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Keith Weed on Trust in Advertising

Keith Weed on Trust in Advertising

– Trust is key to the marketing industry. A brand without trust is just a product, and advertising without
trust is just noise. What we’re seeing, though,
is the long-term decline in trust in advertising, and we must address this,
because without that, the future isn’t gonna be rosy. There’s some real signs of whole-system-change
approaches we can take, but we need to address
things like bombardment, the use of data and, as an industry, if we don’t do that, we
won’t have an industry. The role of employers is
getting more and more important. In fact, at the Trust Barometer,
at the beginning of this week, we saw that 75% of people are
looking to their employers, and I think that means that businesses have to lead and their products, or their brands,
need to represent that. In Unilever, we really believe
around brands with purpose. At the end of the day,
brands with purpose grow, companies with purpose last and people with purpose thrive. And if you can do that, I think you can really
engage your employees. We have over 90% of people in Unilever say they’re proud to work for Unilever. I think one of the critical things is employers and employees
need to have a dialogue. It can’t just be top-down. We use something called ‘Have Your Say.’ We had 40,000 people, for instance, talking about our sustainability plans, giving feedback, helping
shape it, taking ownership. That level of engagement
means that businesses are really working as
a business, together, and delivering against
real hard objectives.

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