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Kayaking Lava Dunes and Icy Hot Backwash | Who is JOB 8.0 S7E6

Kayaking Lava Dunes and Icy Hot Backwash | Who is JOB 8.0 S7E6

[Music] [Music] I’m James Duncan O’Brien and this is just the beginning [Music] we’re heading out to Honolulu away from small for transfers beter finless surfing give me fun [Music] [Music] scared oles do you see that we made it down the goat trail we’re here we’re on the beach [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yes sir for my life hot a little bit it’s been good to us more transfers into the kayak out of the kayak backwards boards connected just straight chaos [Music] [Music] [Music] get off that one fam they got this one and come in hot right here they’re gonna shoot straight into the water right into the water I’m gonna send it over to the other Island you can’t go over there why not safety first boys supervisor over here making sure no one gets hurt boobs got to put his jeans on dude we got the most perfect sand Melton to go down on the kayak really excited about this one it’s a perfect s luge but yeah it’s gonna I’m gonna be going really fast I feel but know it’s autumn so if there’s sand at the bottom and yeah and then James gonna get in tandem with me if he makes it look that good I’ll jump in with you okay sit up dive squared crew doesn’t the top of this understand ill this woman [Music] you know one thing you don’t want to do is fall out of the kayak I know cuz you’re gonna go tomahawking down this thing and you’re gonna feel like Sally at the bottom [Music] I’ll take a rollercoaster ride again all over at Disneyland they’re going pretty fast good what every 36 I honestly thought he was gonna hit the corner and then hit the other corner and then roll out of the kayak how sick is he well he almost made it look too easy like he has to do it again no cuz I’m good at what I do that’s why I made it look easy but it’s it’s not easy we’re making everything we’re digging it out he’s not to site just kind of just walking around the beach to listener know what are they digging for I’m not I know they’re digging for nothing [Music] [Music] [Music] like you got like eight little scratches you’re stoked on no no well then I’m sorry I’ll never make you happy no looks like we’re in a relationship new overtime whatever Venus I’m gonna sit in the back this time and hopefully land it get this thing back up there let’s do it [Applause] [Applause] see you guys gonna walk home now we just found the side ledge in Maui absolutely firing we’re gonna go out there and do some some progressive maneuvers on soft tops the shark feeding grounds over there Colonel this what they eat just stating the obvious I know but you don’t have enough about charts putting bengay on Jamie’s fetus [Music] I see on in hurry up alright you didn’t do a good job though finally I get him back yeah I’m dude it’s getting hotter [Music] [Music] stop natural [Music] [Music] [Music] dan so fun couple fun waves over here mental wedges my balls are on fire the whole sir it was pretty critical hey what’s up YouTube thanks for watching our show click the button right here subscribe to Red Bull and thank you for watching and watch more right here hope you enjoy

100 thoughts on “Kayaking Lava Dunes and Icy Hot Backwash | Who is JOB 8.0 S7E6

  1. All the other seasons were so much better this season they do the same thing every day, half of the episodes are in Texas

  2. Poopies the boss of kayak surfing! It looks fun to transfer from a surfboard to a kayak and ride a party wave 🤙🏼🤙🏼🏄🏽‍♀️🏄🏽‍♂️

  3. Yo! If Jamie didn't push poops would poops ever reach success? Like sticking that triple black diamond lava mountain into sea

  4. Stop picking on Poopies. Hes the reason why the show is fun, relatable, and has content. If he wasnt involved the show would suffer. Hes a stand in for all the regular peoples. Long live Poopy!

  5. Am I the only one to wonders why no ones goes up to Jamie to say hi! I’d be running across that island to see him

  6. I am getting too old for this.
    I was so worried Poops was gonna Eat It big time.
    So cool he made the water and paddled away from it.
    Go Poopies !

  7. that was crazy,poppies a born stuntman,shredding on the soft ons ,i would love to see your old surfboard collection ,and you riding them jamie ,come and surf kirra .

  8. You guys are crazy😂🤙🏼keep it up. Very very enjoyable to watch. I wait vor the series every single week.

  9. Poopies is awesome! why you guys always put him in those funny shorts? he's got no protection from the elements! 😜

  10. Hahaha like a Disney ride all over again!!!! Hilarious poops!!!! Thanks for the laughs at breakfast time here n florida

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