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Julia Roberts Gets a Surprise from Her ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Co-Star

Julia Roberts Gets a Surprise from Her ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Co-Star

You, now famously,
joined Instagram. You finally joined Instagram. I did. Yes, OK. I noticed that you have
three million followers. I do? Yeah. I have 60 million. And so– I’m sorry, Julia Roberts,
51, with 3 million. And Ellen DeGeneres,
60, 60 million. And so– I should have at least
51 million, then. Well, I’m going to help you. OK. That’s why we’re here. You are? Yes. How can you help me? Because I am going to show
you how to get more followers. Because I know how
to get followers. Because I have 60
million, as I said. All right. Do I have to post a nude? Well, ultimately, yes. All right. So a lot of people– so Mike is
going to take a picture of you, just in a tropical
background there. Yeah, that’s good. Act like you’re on vacation. Don’t– yeah, that’s right! [CHEERING] Yeah, this is why I have
three million viewers! Yeah. Yeah! All right. All right. Now, the Kardashians
are very popular. OK? Shh! Bring out the– Kardashians? No! Oh. OK. You are going to
thank me for this. Are you sure? Do 100% sure I’m going
to thank you for this? Do you want followers, or not? I mean, I guess I’m
supposed to want followers. Yes! Right now, I’m not sure. Yes, you are. There. All right. OK. Don’t cover that up. All right, let’s step forward. We want– [CHEERING] All right, now. All right, so you have that. That’s going to help
you get followers. Food is big. Do you ever post food? Food is very big. Bring the food. It can’t be bigger than this. Um. Oh, my god! [CHEERING] [INAUDIBLE] This food is going
to open your shirt. I’m so embarrassed. All right. Hold the food. It covers up the droopiness. Hold the food in
front of the boobs. Martha said, put the pie in
front of your droopiness. Yeah. Lower the pie a little bit. OK. That’ll get you a
million, at least. All right, Martha,
let’s get a picture. This is going to help. Hi, Martha. Hi. All right. How about– [CHEERING] No, you stay here. OK. All right. I have this strange feeling
that I’m losing followers as I stand here. Nope. And then there’s
Throwback Thursday. So– I saw the cutest picture. So this’ll help. Wait. Hold on, I have an idea. Will you hold my pie. No, wait a minute. No, I just, I have an idea. That’s so scary looking. That looks really good. All right. It’s the before and after. All right. How about if we bring
out a friend from My Best Friend’s Wedding. What if we bring
out Dermot Mulroney. And we should we share this– [CHEERING] [INAUDIBLE] Thank you. Oh, my goodness, so beautiful. Oh, my god. As always, stunning. Segment three. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. Oh, my god. Dermot Mulroney is here! [CHEERING] Ben is Back opens
in theaters December 7th. We’ll be right back.

100 thoughts on “Julia Roberts Gets a Surprise from Her ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding’ Co-Star

  1. Hardcore Absolute Fact: Ellen is getting more and more primitive and her IQ is getting low with all this stupidity!!!

  2. omg ellen you are incredible … making people happy , surprising them… i have no words left to express how happy i feel just seeing others happy there.. you are really amazing. ily

  3. Julia is always a fan favorite! As a photographer myself. Can someone tell me what camera the photographer is using????

  4. Julia You dnt get ashamed from kisses n' fucks 'n you get ashamed from some fake boobs??
    Whatever..i love you 🔥🤟

  5. I hear she sold out for fame? Harvey maybe? Julua i mean. Not ellen. Di wounder though. Seems the more famous the more butts kussed. ?

  6. Entertainment aside, what have this other lady martha has done for society other than being rich and famous, thank god I don't follow celebritt

  7. Julia Roberts has a subtle way of sexiness. I want my woman to have that. Nowadays most of them are plastic and we know what will happen when they get older.

  8. শেষ নবী মুহাম্মদ সাল্লাল্লাহু আলাইহি ওয়াসাল্লাম says:

    I want that milk factory

  9. Julia is just so down to earth. She's a fan of Martha. Look at her reaction when Martha came in. Lols!

  10. The was she looking at Martha Stewart, i mean a big actress like her can be slow down a fan girl like normal people LOL

  11. Since I was a boy (Pretty Woman) until now, Julia Roberts is and was regarded as one of the most beautiful woman but personally, I don't get it. Besides, her nice Emma Roberts, I still don't get what people sees that is considered beautiful in a physical sense.

  12. I like "My Best Friend's Wedding". Those beautiful women always prefer strong handsome men…🌹

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