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JR Central Advertisement – X’MAS EXPRESS (1988-1992)

JR Central Advertisement – X’MAS EXPRESS (1988-1992)

When the late night comes, the rain… …will also turn into snow, I think? Silent night Holy night You are definitely not coming. A Christmas Eve just by myself. Silent night Holy night Deep inside my heart My feelings towards you It doesn’t seem like they will come true [Mouthing]
Idiot. The best present,
Is yourself who is coming back. Shinkansen by JR Central JR Central The jingle bells that are ringing Are yourself who is coming back. Christmas Express JR Central There are nights when I just want to see you. Christmas Express JR Central The person you want to see Definitely wants to see you too. Christmas Express JR Central Cheese! Cheese! Cheese! Cheese… Tonight, wanna take back the time
when we couldn’t see each other. Christmas Express JR Central

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