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Justin Trudeau Gets IGNORED By Trump at The G20 Summit (What He SHOULD Have Done)

Justin Trudeau Gets IGNORED By Trump at The G20 Summit (What He SHOULD Have Done)

There’s this video going around the web
right now of Justin Trudeau of Canada walking into the g20 summit and some people are
describing it it looks like he’s walking into a house party where you don’t know
who anybody so I want to show this video and then break down what I think he did
well and I think he could do differently so here’s how it kicks off he’s walking
in you know everyone’s kind of already in conversations it’s clear he may have
got there a little bit late doesn’t know anybody nobody’s really turning to
engage him can see the people with the badges in the back are the people that
aren’t leaders of different countries there’s Trump he’s already in a
conversation with a couple people taking stuff out of his bag nice and slow
looking around trying trying to get a little eye contact you can see here like
right there that’s kind of casual but even when you’re the leader of a major
country and you know he’s got a lot of swag people always talk about how he’s
good-looking he’s like 6 foot 2 is a heartthrob and he’s a leader you still
feel social pressure and he’s feeling that social pressure so he’s trying to
stay a little looser you can see kind of throws that real casually now you know
he’s at set today so he’s nice and loose he’s not stifled by the social pressure
but you saw right back here I think it was a little bit before he looks over
towards Trump and those guys just to see if he can get to my contact is at that
point any of them would have looked at him he would have likely jumped in to
engage you start talking to somebody but nobody did and if while you’re watching
this you’re thinking this is way over my head I’m just trying to learn how to be
normal in social situations and get a grasp for what’s going on around me when
I’m out you can touch or click up here in the right-hand corner and download my
free social invincibility checklist which would get you dialed in teach you
about what to look for and how to feel comfortable when you’re out in social
situations so he’s taking his time he’s looking back again now you see when he
oriented his shoulders over there that that gives Trump and those other two
guys I apologize I don’t know who those guys are
it gives them even a more impression that he wants to talk so just by looking
the first time is one thing but when he kind of squares a little bit here and
turns his whole head and body it shows that he wants to engage and Trump picks
up on that and so we points at him just to acknowledge that he saw in there and
then he is immediately jumping in right so Trump comes over he’s out there tries
to engage Trump but he’s gone he’s Swasey so right here he’s talking Pat’s
him on the back but he’s gone now Trump Pearson trying to gauge again tries to
get him into a conversation Trump comes back over talks a little bit engaging
but Trump still is looking like he wants to leave right so he’s probably getting
yeah he walks around he leaves and he sees he’s leaving now he’s back to
himself so what could he do right personally talk at his 12 leaves that
doesn’t look too good either he should’ve cut the conversation a bit
before that but right now see this guy looking back at him right now he knows
those two guys that were in conversation with Trump now are just talking to
themselves so if I was him he probably doesn’t know these guys are if he does
he doesn’t know him personally I’m guessing or he would have engaged him in
conversation but he could have just turned around and say anything you know
just because you’re the leader of a big country doesn’t once again mean that you
have to go in with some brilliant line people are just making chat if they
don’t know you they don’t expect you to come in with some high-level thing to
say talk to him about the hotel tell them it’s your first time here make a
joke about it just something light he could have easily turned to engage these
guys right now you can see they’re looking around they’re more open to
involving someone else so if you look back here when they’re talking to Trump
they’re in conversation right going up right then would have been inappropriate
because they’re talking they’re engaged going up right here let’s see a little
bit after they’re open to it so we could have very easily slid into that
conversation but what is he doing said he’s looking around see how this guy by
himself he actually even came by right now just asking a quick question say
hello hey tell us what’s your first step looking around now he’s stalling out he
knows the cameras are on I mean those people are around he’s looking around
he’s feeling a bit of a social pressure right now but he’s got nowhere to go so
now he sits down and kind of just there’s a lot wah-wah so he did some
good things by back here when he was trying to engage by first looking and
then kind of squaring up even more to show his intent to jump in was good but
I think he missed an opportunity at the end to jump in with these two guys when
they were actually open to talking to someone because once he was in with
those two guys he could have probably carried that conversation as long as he
wanted and looked a little bit more natural you know he’s new on the
you want to look like you’re an insider you want to look like you know people so
being in a nice easy conversation before it started probably would have been a
bit a nice way to kind of get the ball rolling form didn’t look too bad but it
is kind of a bummer what it’s your first time there and you end up being this guy
just stand and look it around hey someone talked to me is there anyone I
know nope over here maybe over here no Digitas hands don’t know anyone I
should probably be talking to someone pictures going on snap what am I going
to do I’m just going to sit down there’s nobody I know Oh kind of a bummer that
happens so if you’re ever in a situation like this probably not at a g20
conference right but just say you are at a party or as a networking event or a
happy hour and nobody you knows came yet or nobody that you know is coming at all
you can do little things like that look for little groups who are more open to
being engaged you can tell when people are tied up in a conversation that’s
serious and they don’t want anyone to jump in it’s more direct eye contact
let’s look at around bodies usually or inter themselves so look for nice little
breaks and you can go in and talk to people engage them naturally and jump
nice and easy into a conversation there’s three things you can do on the
screen you can click here if you haven’t downloaded your free tonality checklist
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100 thoughts on “Justin Trudeau Gets IGNORED By Trump at The G20 Summit (What He SHOULD Have Done)

  1. Canadians are getting international embarrassment, having elected such a village idiot as Trudeau. Don't Canadians realize how electing an obviously incompetent fool like Trudeau diminishes the entire country in the eyes of the world. It makes everyone wonder what makes Canadians tick.

  2. To me infact in reality this behavior with Justin is actually insult of Canadian people. They should respect him as he is a leader of Canada…. So sad…. This is disgusting

  3. Bro you need to STFU. By showing rarely half minute recording and saying Justin was ignored is not fair at all. He is a nice & polite person not like your shithead Trump. Period. I can show you little clips of Trump missing hand shakes and applause from other people (especially women 😉) because they think he is kinda pervert

  4. Getting to learn a lot of stuff. More often than not such situations do occur. We can't always be the one who has lots of peeps let around. So. Trudeau is definitely not a newbie to this. It's okay I guess. We do face awkward cornering for no reason soemtimes in daily lives. So. Gotta learn stuff.

  5. Because who likes trash. The dude is a sissy cuck who has ruined Canada. As an Albertan resident I can vouch for paying for his gender reassignment surgery, since we are already wasting our tax money anyways.

  6. How the hell he got elected in Canada in the first place? Were there no worthy opponents? Or is he the best among his peers in Canada?

  7. Funny you think this is a “social”’situation well i think they boast the most because of power and money , mostly power but what runs that? Then finally the law to each in their own country hahah

  8. Trudeau is a joke. Honestly, I feel sorry for the Canadian people. All in all Canadians are good people. They need a strong leader and Trudeau just isn't.
    If the leader of a country any country doesn't know how to engage in simple conversation they become a follower. Weak really weak. Sorry for you Canada. You voted him in. Lends truth to the saying " hind site is 20 20. Better luck next time.
    Thank God for President Trump.

  9. Justin Trudeau even all world leader ignores you . you know all public love you . being a Pakistani after Imran Khan we do respect and love.

  10. He thought he is that guy… but he looked like a joker.. insecure joker and stupid. that's what he looked like… insecure… a joker…

  11. Trudeau wants to respect Trump butTrump is addicted to humiliation from the globe and that's why Trump is expecting a kind of abuse of something from Trudeau. Trump can't digest good gesture from others.

  12. The man who was talking to Trump was the Presidente of Brazil, MIchel Temer ( the one with white hear and no glass).

  13. Trudeau acts like a typical Canadian which i truly respect. Nice guy, won’t compromise his values because of other jerks. I’m American, but i respect the Canadians for being nice people. We got too many jerks in the USA trying to be wanna be tough guys. Trump is an idiot.

  14. It's not as if anyone on the right or left anymore are capable of giving anyone on the other side credit, but as it turned out the G7 Quebec incident was part of a failed strategy by Trump. He and his people decided to go there seemingly eager to make a new NAFTA deal which they where not. By looking co-operative after Canadian counter tarrifs the blow up from Air Force One was intended to make Trudeau look like the one who was unwilling to make a deal and therefore turning Canadian conservatives against Trudeau. The flaw in that plan is that Canada is not the US. Canadians on all sides of the political spectrum will always line up behind their PM when Canada is threatened from the outside and that is exactly what happened. Canadians first and foremost see themselves as Canadians above all else instead of liberals or conservatives above all else. A national inferiority complex and a feeling of being the little guy is a very unifying thing. The CBC, national healthcare, the Friendly Giant, Hockey Night in Canada and vinegar flavoured chips don't hurt either.

  15. Trudeau put the Moves on Melania the other day and Crybaby Donny’s all pissy with him now
    What a joke! The bar is low for Trudeau
    But Trump takes it subterranean!

  16. Go to the New Zealand and cuddle with their Prime Minister. She’s likes to rub forehead with another and she’s excellent in this cuddling . That’s all what she’s knows.

  17. Justin trudeau is a great leader. And Good human being u are stupid (the chrismatic) …. who is trump his own respect is🐕

  18. What are you expecting… he's the only young leader there… were as all the rest are like almost twice his age

  19. i have been in that situation when i go to family function….. but i dont give a fook either. If they dont make eye contact , I ignore them also but sometimes for wife and family sake one needs to go these family function as a formality gesutre….You need to keep your shoulder's broad and tight and just hang around. I would not be kissing people ass like he does….

  20. Why the @×÷! does he have to wear a blue suit. Nobody else is doing that. Why doesn't he just wear a top hat then. What a loser.

  21. My strategy on party’s, where I don’t know anyone, is to find someone who is even more disoriented and start conversation with him 😎🤣👍 but that is pretty hard to do on G20 party.

  22. This would happen to pappu(rahul Gandhi) if he become our PM. BTW this dude is way cool then the rest, he is young n inocent looking.

  23. Hes like the youngest most handsome guy in the room. So most old men are like oh man i better ignore this guy.

  24. Trudeau plays Checkers, brags about it to everyone, tells everyone else how they're playing it wrong and that they should do what he does, then takes lots of selfies. The adults turn and continue with their Chess game. Trudeau doesn't understand why they're not all in awe of him and is a bit miffed that they didn't notice his socks.

  25. Nice ivanka trump on the corner in the beginning talking (why) and Trudeau a leader of a country not being talked to. Ridiculous. Yang2020.

  26. Oh, come on, guys. Listen, I'm not a big fan of Trudeau either, but from what I'm seen here is that you guys are picking up on just Trudeau. During a social event, there are moments when one is talking with others, walk around, or sit down, like A. Merkel in this video, who passed away and no one said anything. I'm just trying to be neutral here.

  27. The guy Trump was talking is Michel Temer, president of Brasil (after the impechment of Dilma and before they elected Bolsonaro), and his translator I presume.
    Thank you for your videos.

  28. He was at first trying to exert confidence after being nut checked by trump but ultimately he felt so embarrassed by the blow off that he imploded and sat his ass down.

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