see all of Minnesota Paris! South America was a giant gift to me. Go ahead and have a seat. Love to… Where’s my daughter? Emergency landing! Shhh! Stop. I went on a vacation. Help!!! We really would like our money back if that’s ok. Having this year off to see all of Senegal all of South America has been a giant… I’ll hold… I’m just kiddin’ kids! Stand up. Sit down. Sit down. Do you want some tea? Where’s my daughter? I need help! Where’s the pilot? I am the pilot. My KENZO bag! My KENZO! My KENZO! Your KENZO bag! This was on a cruise ship. The storm this day was crazy. The pineapple is international sign of hospitality. Gorgeous! Oh my… Beautiful! Pretty! I hope you to take enough time for travel. So pretty! KENZO!

10 thoughts on “KENZO Fall-Winter 2019 campaign

  1. Am a dull kid, living in small village, I like fashion n I love Kenzo 💚 Saving money for months to buy one Kenzo backpack. Yeah am supes happy abt it even ppl around me don’t even know what Kenzo brand is 😊 I wish I have a lot of money, so I can buy more..

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