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KEEP THEM POOR | This Is What The Richest Don’t Want You To KNOW (an illuminating interview)

KEEP THEM POOR | This Is What The Richest Don’t Want You To KNOW (an illuminating interview)

Do the rich people cringe and say “Don’t tell them that, Robert” Yes, yes “Don’t tell people what you know. Keep them poor” The moment I pay you, you think like an employee. The moment you accept the paycheck, your brain goes dead. That’s the trap. Entrepreneurs work for free! As long as you’re hungry, you’ll think, The school system is designed to teach you to be an employee, or a doctor or a lawyer, a specialist. But never about money. The poor will always be amongst us because it starts up here! It’s in their words and their words become flesh. But when they say “I can’t afford it”, or “I can’t do that” They go down. They become what they say. I meet so many people “I can’t afford it. You think I’m made up of money?” My PhD daddy says “What do you think I am? Made up of money? I can’t afford that” And my rich dad would say “That’s why he’s poor.” Poor people say “I can’t afford it. I can’t do that. I don’t have time.” Because it is an escape! It’s an escape! It’s easy to say “I can’t afford it” or “I am too tired” or “I can’t go to the gym” When you could go to the gym, but “No, I can’t” Truth is that “I’m just too lazy to go to the gym.” And your rich dad used to say what, instead of “I can’t afford it” How can I afford it? How can I do that? A question opens a mind, a statement closes the mind. So when you say “I can’t afford it” your mind shuts down and you become what you say. People right now who are sitting at home, who are struggling financially or worried about money or are unhappy, they may be making a lot of money but are unhappy with what they’re doing, it was probably taught to you. Your super-ego was taught “Get a job work hard or a car”, or “You’ll never be rich”, or “The rich or evil”, or whatever! Poverty is passed on! It’s taught in your families. And middle classes is taught in families. – Until you change your mindset, the money won’t help you, right?
– Correct! And we see that with people who win the lottery, people that make more money. They still have the same problem, because they have that poor man’s soul. – Correct! If you’re poor, you’ll always be poor. That’s really hard for people to understand! Yes. The money will disappear that fast. Just like most pro athletes. They make millions of dollars and 65% are bankrupt 5 years later. It’s because it comes from poor families. But, unfortunately, what Mr. Lipton was saying, it’s passed down genetically. That’s the frightening thing! If you don’t want to learn it, I can’t help you! I have bad luck too. I’ve had financial crashes, I’ve had people stab me in the back. But they’re all good because I grow for them. That’s spirituality! People who are afraid of making mistakes like they teach in school. They don’t ever grow! Because spirituality is “There is good and there is bad. There is right and there is wrong. There is up and there is down.” Most people only want to be right. Or they only want to be positive. Well, you can’t have that! That’s not reality! And the average person, the reason they’re poor is they haven’t failed. They play it so safe. They haven’t made any mistakes like they were taught in school. That means they don’t learn anything! That’s why the school systems is actually fundamentally corrupt. It’s anti-education. But the average guy stands there and he’s like “Oh, I’m an A-student! I’m going to do this all by myself!” And when a bunch of rugby players run you over, “Well, they’re not playing fair!” You know what? You’re playing stupid! You should have a team. You should have a counsey attorneys and bankers and all that stuff. “But that’s not the game I want to play” Then don’t play the game. A game of business is played with a counsel attorneys, bankers. I hate to say it, politicians. You know, you got to know the game. People say “Money is not that important to me.” Well, then if money is not that important to you, money is not important to you! You know what I mean… I don’t care about money. Money doesn’t care about you. The word does become flesh! or “I’ll never be rich” or the favorite one is “the rich are greedy!” It’s the poor that are greedy, if you think about it, because to be a rich, you have to give something. I had to produce boxes and games and I purchase real estate, I provide housing, I provide jobs and all that. That’s why I’m rich. But greedy people produce nothing! Einstein said “Imagination is more important than knowledge” But knowledge empowers imagination. and what most people lack is real business knowledge, like accounting, like debt, like taxes, you got to know that stuff, but they don’t teach it in school, to anybody. You see most teachers in school, they’re out of ethics. They teach subjects they themselves don’t practice. Because I understood what a fake teachers is. A fake teacher is somebody who just wants a job and they’ll teach anything. They teach you how to shine shoes and you’ll get paid more money, but they really don’t know about they’re teaching. In life, one of the things I suggested people, you got to find a real teacher versus a fake teacher. And a fake teacher is somebody doesn’t do what they teach. And a real teacher is doing what they teach everyday. Our school systems are making us weaker. So in school they have this things called “triggering effects”. So you can’t, as a teacher, you can’t say anything that might upset the student. They don’t want anything that might jar their point of view. You see people say “Why don’t you give the poor money?” The only problem with that is it creates more poor people! Give a man a fish, he fishes for the day, or eats for the day. You give a man a fish, you get a lot of people want more fish. But you teach them to fish, we become creatures of our own habits! And until we break the habit, we don’t change! Our schools don’t teach that. Our school teach almost the exact opposite of that. And the average person, the reason they’re poor is they haven’t failed. They play it so safe, they haven’t made any mistakes, like they were taught in school. That means they don’t learn anything. That’s why the school systems actually fundamentally corrupt. It’s anti education. So what I say to young people is you find your game! So my game financially, is business, number 1. The second is real estate. And that’s why I pay no taxes. That’s why Trump based on taxes. Legally. It is a combination of business and real estate that gives us an unfair advantage over employees because they don’t know what to do. A lot of people would rather sit in the stands, than be in the game. One of the greatest ways to acquire a great wealth is playing Monopoly in real life: Four green houses, one red hotel. Is that all there is? That’s it. Robert, if I can give you some kind of a magic phone and you could make a call to the 20 year-old Robert Kiyosaki, and give that young man a bit of advice, what would you tell him? I would say keep going, just do what you have to do. Just elevate to the fullest life! Which I did! Nothing I ever did made sense. Could you imagine quitting $120,000 year job for $200 a month to go fight in Vietnam almost died? It didn’t make sense, but it was the best decision I made, at that time. And I think what most people do is they let their parents, or their friends talk them out of life They’re so afraid of failing. But failing is how we succeed. You look at guys like Edison and all that He failed like 1014 times before he invented the light bulb. Our schools punish you for making mistakes. And that’s why we have so many people who are so afraid of admitting they make mistakes, or are afraid of failing.

100 thoughts on “KEEP THEM POOR | This Is What The Richest Don’t Want You To KNOW (an illuminating interview)

  1. Then why do moviestars and rockstars wanna do drugs n commit suicide…money is your master..be at peace within yourself n love others…Jesus was not rich..monks live forever n they dont have money…..so who is your master?{yeah…start the roasting..}

  2. Don’t be afraid to go outside the box , cause when you go outside the box ,you will always find your way to succeed.

  3. We all have weaknesses in will and we learn to be scared failing.
    The rich learn that failure is the only way to achieve victory.
    It is always been our idea that we can't have what we dream .
    It is just because we been program that stay on dreamrader than go and do it .
    Imagination is more important than knowledge but knowledge empowers imagination .
    Poor are greatly because dont want gove back and rich give back to make the money. It is us that can change to get to our full potential.

  4. I find Roberts views both instructive and problematic at the same time. I find them instructive, because they might help me make money / avoid taxes. I find them problematic, because I'm not so sure he question the ethics of the current system. To me, it looks as if he just accepts the law as it is and only asks himself how he can use it to maximize his own financial gains.
    But I feel that the law itself is unjust. And I also feel that if the law is unjust, it is the responsibility of each citizen to help set it right again, instead of just exploiting the injustice himself.
    See my video https://youtu.be/rGtnYvxFOOA for more on that.

  5. Make your mistakes find out everithing you learned is useless find your game in life and play it with passion.

  6. Remember you are loved and you have a purpose in this world. Always stay positive and never give up in life and on your goals!

  7. Knowledge is power only when you take action.if you have all of those knowledges and never applied it to succeed in the real world. It becomes completely useless.

  8. "People who are afraid of making mistakes, like they teach in school, they don't ever grow"

    Yes, that's true. Because if you don't fail, you are not even trying.

  9. I have just realised that entrepreneur has become synonyme for human. We have started to care so much about maintaining fragile cocoon of what we call comfort and convenience that we have forgotten about how to be human.

  10. What an ignorant fuck and a line of bullshit not everyone can be a real estate mogul people have to produce food to feed this greedy fuck or build his house or someone else's house,car or whatever. He provides nothing and all he does is take, I'm not saying he doesn't work but most everything he has acquired is on the backs of others and it would be my guess he is one of those guys that doesn't pay his fucking bills just like Trump.

  11. Wrong, why blame teachers or school? Parents should teach that stuff? As long there is no finance class in high school we should not blame schools or teachers! Change the education system then schools can change their teaching plans…

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  13. If everyone wanted to be rich he would be out of employees. If his employees thought like him he wouldn't have employees lool


  15. believe it or not, my university professor is a self-made millionaire at the age of 31 and now he is still teaching. Who said the teachers just want their job at the school?


  17. impressive! really appreciate able, open the doors of success for those can understand these principles and adapt in their lives.

  18. Ok half of what this guys saying is bullshit how’s he saying if you come from poor family you will be poor So pogba the footballer came from a poor family he ain’t bankrupt

  19. The ultimate goal in life is to be happy, poor rich does not matter, if you have millions ,billions,trillions of dollars and don't have anybody around you that loves you for who you are ,then you are still poor, I had a very well of uncle he owned about 400 rental properties, but he was such a poor person, you could not talk about anything else with him other than, money, interest rate, investment, properties, tenants etcetc. I think his pocket was rich but his soul was poor. People who run after the money know that they have a poor soul, they want to fill their empty soul with money, but they can't, that's why they never stop running after more and more and more money

  20. After watching that video, I'm feeling so bad, very bad, I was a looser until today of sunday 28 july 2019. Shiiiit. what I have done. what the fuck I have done. why I didn't know that before?

    Now that I have to go back to fucking work again tomorrow morning. I swear, that I m gonna do something this month.
    Fuck me

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  22. sen de demek ki herkesin öğrenmesini istemiyorsun ki Türkçe altyazılı paylaşmadın. O zaman seninde ananın ….. koyim.

  23. I've been reading Rich Dad Poor Dad. I just googled a question about taxes and I came across this entire channel.

  24. UBI and giving people $1000 a month would not take anyone out of poverty, it would make them poor with a new iPhone.

  25. Maybe everything is unfair because if we all are rich.,All people are rich in this world..imagine what will happen if WE ARE ALL RICH.? No one will work because we are all rich.. How can you build a company without a poor people.

  26. At the moment i work at a company yes I accepted the first paycheck but i make sure that I learn more than i earn ! I work for someone now because i need some money to start with ! I need experience, but i do have my own plans ! In 2 years from now i will have my own project!! And I’m never giving up on my dreams!! Neverr !!

  27. This made me cry. Now I feel that I’m going to die with nothing. But debt. Overtime, if you don’t change, you will lose much more than money. Piece by piece, health, friend, family, sense of humor. Change or die under miserable circumstances


  29. Talks of a full belly; Makes no sense: athletes say "I CAN AFFORD IT" and he says 65% go broke in 5 years…..another Tony Robbins,the world has lots…. never worked in their lives; oh,wait…parasites work too, they also have to eat…LOL

  30. FUCK YOU I am just tired of investors who invest in land for residential purposes to rent it instead of selling it. AND I am American and You Ain't. You have a poor mind full of shit to say that Americans schools are not real education.

  31. U don't need to be filthy rich. Work more, get another job. Do extra hours. Or get a degree after work hours. And mainly: be a smart consumer, don't be a fashion victim, don't buy a gigantic house, don't buy a gigantic car, don't buy the latest 2000 phone. And save money

  32. There's nothing wrong with being poor …. There's everything wrong with being rich …

    How many humans did you torture or kill ..to get rich…how many laws you broke .. …
    Above all …you never get advice from Asian monkeys….

  33. schools suck……they instll insecurity since can never ge tright and cant redo until right which si bs shoudl not graduate until 100% so jsut metter how long takes retake

  34. When he says: "When you are poor you will always be poor"(video). He is partially right, some actually manage to find a way to get out of that poverty mentality. You just have to have the hunger for it. You need to be willing to ask other people who have more knowlede how they do things, but most people are too prideful to ask someone else how they do things.

  35. This is really Slap me .

    Ill do what i want right now ,
    that motivational somehow look evil to me , letting the Poor keep Poor all the time.

    The life is temporarry , I'll start make my money from any possible bussiness right now !

  36. ive lived on the streets for six years im 14 now but then i had to work my ass off as a child to help support my brothers and my mom now we are in a nice home nice school and based on my apperance you cant ever guess that i was poor and homeless once

  37. Trade options are complicated derivatives. Don’t trade options before you fully understand how they work. In this video, time decay and volatility contraction were not mentioned and they could be the reasons of losing money even if the price goes in the right direction. If you’re a new trader/investor and watching this video,!just take your time to ask yourself this question: how do I improve my trades to make better profits?

  38. Can someone please tell me the pianist artist playing in the background. The video creator just references Music licensed through Audiojungle and they have thousands of videos and I don't know which one it is.

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  41. Don't buy in to this garbage. Look up John T. Reed's analysis of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. Dude is so glaringly scummy.

  42. Most rich people dont take risks they just suck the life out of us. How is this psycho going to quote the bible, telling us how to make money, while he makes money for telling suckers how to get by handing over their paychecks.
    Bankers are pretty disgusting. The guys on the bottom end ( bank tellers, collection agents) are clueless but watch youtube videos, from people who are called conspiracy theorists i.e Alex Jones and you will hear stories of the Rothchilds family and the battle of Waterloo, with a member lying about the English losing, and buying up the British economy for pennies on the dollar.

  43. Alot of people dont sit in the stands they are out there creating, artwork, discovering formulas for interstellar travel, while we have people like this quoting some of the worse things you can. People like him who have a mindset that poor people are evil need to be bereft of their income
    He doesnt do anything to enrich my life

  44. This gave me so much more courage to keep pursuing my Voice over dream. I'll try even if I fail over and over.

  45. For all of you that beleive Thomas Edison invented light bulb and he failed 10000 times. He was charged with forgery in the United States. Joseph Swan invented it.

    Stay motivated and thank you.

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