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Kelly Admits To Paul Wesley And Lilly Singh She’s ‘Oddly Attracted’ To Willem Dafoe

Kelly Admits To Paul Wesley And Lilly Singh She’s ‘Oddly Attracted’ To Willem Dafoe

– Hi guys. All right. – Hello! – Hi. – Have you ever met Lilly? – I don’t think so. – No, we’re meeting now. – How you doing? – So nice to meet you.
– It’s nice to meet you. – You have great eyes. – You know you have great eyes too. I used to walk around New York
City and see your billboards everywhere and I’d be like
who’s this Lilly Singh, and now here you are so. – I love you thank you. (laughter) Thank you. Yes, thank you. – You were everywhere. – She’s killing it. – She knows what I’m talking about. – Tell me more. – She’s killing it. Tell me why (mumbles) – This is about you. – No she’s killing it, but do
you remember we met years ago. – Yes I do. – I was on tour. – Yes, you visited us in Atlanta. – I don’t think you knew
like I was a real fan. – Yeah I didn’t, and I’m very flattered. – Yep, and then you walked by
and I was real quiet about it. Like low key. – I know. – I was like what up Stefan. I loved that show. I thought the chemistry was so great. The writing was so cool. I love anything and all vampires. Were you ever into vampire stuff? – I feel like everyone’s
into vampire stuff, because vampires are factually hot. – [Kelly] Seriously. – No, they didn’t use to be. – No they’ve always been. – Remember that Williem
Dafoe movie Nosferatu. Do you know what I’m talking about. He was like a creepy old weird. – I am oddly attracted to Williem Dafoe. – Thank you. – You know what, I saw
Boondocks Saints when I was like a kid and I was this guy
is seriously odd but hot. Yeah, yeah – I like him too. I can see that. – [Kelly] Great actor. – He’s a great actor. – [Kelly] Vampire’s are
sexy I’m just gonna let you be wrong on that one. (laughter) do you still get recognized
for that, everywhere you go? – Oh yeah, I mean not to oh
yeah like I don’t to sound. – Oh yeah, people are like, oh my gosh. – You know it’s a big show. It was a big hit internationally
so I get recognized a lot. My fans they hit me up on
social media, on Twitter. They look out for me. – Well explain to me though
because I loved the clip. It was so scary and I’m so into it. – Oh Tell Me a Story. – Tell Me a Story, tell me about it. – Listen, it’s a show. We’re on our second season, and
it’s a show that takes sorta beloved fairy tales, this
year we have sleeping beauty, we have uh oh my gosh
I’m terrible, whatever. We have sleeping beauty. We have, last year I did
the three little pigs. And it takes these fairy
tales and it modernizes them and it puts them in a modern context. So like last year the
three little pigs were three bank robbers that put on pig masks. They accidentally kill a woman. Her husband wants revenge,
he becomes the big bad wolf. So it takes the archetype you know and the story of the
fairy tale, but puts it in a modern day and
twists it into a thriller. – I, this is like literally written for me and my heart and brain. – Yeah, you’ve gotta watch
it, you’ve gotta watch it. – I love when they do like even
like Gregory Maguire books, like how he did Wicked,
he like turns the story. – Well that’s exactly it. – I love that kinda vibe, when they take. He did the same thing with
Cinderella and the step sisters. Yeah. – So that’s the general
premise of Tell Me a Story, and it’s really good. This year I’m in the
Sleeping Beauty story line. – I know, I kinda gathered
from the clip she was like, yeah what’s it like to be drugged? Like just asleep. (laughter) That’s awesome. – No, it’s cool. It’s dark and it’s twisty and it’s fun. – Did you have a fairy tale
that terrified you growing up? – I didn’t like grow up with the classic American fairy tales, because I was raised in
a very Polish household. – Oh yeah that’s right, your
family background is Polish. – Yeah my family’s Polish,
so we didn’t have any of the American fairy tales, but we had like. My grandparents would try to scare me with their own fabricated fairy tales. – I love your grandparents. – ‘Cause that’s what fairy tales are. – They are scary. – Well yeah, they’re trying
to, it’s a cautionary tale for children. So my grandparents would make up, like all I wanted to do was eat Pierogi. And I wouldn’t eat anything else, so they made up a fairy tale about a kid who only ate Pierogi and
turned into a Pierogi. – Oh smart, that’s clever. – I was like, oh my God, I’m
gonna turn into a Pierogi. – Every time you’re saying
that, it sounds so good. – It’s the way you’re
saying it, say it again. – Pierogi. – Oh yeah. (laughter) – Oh wait, so we like
how you speak Polish. Can you teach us something? – Oh yes, yes more. – Um I can say Sleeping Beauty. – Okay. – Okay (speaking foreign language). (speaking foreign language) – Yeah there you go, very good. Very good. – So impressed. – You can do it. (speaking foreign language) – Yeah. – Oh dang, okay! – I felt hot. – You rolled that R I saw that. – I rolled that R. Oh my gosh, I love you so much. I cannot wait to watch Tell Me a Story. – Oh Thank you.

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  2. Why does his his explanation of show sounds like "Once Upon a Time". Dont get me wrong I'll probably watch it, but it's been done before. Recently at that.

  3. I am so happy that Paul mentioned that he is polish and speak polish on interview. His accent is amazing.
    Impressive that he speak polish knowing that there are some Poles in usa and uk that don't speak polish.

  4. His beard though he still look nice though I would love it if Ian made an appearance or Nina and that polish accent 😍

  5. Paul Wesley the kind of guy that makes most other guys look like shrek. Ok I’m out, I need to go back to my swamp Damn it.

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