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Just Like You – Autism

Just Like You – Autism

Just Like You Hi! My name is Morgan and Brook is my
best friend Hi! My name’s Brook and I love my friend Morgan Hi! My name is Austin and my friend Tanner is cool. You should meet him! Hi! I’m Tanner and it’s great being
friends with Austin. Hi! My name is Addison and Iove.. …hanging out with my brother Christian. (iPad) Hello. Hello. (iPad) Hello. Hello. My name is Christian. Hi my name is Amy. I’m Christians helper. Mrs. Amy makes it easier to hang out with Christian. Hi my name is Trent Green. And, as an NFL quarterback, it was part of my job to deliver information about our game plan to my teammates to help them be the best players they could be. Now I have the opportunity to share
information that I’ve learned about autism with you to help you be the best friend you can be. When you meet someone who is a little different than you, you might be scared or uncomfortable and, that’s okay! (iPad) Okay Okay Because anything new is a little scary at first. But, once you learn more about it,
you get used to it. Because then you have the knowledge and knowledge helps you understand. and understanding makes it easy to
accept. All of us are different. No one is exactly the same. We all have our own talents, characteristics, strength and challenges. I have autism. (IPad) autism I have autism. Autism can mean a lot of different
things. Some kids who have Autism seem like
a typical kid and it only impacts the way they act and
communicate in certain situations. That’s the kind of Autism I have. With some kids Autism impacts the way they act and communicate all the time. That’s the type of Autism I have. Sometimes Autism impacts kids so much that they might not be able to control their bodies or communicate by speaking like my
brother. (IPad) me, me, me No one knows for sure why kids
have autism. Scientists and doctors are working hard
to figure it out. What we do know is that autism affects the way the brain and
body work. For kids who have autism their senses,
thought processes, communication and body movements
happen differently. It causes them to experience the world
in a very unique way. Austins brain processes things
differently than mine. Morgan senses things in the world in a
unique way. It’s called autism. Autism is not Christian’s name or who he is so please don’t call him the “Autistic Kid”. (IPad) please, please, please because Austin is not just an “Autistic Kid”. He is just a kid who happens to have autism. I’m just a kid with autism. Autism is not a birth defect. It’s not a disease. It’s not contagious. It’s not like a cold. You can’t catch it. Autism is just something I was born with it. It’s something I live with. I will have it my whole life. It’s just one part of who I am. It’s just one part of my brother’s
amazing self. Autism effects the way kids take
the world in through their senses. Situations that seem very normal to
most people can be extremely
painful to kids with autism. Specifically, autism can impact
kids eyesight. Autism effects the way I see. Some kids with autism has vision that is
blocked in the middle. Like this. Like someone is holding a hand in
front of their face. They can only
see the sides or just one side. Others have the sides vision blocked and
they can only see in the middle. This makes everything blurry or
double vision. It make kids feel sick or disoriented. Another way autism effects kids is that lights may blind or hurt them or give them headaches. That happens to me sometimes. Sometimes kids see two pictures instead of one. Like your eyes are crossing all the time. That happens to me sometimes. Christian eyes don’t talk to his brain
the same way mine do. So, even though his eyes have seen ice cream before, they don’t tell his brain what it looks like. (IPad) I love ice cream. When he sees it again he doesn’t remember what it is. But, his other senses remember. So he can feel that it’s it ice cream. or taste that it’s ice cream but he can’t see that it’s ice cream. It would be like trying to figure out what something is with a blindfold on. The only way to tell is by touching, tasting or smelling. That’s why Christian puts things in his mouth and touches things over and over again He’s just figuring out what they are. (IPad)yes…..yes yes When you have autism, your vision
may work in these different ways… So, its easy to understand why kids
with autism may have trouble looking you in the eye or looking
at presentations at school… or why I have trouble writing or walk with stiff-legs or poke at the sides of my eyes. Seeing the world like this can make kids feel tired, overwhelmed and frustrated. Christian likes to listen to you..and look at you but its kind of hard for him to do it at the same time. When you see the world like this, it makes it hard to play sports, catch balls and watch movies. That’s the autism. But, a lot of kids with autism can
see things just fine. Christian loves going to the movies. It
doesn’t bother his eyes, at all. (IPad) love…..love It doesn’t usually bother mine either. Morgan only has trouble with lights sometimes. We turned the lights down for Morgan during drill team practice when it hurt her eyes. Every kid is unique. Seeing the world in a unique way can be great. Historians believe that the famous artists, Pablo Picasso and Michelangelo both had autism. They created amazing works of art with the way they saw the world. Our uniqueness makes us who we are.
Christian loves to draw. Autism can impact kids sense of hearing. Autism effects the way I hear things. My brain can’t ignore noises. Austin’s brain hears everything, all at once at the same volume. Sometimes its hard for me to be in the classroom because I hear everything. All at once. And, it makes it really hard to concentrate. The sound of my own voice comforts me so I start at hum or rock back and forth. It helps me. Sometimes Christian flaps his arms or
leaves the room. That’s just autism. A lot of kids with autism hear just fine. I love to listen to great music. Chatting in the hallway with my friends is one of my favorite things to do. Having a unique way of hearing can be great. Historians believe that the famous composer Mozart, had autism. With the way he heard the world, he created amazing music . Our uniqueness makes us who we are. I’m really good at playing the piano. Autism can also impact Kids sense of smell Autism effects the way things smell and taste to me. I get really bad headaches if I’m around someone who wears a lot of cologne or is a smoker. The smell of hair products make me
feel like I want to throw up. Christian really doesn’t like I the smell cleaning products or mouthwash. (IPad) no, no, no That’s autism. A lot of kids with autism have a
sense of smell just like anybody else. I don’t like the smell of skunk but
I don’t think very many people do. Autism can also impact kids sense of taste. Christian is really sensitive to
some foods. So, he brings his own gluten free treats to parties. I have trouble eating eggs. They don’t taste good to me. But, all kids have things they don’t like to taste. I don’t like spinach. Autism can also impact kids sense of touch. Autism effects the way I feel things. Some things really hurt my skin. We had a drill team uniform made of crushed velvet. It felt like sand paper on Morgan’s skin. she waited to the last minute before
the routine to put it on. Tight clothes make me feel claustrophobic, like I’m in a straight jacket. Christian hates tags on his clothes I think they are really scratchy to him. (IPad) yes yes yes I have some sweaters that are pretty scratchy to me to. When someone touches or bumps into me
unexpectedly it hurts. It feels like an electric shock.
It shoots up my arm and burns. It’s like when I was 5 and I stick my finger
in an outlet, I’ll never forget that. That’s just autism. Kids with autism love getting hugs when they expect it or know the person well. Hugs feel good, it’s just pressure everywhere in a nice way. Christian likes it, too. He even wears a vest with weights in it to make him feel like he is getting hugged all the time. Having a unique way of feeling the world
can be great. Historians believe that the scientist, Sir Isaac Newton, had autism. The way he felt the world allowed him to discover gravity Our uniqueness makes us who we are. It’s possible for all these sensitivities to hit at once. Eyesight, hearing, feeling and sense of smell. It happens especially in public places or sometimes in a class room. Bright lights
overhead, kids talking about the weekend, the teacher typing on the computer The whirring of the fan the smells from the cafeteria and cleaning products, a kid brushes past and it feels like an electrical shocked. So I may rock back and forth, hum, flap my arms… Makes me feel like I want to run to the restroom, bang my head, hold my hand over my ears and close my eyes. Christian just wants it to stop. Once I learned how painful it can be for her, I understood why Morgan sometimes acts differently. I understood why with all that chaos bombarding him everyday, it might feel good for Austin to do things in routines. Routines are comforting to me. I like to do things in routines. but is something in the routine changes
it could be painful for Morgan so I tried to help her with it. Another way for kids to cope is to spend time with an item that is familiar. Christian likes to hold on to this hula hoop when he’s upset. It just helps him calm down. That’s autism. I do certain things in my life to cope, too. when I’m nervous a twirl my hair. I get in trouble for biting my fingernails. We all have unique ways of dealing with
the world. Our uniqueness makes us who we are. Kids who have autism process the world differently. Some kids process in pictures other see
only patterns and others memorize facts about certain
subjects. Morgan’s brain sees everything in pictures. it’s like she does a Google search that can only bring up images. But, she has a photographic memory. I have a 4.0 GPA and receive the Presidential Award having all A’s for the past three years I really like school. Austin’s brain sees everything in patterns. it’s like a Google search when you
search something you’re only seeing groups of letters the cool thing is it makes him incredible
at math. Some kids with autism process the world
by memorizing facts about a certain subject It would be like doing a google search that’s only about movies, or baseball or superheros. Because kids with autism see the world
differently they also communicate differently. Morgan doesn’t read social ques, facial expressions or voice inflections. the only way she knows how I’m feeling is if I tell her I care a lot about how Brooke is doing. I just can’t tell how she
is feeling from looking at her. and and taking classes to get better at
it. Sometimes even she’s yelling at me I can’t tell what she means. I can’t tell if she’s angry or trying to get my attention or
happy. It could be anyone of those things. It’s just how my brain works. You can’t tell how a robot feels because it’s voice and face is always the same. That’s how Austin sees people, just kinda neutral. Another way the kids who have autism process the world differently is that they do not hear sarcasm and take words by their literal meaning. Austin has a hard time getting my jokes. I usually just explain why they are funny. If I would say, “Break a leg Morgan” she would literally think I was wishing she’d break a leg. So, I don’t say that. I just say “Good Luck.” I only know how to say what I mean. At least my friends know I’m always telling you the truth. I never have to wonder with Morgan She would never talk behind my back or lie to me. I can trust her 100%. I understand that Austin says what
come to his mind. I know he doesn’t put social filters on things. I never take it personally though. That’ autism. I don’t have a choice. It’s just how my brain works. It’s Autism. I can talk pretty loudly and get kind of hyper. That’s okay. So can I. Everybody has their own way of communicating. Christian doesn’t communicate by speaking but he understands everything. Christian is learning to communicate in other ways by using picture cards, sign language, and using his IPad. Peyton Goddard can’t speak for control your body but when she learned how to type on special keyboard she wrote a book of poetry graduate from college at the top
of her class Sometimes its important for kids
with autism to be by themselves. Christian likes to be alone sometimes but most of the time, Christian loves being around people even though he can’t talk to them. Kids with Autism can take social skills classes to try and learn social queues so they can communicate better. Because I like hanging out with my
friends. I have been taking social skills class for
the past six years Having friends is important to me. Morgan and I have been friends since middle school Once you learn about what autism is, you get used to it. Because when you have knowledge… You understand. And it’s easy to accept. I
love being friends with Morgan. Austin is really cool to be around. I love to hang out with my brother. No matter how hard my day has been,
no matter how tired I am, Christian can always cheer me up. He loves
me no matter what. He can’t tell me in words but I can tell by the way his face lights up when I walk in the room. Morgan is always her genuine self she
doesn’t judge people she puts her whole heart into everything
she does and does it so well and she does all because she loves it not
because what people think about her. Watching Morgan
inspires me me to open up and just be myself. I love hanging out with Austin. Every
time I’m with him I learn something. He’s always giving me a
new way to look at things He helps me forget about everyday
worries and just be in the moment. I really care about my friends. (IPad) I care I care I care it’s easy to be a good
friend to someone living with autism. Just treat them like any other kid. Any other kid. Just treat me like any other kid. (IPad) please Help them when they ask for help. Don’t baby them. Sometimes I need help and I will ask you for it. And, just like any other kid, if they are behaving in a way that makes you uncomfortable, ask them to stop. Or, get a teacher
to help you understand whats going on with your friend. I like it when Brooke helps me calm down. We have a signal. just bring it down And, if you can slow down. I can understand you better slow down and speak plainly. I visualize everything so it helps me
understand if you write something down or point to a picture. Please wait for me to finish talking.
Sometimes it takes me awhile to say something. If you can be patient you can find a
friend that will change your life forever. It’s awesome. If you take the time to understand Christian, you will find out how smart and funny he is it’s helpful to ask your friend with autism about their sensitivities and help them to avoid those situations. Loud noises can really hurt my ears. It’s easy to turn down the television or ask your friends to keep it down. Please know that kids with autism don’t ever want to hurt your feelings or make you feel uncomfortable. I can’t see when it when something I’m doing something is annoying Tanner or hurting his feelings. So, I like it when he tells me. It helps me learn. I just tell Austin that hurt my feelings and he doesn’t do it again. because Morgan is just like any other
kid she wants to learn, to grow, to fulfill her hopes and dreams
for her future. I plan to go to college get married
someday. And, like any other kid, kids with
autism want to be included. Christian loves it when he gets
invited to a party. It may seem weird at first to have an adult around all the time but you’ll get used to it. I’m just here to help you can do
anything you do with Christian that you do with any of your other friends. I can teach you how to communicate, hang
out and a good friend Christian. It’s worth it to hang around Christian. I like it when Tanner invites me to
play video games with him. He beats me a lot. Morgan is good at a lot of things. Just like any other kid kids with autism
love people giving them compliments. Just like any other kid, kids with autism don’t like it when you
call them names or say mean things about them. (IPad) sad sad I don’t like it when people use the “r” word. Even when they are saying it about a situation or about yourself. It hurts my feelings. No matter how use those words they’re
always insulting to whoever you are talking about. So, please don’t use the “r” word. Or, any other mean words. We know you don’t want to hurt anyone. everybody makes mistakes but when you know better you do better. And, if someone is being hurtful, it’s okay to stand up for your friend with autism. it’s okay to teach that person about
autism Maybe that person just doesn’t
understand or have the knowledge. You can give them the knowledge they
need to understand. You can just show them this video. Because when you have the knowledge, the knowledge, the knowledge, When you know what autism is, you understand, understand, understand why kids with autism may seem a little different. Understand that we are all different in our own ways. And, when you understand, you can accept. (IPad) accept accept Accept, that some kids have autism. And, they are still just a kid. Just like you. Just like you. (IPad) just like you just like you Just like you.

100 thoughts on “Just Like You – Autism

  1. This is the best video ever when it comes to Autism, no videos about meltdown, and it goes behind the scenes of the "uncanny" behavior of kids with this trait.

  2. I have a friend named Brett. He has autism and he only has 1 friend and that is me I help him with math and other learning stuff he yells at other kinds because he has meltdowns. But when kids pick on him I give those kids a mean stare and they walk away. I love Brett as my friend☺

  3. I ❤️ it! I have Autism myself, but I also have Catatonia which is worse than autism cause U can die from it, I'm diagnosed as Autism Related Catalonia, which is super rare.

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  7. This is a very well done video. Congrats to all who worked on it or were in it! It is honest, real, and very helpful. It will enlighten all who view it and leave them empowered to understand and accept others differences.

  8. I had the chance to deal with an autistic child. God put me in the right
    place at the right time. She was lost and just walking by my house with
    no parents. The video is on my page. It was very frightening.

  9. I was so glad this was the 1st video I watched after my 6 yr old was diagnosed on the Autism Spectrum. I'll admit it balled through it . He is high functioning but has many triggers that were discussed ! Thankful in TN !

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  15. This has really touch me …. I had a kid and we recently discovered that he has Autism. There's so many things I still don't know, so many things Im beginning to understand he's behaving and his reactions. Understand more about this, he can get super hipper, sometimes I might not have patience, he might not understand my mood or even my face expression when I'm mad…. now I know. That's the reason he repeats sometimes when I'm getting mad for something that he's doing. He can be different on public sometimes, not so much. But all I can know that I get 1000000 hugs daily … 1000000" kisses and I have the kid with the biggest heart and the most kindness. So I'm learning from him too, understanding more about how he sees things and why he do it. Why he always need to carry something on his hands, walk on his toes. I'm learning learning even more day by day. I really hope he meets a good friends at school just like this kids to help him over ♥️.

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  30. Wow this is a great documentary, I have three siblings with Autism and a lot of these things are things my siblings deal with, and I even learned a few things too! I’m still learning, even though I’ve lived aware of Autism all my life. I think this would be a great resource for me to show to others, so thank you 🙂 this made me feel like my family is understood, which makes me so happy. I live in hope of a future with more awareness and love for people with abilities. I loved how you included some famous people believed to have had Autism, it helps show people the amazing things those who have it can do.

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    Sorry I'm ranting 😅

  33. OK, about the point made around the 3:00 mark – LOTS of us on the spectrum actually prefer "autistic" to "with autism", as the latter implies we have some sort of disease, which autism is NOT, though I respect whichever an individual prefers. Many of us prefer to think about autism as like a linux while the rest of the world (the "neurotypicals", as we call them) are macs.

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  36. I have ASD under what was known as Asperger's Syndrome. I understood what the video was trying to tell me at times more than others. Yes, the processing part was very on point. I hear everything and enjoy being quiet or just chilling with friends in a room. Sure, I can get loud and hyper like a lot of people but the one thing I love most? Finding other people who are on the spectrum who understand what you deal with daily. I have been called weird for my sensitivities and truthfully, I think I have gotten used to it in some cases. I understand sarcasm to an extent but have been told that the way I come across can be rude or demeaning and honestly, I don't intend that behavior at all. I have noise and light sensitivities which makes it very difficult some times to process things the way you or someone else may. These things may make me get loud so as to fight against the noise or some times even ignore you. I do the latter just so I don't always have to be engaged in conversations. I am learning how to be independent and monitor my own actions and behaviors. I am no longer a child but I know that I will always be that in my parents's eyes. It has gained me friends and lost me friends but at the end of the day, those that stuck by me ended up with more loyalty and friendship than those that left. I try and understand my friends who aren't always able to communicate with me the same way as I am able to. I learn visually and it has always helped. If I am struggling, give me time and some patience to get my thoughts and words in order to communicate what I feel I need to say to you or come up with some sort of code/language that you and I share. I know it has helped me in uncertain situations. I am always there for my friends and am willing to try again if the situation reappears. The more you are willing to fight with me, the more I am willing to do the same. Thank you for showing us what it feels like, what you see and how it effects you. You all are beautiful people and you are all valid.

  37. I got HF autism, and I enjoy it. However, I don’t enjoy fearing awkwardness. I go out of my way to avoid it. My thought process is very dirty and filthy,. Literally, I can see dirty mindedness in almost everything, I enjoy it. I’m also practically immune to epileptic images, eyestrain art, etc.

    In a nutshell, my autism doesn’t affect my senses.

    Only my social skills. I don’t really talk a lot in school, since i fear getting in trouble for embracing my extreme dirty sense of humor.

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  39. No. Sorry to say no one is just like anyone else. We are all very unique . I've struggled with addiction my whole life, I have a.d.d. and executive function disorder as well. Am I just like everyone else? No. Is everyone else just like me? No. If sounds, sight, touch etc or social interactions are hard to interpret for someone then no they arent like everyone else. And there's nothing wrong with that but why the need to say everything is the same? Also I thought the guided typing thing was proven a fraud?

  40. I was born with sever autism when I was little my mom got me though a lot therapy to get me where I am today I’m almost 28 I’ll be 28 in May I still have my moments and teddy bear 🧸 help with my nervousness in the car and I love soft things and music 🎶

  41. It's good to have other people understand how it is for us.

    Both me and my partner have high functioning autism and I wouldn't want her to be any different than she is because she's perfect how she is. I'm thankful to have her in my life and I'm more than thankful for her every single day.

    I struggle a lot with sounds out of all of the issues.

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