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Joy Entertainment Today (19-7-19)

Joy Entertainment Today (19-7-19)

good afternoon welcome to showbiz here or enjoying history in our representatives of the creative arts council led by mock okra COO Monty and some media personnel paid a packet see call on the Ghana Embassy in Madrid Spain they engaged the embassy staff about a casa African visa vie project and also briefed them on their itinerary for activities of the team from Ghana while in Spain over the years there has been some degree of collaboration between the two countries but the relations between Ghana in Spain continue to grow and it is within that framework that the visa fee festival was organized and true bands were nominated or selected from Ghana to come and participate so the whole program is actually a testament to the fact that relations between the two countries are actually improving we are developing and the angle from where the development is taking place is actually very interesting because the visa fee festival can be situated within the context of cultural diplomacy cultural diplomacy is always a good foundation for economic diplomacy which is basically using our foreign relations to enrich and you know create economic opportunities for all Ghana so I'll see that better trajectory in terms of the evolution of bilateral ties between Ghana in Spain is encouraging and very positive so of course this is one collaboration but it looks like and there's gonna be more of it and maybe sooner or later the small that particular story in a subsequent bulletins but the 2019 edition of one of the biggest fashion shows in Ghana rhythms on the runway has been launched as a colourful event Thursday night celebrities across the country join organizers for the launch the main event according to organizers come off on the 31st of August this year the launch for the 2019 edition of rhythms on the runway which also marks the tenth edition happened at the upper terrace of the African Regent Hotel it's simply fashion and music industry practitioners in the showbiz industry turned up in the numbers to through your supports behind kod friends that long so all the events of always danced and modeled for the first one so I'm excited about this one as well I've been on videos whenever I think the last one before it's come in one hours or niche and it's one good experience the kind of audience you know with Kerry join me on less stop showbiz later on today 4:45 p.m. for more show based I'll be all for showbiz here on join the city of what you do Daniel thanks Vicki and I can guess that let's talk show biz we'll have more news on shatta wale but it's a big feature on Beyonce's album well it's definitely time for me to go now have a great weekend up next to the market place

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