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Jordan Troy Biko | BA (Hons) Advertising

Jordan Troy Biko | BA (Hons) Advertising

I’m Jordan Troy Biko, I’m studying BA (Hons) Advertising the work I’ve got in the show is quite a large and colourful mural.
I took a bunch of various Oscar-winning nominated picture names for this picture
and sort of translating them into the story large colourful cartoon piece. I think
that the benefit of any sort of creative degree is the connections that you make
in a networking ability. Personally I think you know the newfound
understanding of self discipline and being able to actually sit down and work
on a project to this end will be invaluable in terms of my career
progression. I’m currently working on an app to make NHS mental health counselling
more efficient and then I just started developing my first video game. I think
this course if anything teaches you how to really test and go back to the
drawing board multiple times really question yourself think outside of your
own core demographic to make sure that the initial idea is refined the point
will work and translate to the largest amount of people.

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