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Juice by Hand in Mexico triples its growth with AdWords

Juice by Hand in Mexico triples its growth with AdWords

Juice by Hand was born three years ago. We both worked for a big corporation and had very good careers in finance but we had an itch inside. The obesity rate in Mexico is very high, so both of us were concerned about how we could help people to feel better and to be healthier. We offer cold-pressed juices, vegan milks without any dairy, they’re made with almonds and healthy snacks. When we started, I don’t believe Ale or I had any experience in the digital world. With Google AdWords, we got to identify the type of client we were reaching. It gives us a good guide to see where we’re going. Most importantly, what do people search for? Because, I don’t know, I thought they’d search for detoxification, detox and it turns out they didn’t, that what they search for more is weight-loss, customized plans, healthy snacks. So, we said, “Okay, let’s go this way.” As soon as we started with AdWords, we started noticing the increase in flow. Traffic to our page increased by 180%. The search term ‘Juice by Hand’ increased by 320%. We have been reaching many more people, you can see people are active on the page all the time. This year has been crucial, we’ve grown from a small location with two people and the demand in the market has led us to grow into a location five times bigger. with three times more staff than we originally had.

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  1. These are not case studies because it doesn't explain specifics on how their campaigns were created. These are commercials. Disappointed.

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