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Jon Penberthy – How To Grow Your Business With Nothing But Facebook Ads!

Jon Penberthy – How To Grow Your Business With Nothing But Facebook Ads!

Hey, everyone its Jon Penalty here welcome welcome welcome to this special Facebook advertising training program that is entitled “how to build and grow your business online with nothing but Facebook ads” I’m super super excited for this training and I’d love to know whether you guys are excited, too We literally have hundreds of you piling on to this webinar And that is very very exciting for us to see go ahead and do me a favor. Give me a yes in the questions box Firstly if you can hear me loud and clear, and you can see my screen we a big yes in the questions box You’ll see there on the webinar control panel Awesome awesome. Awesome tons of yeses coming in I’m going to do something slightly different here this time, okay. I love interaction I love making sure we give you guys a good experience on these trainings I’m going to turn my webcam on let me go ahead and do that here real quick All right, so you should be able to see me now. Go ahead and give me a Safe face say Fac east a face if you can see my face clearly and kind of be darting around here I’m I like to pace I like to move so I got my clicker And I’m gonna be taking it through this awesome presentation. I gave awesome p with a big face So I should move back Jeff says you’re gorgeous. I appreciate that Jeff. I can’t see you, but I’m sure you are as well It’s so weird to see so many people typing face in the Chatbox all at the one time All John says Brad Pitt is doing a presentation you guys are flattering me. I greatly appreciate this I love you guys listen to me one more thing just say Excited in the questions box if I haven’t even told you what we’re going to be covering it But just being here type excited if you are excited for the training that we’ve got prepared Okay, awesome handler. You saying excited, Jessica broke the rules. You said stoked. I Will accept that answer? awesome Very very cool listen. We’re actually going to get straight into this. I don’t like to take too much time with these introductions I want to disguise straight into the content and the training so a couple of house groups, okay first thing I speak very very fast you may have picked that up already. I have a lot to cover I have a lot in my head and a lot, but I want to give to you So make sure that you have a pen and a pad of paper next to you and get ready to take some notes and Take Fierce notes because we’re gonna be going through a lot of this stuff And we’re going to be doing it very fast you probably can’t see me very well because of my glasses long story, but these glasses don’t have the Anti glare in them so the light in my home office here are probably causing a problem, but nonetheless I thought it’d be better for you to at least see me a little bit As opposed to not seeing me at all a girl let’s be more personal and like to kind of show myself and put myself out on this stuff, so Yeah, get a pen and paper with you ready And just we’re going to give this 30 more seconds to let people run in roll in here so while we’re waiting type in the questions box where you are coming in from I always get so excited to see the Variety of people from around the world that join these trainings, and I’m excited to see who we’ve got here on this one, so oh Man, we’ve got way too many coming in that I’m going to go to answer jeff from La I’m just going to read out where You guys have come from La Dubai. No well we got great from Wisconsin We got Chris from Australia, Jason, Colorado denison portugal Ricky from the uk Frank from the netherlands. You’ve got Christian from Germany we’ve got polina from Los Angeles. I’ve got Monica from London. We’ve got one ski for oh, no, sorry Colin from from Jessie we’ve got Tony from Canada we’ve got Justin from A United States ago shaun from South Africa your address in the USA We got us a the big play stood for they’re glad to leave my station from London, okay? We’ve got a bunch of I can’t I can’t get the earlier But I greatly appreciate this and the final thing I just want to know just Selfishly before we get into them look at my watch because I want to make sure we we stick on time here how many of you have been on a training with me at some point in the past before give me a yes if We have interacted on webinars before you may know if this is your first time that you have ever joined You know a training with myself and my partner’s abroad. I’m about to bring out Just curious, okay bunce. Yeses got a bunch of knows My first time okay? Oh, yes, no yes namely Encases, I’m a virgin to your trainings Okay, awesome. It’s a good mixture okay, so that’s very very interesting super helpful. Just for me to know what kind of audience We have here and who we’ve got on the line So I’m going to get straight to this without further ado got my clicker here And we’re getting into this presentation called how to build and grow your business online with nothing, but Facebook ads It’s gonna be a lot of fun, and we’re going to learn a ton okay Type that in one of my emails, so let’s get straight into this thing on. Oh my clickers not working Okay, that’s not a good stuff There we go, okay. This is a snapshot of some of our successful. Ads that we have actually run on the Facebook platform We’ve been running ads about 16 months now in a going on two years and we’ve been doing very very well with them Okay myself my partner who I’m going to introduce you to a little bit later on in this training, okay? and so if we zoom in to these results And to these numbers you’re going to see the kind of results that we’re getting on our Facebook ads We’re talking about you see this one up here. This is a screenshot our interaction. We’ve got 1.8 Million views on this one video which reached you know over three and a half million people Okay, we’ve got another ad over here which reached one hundred and Thirty seven thousand people You’ve got an ad over here that reached two hundred and sixty-six thousand people But another one over here that reached almost three million people, so we are very very aggressive with our Facebook ads We’re doing very very well, okay. We’re reaching huge Numbers of people I mean think about what it would do for your business to reach this many people, okay? I’m pretty sure you would all agree that you could make some sales if you’re able to reach this many people regardless of what your Product was okay That’s all going to be showing you in this very training is how we’ve worked up to getting to this point Okay, and excuse me. If I don’t look into the lens because I’m going to spend my time looking at these slides Okay, so just so you know and I’m going to quickly just close this window here because we are Excuse me Like I said, we’re working from the home office. Don’t disturb the neighbors because I talk super loud I want to show you that we actually practice what we preach it, okay? So I’ve taken some screenshots from the inside of my Facebook advertising account And you can see that we have actually spent I’ve done a search for the lifetime of this account, and we’ve reached over 11 million people Which is a huge amount of people, but we spent about 320,000 inside of this account or just on my ads 320,000 British pounds which if you do the currency conversions around about three hundred and ninety three thousand us dollars, okay? And we’re spending anywhere from five hundred pounds a day up to you know two and a half thousand pounds a day now I’m sure you would agree We would not be spending that unless we were getting results in return right? So you must be you must be making a few Bob back, and I’ll show you what we’re doing here So this is now inside of my merchant account called strike. Okay stripe is the payment processor that we use To be able to process our sales You know of our various products and the things that we’re running our face to get to and so this is our desktop display of stripe we can see 1.2 million dollars in there as a result of those ads, and you can see the Mobile version of that stripe page you can see today was a really good day when I took this screenshot That’s eleven and a half thousand British pounds just today. I mean that is the power of Facebook Ads that you can literally go from struggling on the internet to build your business to get into a place We can actually make eleven and a half thousand dollars in a single day Mastering this Facebook stuff, okay now about 1.2 million in us dollars is about 1.5. Million U.s., I saw 1.2 million British pounds is about 1.5 million us dollars okay, so again I want to stop just throwing numbers of you, but I’m doing this just to show you that We really are you know kicking butt on Facebook, okay? And I want to show you how you can do it for your business too. So real quick My results are not typical I’ve shown you some big numbers. We’re going to continue to show you big numbers It’s as important that you know that your results will vary from mine Okay my results aren’t typical but I do promise to share with you what has been working for us and Hopefully, you’ll learn a thing or two from it okay, so who am I? For those of you that says no You’ve never been on a training with me before this is your first interaction with me a little bit about me I’ve been online for five six years now have been building all kinds of businesses. I’ve done ecommerce about a coaching consulting business I’ve sold things on Amazon on ebay. I’ve got information, but I mean I’ve done I’ve run live events I run. Coaching groups I do but I’ve done a bunch of different stuff on the internet, and I’ve grown many many businesses And it’s been a lot of fun along the journey I speak on stage about four or five times a year like this background image that you’re seeing and Teaching this stuff in teaching Facebook advertising teaching online marketing, and I just get such a get out of it And I love it. Hopefully you can sense that a little bit you know through this webinar, okay and one thing I’m just really proud of is that I made my first million dollars online by the age 22 okay, so again I hope that doesn’t come across as arrogant. It’s just something I’m very very proud of it was a goal that I set when I was 17 years of age And I managed to achieve it. They’re just super proud of that, okay So anyway here’s how this whole thing came about with Facebook okay? See that his whole thinking about I’ve been desperate to make Facebook advertising work for the longest time Okay, here’s why I knew I need to be using Facebook for paid traffic there have been 1.65 billion active users back in 2016 okay 1.1 billion people log onto Facebook daily again I’m taking steps from 2016 right that’s a little while ago now but one point 1 billion people logging on every single Day There was a huge audience of people on Facebook in fact at the time of doing this I’m not I think they’ve far exceeded 2 billion people now ok on the platform people want to engage on Facebook So whatever your business is whatever your products or services people actually want to engage on Facebook They go there to kill time the case if you can put the right ad in front of the right person You’re going to get engagement on there, okay? The average time spent per Facebook visit is 20 minutes Ok and they’ve got far more advanced with their targeting ok when Facebook first came out with their advertising platform. It was great It was fun
You can get some results But now I mean they just stepped it up and the ability that we have as advertisers and marketers to market our products and services on Facebook is second to none right now ok and Finally success leaves clues ok every big brand is on Facebook So we need to be there to your opportunity on Facebook right now Really is unmatched and the timing couldn’t be better And there’s a huge opportunity for the new person like you You just got to do things the right way And hopefully that’s what you’re going to learn a bit about on this webinar ok so anyway back to my story How did this will get started me? Well? I knew I needed to learn Facebook ads. So let me ask you a question I’m going to come back to the chat box Can you guess what my next step was I knew I needed to learn something. I want to learn Facebook advertising specifically Can you guess what my next step was let me go ahead type in there questions much what you think my next step was he’s going to go ahead and See what you guys are writing I? Get John’s don says find a mentor Alex says get a coach Left says running ads here and there Chatters trying different things learn from someone learned you found a mentor. Okay a bunch of saying fundamental It’s exactly what I did actually in fact at first I didn’t find a mentor I did my research I found a few Facebook advertising Training programs that people seem to speak very highly of and I pulled up my credit card And I made my purchase and then here’s what I did. Here’s the kicker. I got busy I actually went through that training I died yesterday I learnt it and then I started to put into action so many people by training programs online do nothing with it And I cannot see the sense in that right you’ve got to go through you go to implement That’s what I did after a couple of weeks I’ve gone through all the training I was ready to set up my first ad okay I followed all the steps I created to add I told Facebook how much I wanted to pay I told Facebook who I wanted to see my ad and I made the ad go Live okay, now. I’m telling you. I’m not a morning person, but I couldn’t sleep that night I was so excited villa Jonah Hill here in this little gear fright. I literally couldn’t see that like that I’m not a morning person And I got up early the next morning and gibreel my business partner will confirm this when we travel the world together and go to Different events and seminars, I’m normally getting up about 10:00 or 11:00 That’s just me okay my guilty pleasure, but I got up early this morning. I was like man. I want to see my ads I want to see the results. I’ve got I checked. I log into my account Here’s what I saw. I spent $100 and the result Drumroll please With a bunch of sales to leeds and vera sales, okay, it’s very frustrating But what I had learned from these training programs was to give it time okay? Give it time that the averages play out let the numbers sort themselves out and so I left the ad running another week, okay? Every day I checked and every day I was disappointed and by the end of the week I spent over $1,000 for about 10 leads and zero sales It was super frustrating it was super annoying and I was confused I don’t know if any of you can resonate with me, but if you have been stuck at a point in your business Where you need it to grow? You need that you know things like Facebook and youtube in these different things you’re learning to work When you go through a training, and you know you have followed it step by step and hasn’t worked It’s actually one of those frustrating things in the world. Okay. It really bothers me. I needed to humble myself and Ask someone for help and coaching like some of you said I Got an excited not my headphones. Oh Like somebody said the questions, but get a mentor. Okay apologize that was allowed for some of you I needed to humble myself and get and get at get a mentor get some coaching and this is where I introduce Actually one of my business partners his name is Jibril, Agora He’s one of the smartest guys on this planet And he’s someone that you likely never heard of before uk’s a Facebook advertising expert He controls hundreds of thousands of dollars worth an ad spend every single month who’s been responsible for over four million dollars in revenue? One of the most sought after speakers on Facebook marketing and behind the scenes. He’s actually doing this stuff Okay, some of these recognized names that you would you’d recognize that He’s helped he trained up tai Lopez’s team on Facebook marketing One of the biggest names in fitting Fitness Brandon carter he trained up his team okay on Facebook marketing and so I went to him and offered to pay him ten thousand dollars just to take a look at my campaigns okay I know the value of finding the right person to coach me and mentor me and actually give me the results that I need Funnily enough he didn’t accept it cuz we were friends and we’ve been friends for a couple of years But he agreed he took a look and he said he’d come back in an hour And I was literally waiting by my phone that entire time I’d like to dude you can give me the cool But as is waiting like an hour he kept me waiting for a whole bunch of time, then I got the call Got a call from jibril He was in San Diego at the time okay, and he was just laughing down the phone. He probably spent the first Hello twenty seconds of the cool just laughing at me down the phone and I was thinking okay to get a bit awkward now and He neat explained and he said I’m not laughing at you the reason I’m giggling and I’m laughing is because I’ve looked inside of your ad account and the mistakes that you have made With your Facebook ads cause this not to work are so simple to fix and I see so many other Advertisers making that no shame mistakes that you need to tweek Okay, tell me exactly why my ads were not working, okay? It was only then that I realized how incomplete all of these training programs had been that I’ve gone through up until this point Okay, no long story short with the help and guidance of jabril I actually went from losing Thousands of Dollars on Facebook trying to get this whole thing to work trying to promote my business effectively on Facebook to now spending about Thirty thousand dollars and returning a hundred thousand dollars for that 30 every single time I put thirty thousand into Facebook and I receive a hundred thousand back. You know based on the sales and the stuff that we’re doing from my companies We’re doing some Extraordinary numbers are generating three to five hundred leads every single day sometimes thousands of leads in a day and at this point right now Since that happened now. I started hounding Gibran’s. I dude we have to teach this stuff No one’s doing this stuff properly like this no one’s teaching it and So again long story short year or two on and that means abreu have partnered up, and we now teach Facebook ads together It’s been an exciting journey. I’m actually brought your bro on this very training helped me cover some of this stuff It’s what we’re going to be covering today secret number one Jabril is going to come out and show you the behind the scenes of a Facebook ad campaign that is returning get this six Hundred and Twenty five us dollars for every twenty dollar spent it’s in a very unusual niche to seek number two the results after spending three hundred ninety three Thousand us dollars on Facebook in the past sixty months going to show you what’s been working for me. What hasn’t been working? He can learn from that and secret number three. I’m going to show you the hidden treasures behind Facebook ads That’s been responsible for multiple six figures in additional income for me for free on Top of my ass okay, so do me a favor before it brings, you brillo Go ahead and give me a yes in capital letters a yes in the questions box if you’re excited for these three things and if you’re willing if we put fulfill our part and deliver The goods are you willing to give us the next hour the next sixty minutes of your time? For us to go through this and really digest this stuff. Okay. Give me a yes if you’re willing to give us that time Catherine says whoop, I’m up all night What I’m saying yes, yes, oh yes, yes, please absolutely, okay, awesome. Jason says hell, yea, orsa my case without further ado again I don’t I don’t like wasting time. We’re gonna get straight into this so jabril. Are you there? Yes, I’m here. Do you hear it? Perfect give it. I’m heat nothing Pearman. How are you to her? I’m good, so I turn the screen on the light of my house at this time remote is Actually, it’s really dark, but um I don’t really offer to sort of have an echo, but how then was do it I’m so excited videos, giada. It’s an honor. So you said it’s really equity right now, right is it echoey? It is a little bit equity, but you know we can still hear you Okay, cool. You can actually see me in the here in the office So there’s like a lot of give are we still able to time? What if I just so excited to? share with you want Another going can you go ahead and take the screen? Yeah, yeah, I’ll do that from What and I’ll turn I’ll turn my webcam off while um while you deal better training Okay, oh Awesome. Oh, I’m excited. I loved I love to pose training alright I’m going to go ahead and mute myself out and let you take it away, dude I’m ready to be wowed. Awesome sweetness, so if you if you know anything about me, I will always say content is King and So one of the biggest would big a lot of advertisers make our mind is Not thinking like healing beans and now I know that sounds simple, but when people aren’t Facebook They are there to interact with their friends interact with their family watch 20 viral videos So you have to understand the kind of mindset people are in and so what I like to do is create Content people love to consume so when this being the content in the timeline, they’re like oh my God, this is great They’re leaving comments the sharing or president family, and it’s generally very helpful type of information And I’m gonna Explain to you How this will literally just shave your whole business, and how do we separate yourself from most marketers and most other businesses In your state, I would say I do things different in about 98% of other people on Facebook and we get Results for the pretty much extraordinary, and so my Slogan is Complicated and the funny thing is like the formula is pretty simple you just have to kind of put in the work, so My number one rule is if you understand your audience it will take you to the province planner and I can’t say that enough and so there’s a beautiful ways to navigate on Facebook right so you can go from a Facebook ad to then a blog post and Then to whatever it is that you’re offering and it is not a thing that a lot of people do in the industry They’re like because no one really teaches it But I successfully like month in month out you know crank out thousands of dollars every single day you know using this little method and Now there’s another method. Which is it’s quite popular. It’s a Facebook app to your funnel That’s where you have to get a name and an email address, and then they go through your funnel And then they pee your offer or you can do a Facebook add to your offer Since people aren’t really talking up This this is what I’m going to talk about today, but I do want to let you know I do drive away you know with this with John and some of my other partners and so I just want to share with you here some numbers here and So you can see here that you know? I’m just basically we’re walking the walk and talking the topic and so with just one piece of content This is a long story ad what we would call felicity basically a image with about a 1,500 word people like people don’t read that yes, they do when you do it, right And we’ve generated with this people giving name and email With Eighty one thousand leaves would once the flattened now This is actually not even updated knots over a hundred thousand leave without They’re just this one bit and he can be another one. This is actually a video and then here you can see forty four Thousand leads right and this is in the financing so the good thing with Facebook ads you doesn’t matter if you’re a coach if you have a small business if your photography if you’re in finance if you’re in direct sales if you’re in affiliate marketing You know you can make Facebook work as long as you have to write content so And then here you can see this is up just in one of the house inside effusion cost in the last year you know two Hundred and Forty Thousand leads Generated and most people that are probably get a big lead list the numbers go down for open right here You can see a thirty five percent Open rate. No kind of crazy But I wanted to get into the training you know without wasting any more time and so I want to show you one specific Campaign and like I said you can do this with so many different campaigns, and so many different niches and so underneath talking about Travel and So how many of you guys by showing hands how many of you guys like to travel give me a number one in the question? box if you like to travel That’s it a lot of people Hell yeah, jumping. Yeah, okay, awesome. I’m going to show you a cool example right here So I want to tell you Why not to go directly to an offer so I just want to take this picture for you here really quickly And so this is a credit card offer right where a bank, but this is like Chase bank And it has many other banks And you probably see something familiar to this and so this is how people would do it traditionally They would have an iD like that and it would show up in your timeline say hey get us get this credit card fifty Thousand bonus point Right and so these companies have billion dollars budget and they spend if not you know Adele Sort of billion You know as you and I have a kind of expending millions of dollars on advertising Because they know what you know what the return is on the back you look for them So they’re willing to do it and one of the things that people also do these companies. Hey if you can actually bring us Customers, we won’t pay you right. So now just by a show of hands It did add you know for a chase showed up in your timeline? Give me a wonder if you would click it and then a – if you would just kind of skip over it Okay, so like Naive I think 95% of you are saying you would skip over it right and so this would be an example and an after that we go to the website playing hey sign up for and oh just going to Call you at this point Now I want to show you something here So this is the formula optional stuff about number one a thankful. God to a blog post to your offering so now imagine If this is know shows up in your timeline So I would put how I get free flight no bs. This is a very straightforward method to getting free flights I think the majority of its life, I take during the year I pay for it, but there are a few times a year where I get free flights I decide I want to share with you in detail How I do it there’s nothing to buy get everything laid out in detail on hardball I didn’t utilize this method for years a lost art on unzip pre-flight, and I say how do you plead life? Which is the call to action then I have a link you know to my blog now And I have the exact same Mission and objectives as you know the chase credit card so by a show of hands now would you put in the question box number one if you would click on the chase or Number two if you would click on this if you saw it in the timeline So everyone says Q2 – Ricky Ricky says none, okay? okay, one person so it’s like pretty much here like 98% of us saying number two and now I want to explain to you Why this is so powerful, right? So from here I send it to a blog post right so on this blog post. I explain to them how this works because a lot of people don’t even know what 50,000 miles lead and so for what it means is an informative blog post so I’m from Chicago and so Here you can see Chicago to San Juan is about 35,000 Miles Roundtrip Right and you have to pay about Eleven dollars in taxes and the thing is for this credit card I actually have to put that credit card myself personally and after you spend your first dollars you get the These miles and then plus you also get like first-class checking you get a bag checked in for free all of these Amazing benefits, and so people are like like oh my God This is an each dollar you spend on the ecology a mile so all of these amazing benefits and so especially if you’re into travel, and you’re like Sign me up. This is amazing as it is the difference between doing an educational Post versus saying sign up for a credit card and most people don’t even know what 50,000 miles You can literally go to Europe for like this about 50,000 miles like round-trip or so or you can do two trips within the United States or you can go to Puerto Rico? You know San Juan Puerto Rico, and so that’s what I do it We’re going from a Facebook ad to a blog post right and then at the bottom of that blog post We put a link to the credit card offering right, and I want to share with you now How all the money is generated right? So don’t be lazy, and it will pay off so if you create content for your audiences It does very well, and then also like how to information does extremely well so you guys how to choose jobs video right when he was talking about how to fuck them if it’s an ad right so first you’re saying hey come by my forces he Wanted to help you he wants to give value. What are you buying? Not right are you understanding what bit different and it’s so easy out here because most people are lazy, right? So let me show you an example so being helpful pays off big time and one of the most profitable ways to Make money with affiliate offers, and if you don’t understand what affiliated all that is so for example if you have Amazon and then Amazon there you have a blog all about Televisions you have a blog all about television And then Amazon’s that if you can help us sell it evie will going to give you the special link will pay your commission So you will be an affiliate on? Amazon or if you have cooking pots like you have a cooking website And then I hate cooking pots on our website And then if someone clicks that link and buy this cooking pot after reading your blog Amazon will pay your commission so you know then Visa mastercard American express they also do the same thing and you can become affiliate of You know of their credit cards and credit cards are some of the most profitable affiliate programs out and maintain as much as three hundred dollars For a single person signing up for a credit card the specifics like their that the travel cards in American Express, and then some of the lower ones pay about like maybe seventy five dollars right so here’s how it works So you have this big company like mastercard and they want to push more credit cards It’s putting millions of dollars on advertising on TV radio Magazines, but they’re like hey if you can bring us a customer We will pay you $125 each new heart member that you can bring us right and the thing is we go over so many different are Examples of affiliate programs that you can use because it is just one of many, and I do many other Affiliate program but and so let’s take a look here, right? So here as you can see in the numbers the click-through rate for this was 21% so that means one out of five people that were seeing this I Would quickly on it now for that other ad you know with like the chase credit card they would probably feed half of 1% right about half of 1% seven two hundred people Have to you know see that in a timeline before they click it like 200 people Verse 5 as you can see here with the 26 a clicker and 20% is is extremely good, right? I can do this a lot But it’s not uncommon when we see a lot of our students Having four and five senses when Facebook says if you get one percent value good, right? And so here’s the kick it with pings what sense for a website click right for sense? it’s not bad at all and So I want to share with you how these numbers break down so not the card has a commission of 125 dollars, right? 125 dollars is what they saved for each places. You can get to sign up and now I’m paying Four cents per website click so here’s the kick it so that max you know the other example would if they’re having 200 if They’re probably be paying about two dollars or even sometimes three dollars for a click for explicit And that’s how much of a difference is we think like hundreds of times more expensive? and not how Facebook work they reward you for having the highest degree and Providing better context because at the end of the day if you have those numbers you’re basically telling Facebook you’re showing the audience What they want to see, but what they don’t want to see and they reward you in a very big way now Let’s just say at a high end. It takes a hundred click to make a one sale, right? I want to converge in one person to sign up for the car, but it’s really like one out of 25 minutes late so let’s just be safe numbers one out of a hundred people and the thing is I try to people who are like fans of Expedia fans of orbits trip advisor, so I already know that that into travel right and so now let’s say your ad spend right So 4 cents times 100 people is four dollars So four dollars to make a hundred and twenty-five dollars there That’s not that but you might be saying I want to scale up right so now let’s just say you want to do as sales in a day like five conversion so spending $20 And then that would equal six hundred and twenty five dollars six hundred and twenty-five dollars right if you do it five said But that’s not all profit because you have to mind this the twenty dollar ad spend right? So you make six hundred tWenty-five minus twenty dollars and then some six hundred five dollars profit per day now How crazy is that and one day from one simple offer six hundred five dollars in a week? That’s like forty two hundred dollars in one month Clothes in a little bit 16 grand and then in one year with just one thing to offer You know you can do two hundred grand with a single office But numbers will fluctuate over time external audiences obscene it But this is the stuff as you can see and I’ll actually do stuff like this I was just sharing with John I was doing another off of the other day Hi, Stephanie, and we’re cranking that out like pranking that out doing more than sixteen and so it’s this problem This is just one thing one small example But is that making sense you guys give me a number eight if that’s like making sense to you in the common every 1000 128 Okay, awesome as we affect again It does do Tim Okay, awesome I’d rather did you jack you know? So much that I was at the end like I don’t get John has so much more this trick I just wanted to share with I can go on and on with example But this is what I do at Lily’s day in there I’m like the guy behind the scenes, but I want to bring John back out I’m glad you got some value And I’m probably and I’ll be happy to have any questions ask about linking to another level so uh John We’re gonna come back out brother Awesome man, now. That was absolutely fantastic. Let me go ahead and just take the screen back again then Would you go to me a favor in the questions books just give me a number one if you can see my screen again You guys can help me out here, okay? One more, okay perfect awesome. That was fantastic dude I love that example every single time you give it and Jabril was spot-on when he said he just saw more stuff behind the scene to us one example And I’m hoping that I can give you some more examples here because I’m going to delve a bit deeper into my specific Campaigns because you brooder the whole host of different stuff I do a whole host of different stuff and jabril is the one that trained me on this Facebook stuff And so I thought man, I should show you guys what’s working with my campaign. I think I’d be super cool So that’s not going to dive into right now okay, so again for those of you Who maybe have joined a little bit late couple of things one sorry about the reflection in my glasses if you’re seeing that? Long story, but this paragraph. It doesn’t have an tiger on it So we have to do with that the second thing is if you’ve just joined These are the kind of numbers that I’m personally doing with my ads I mean We’re doing up to eleven thousand in a single day that then 1.2 million dollars as a result of our Facebook ads And I want to delve into some of the results that come from us and the things that we have learnt in that time, okay? So the results the main two things that we that we have been executing on Facebook that are working very very well number one is a Video ad ok and number two is what we call a story at And we’re going to delve into what those ads actually are in just a moment But the result is this look we’ve got 1.2 million views on this video here 1.8 million views in the video in the middle and you’ve got 137 thousand we’ve reached with a simple image and a bit of text, okay? And we’re generating millions of dollars in the process, okay? Normally to you know to get 2 million views on a video You’ve got to be one of these big companies like coca-cola doing these viral campaigns that they’re spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to produce Nope, this little o of me in my home office You know with just a simple camera, so I’m going to break some of this stuff down for you I think it’s gonna make a lot of sense and what’s really important. You understand is that we started small okay? You don’t just get to these huge numbers And I don’t need to even get scared off by these huge numbers you hear me talking about putting $30,000 into Facebook you don’t do that on day one, okay? You don’t do that on day one you start by putting $5 into Facebook testing that did that one work yes? No, okay? Let’s let’s build on that Let’s start working that this ditch one didn’t work and scale What did and then you move four and then you can start putting bigger numbers into face? But once you know, it’s a proven process, okay? So get get off from the big numbers because we start very small very important to understand that so Three things you need to know before getting started with Facebook ads number one It’s actually very inexpensive you can get started with quite a small budget, okay? We actually suggest inside of our training program you get started with six dollars per day Testing an app, okay? So relatively inexpensive sometimes you can test with as little as three dollars to test if you’ve got a winning ad or not okay It’s very simple once you know the process okay, then attention becomes very simple I’m going to show you that in just a moment and finally it’s fun When you get to a place where you have a skill set? To put a $1 into Facebook and get $2 back out as a result man I’m telling you that’s fun like an atm that you always win. Okay like a arcade game. You always win, okay? So here’s the two types of ads that work best for us the first one and this one here you’re seeing on the screen is Actually a video doesn’t look like a video because you can’t see the play button But just trust me it’s a video okay video with a bit of text, and that was our ads And it works very very well the next is something we call a story at Okay, the story ad is something that your bro mentioned Just a moment ago in his section and a story ad is this what you’re seeing on the screen right now It’s a lot of text okay. It’s a lot of text with an image, and you can see at the very end here We’ve got a link okay. So these are the two types of ads that literally outperform everything else that we run on Facebook okay now there are a few exceptions to The rules that I’m about to give you and the things about to teach you right now There are a few exceptions of this one of them would be in commerce, okay? We have a bunch of e-Commerce students inside of our course but if you’re just selling a fidgets spinner Right if you’re just selling a chair or if you’re just selling a teddy bear right well You don’t need to you know go through a you know a whole big video and you’re going to write this much text to sell Them you know toy okay, so there are some exceptions to it but for most of you the businesses You’re building local business owners right coaches consultants social media managers Okay info product sellers if you you know in the fitness space if you teach dog training if you are specialists in something if you want to do a philly marketing internet marketing network marketing any of those that I’ve just listed and anymore These two ads are going to be your golden goose right first is video second is story ads So let’s delve into them a little bit deeper Okay, the reason why these work so well is a broad start to touch on this okay? And this is where I want you guys to be taking notes because this stuff is just absolutely nuts And it’s going to change the way you market your business, okay? most people teach with Facebook ads It’s all about just slapping and ad together, okay, just pick an image that looks nice right a bit of text Okay, run that on Facebook and then the conversion process Happens on your website. That’s what people will tell you that you just run a Facebook ad any old Facebook ad just get those clicks from Facebook get them to click to your website and then Rely on your website to convert the sales Okay, doesn’t work like that right the way that Facebook works the best is the way that we teach it It’s providing some value on the Facebook platform before you ever even asked them to come to your website Okay So the reason why we use video is because they scrolling their newsfeed And instead of seeing an image of an ad and just oh yeah may as well click on that And then now didn’t like it. They leave again I would rather keep them on Facebook a little bit longer have them consumed some content from me first start to know me likely trust me or if you are promoting your brand or your company or your product then get to know your Product get to know your your service get to know you know what you’re about, or your brand is about first on Facebook So that now they’re not just clicking to see what you’re about, but now they’ve watched your video They’ve consumed something of what you’re about. They’ve learned something about you You know they’ve actually you know got some value from you now. They’re clicking because they want to take action, right? There you’ve seen the difference if you put a video together if you take the time to put a video together They’re not just impulsively clicking an ad and then going to your website, not really know what to expect Now they’ve seen a video of your on Facebook they’re starting to get some value from that video and and all that good stuff and Now they come at your website because they go you know what that video is actually pretty darn cool. I like that I’m going to click to see what else they’ve got for it. So now they are clicking with an intention Take action not just clicking just that well. Let’s just see what that ad was about that making sense So here’s the second thing that you can do. Maybe you don’t want to be doing videos Well, you can be doing this story ad version okay, so with a story yet You know it’s it’s pretty much the same thing as like with the video You’re preparing a bit of content you’re going to teach a couple things in your video You’re going to give them some information about what you’re about so you can just do that in Written form Okay in a you know in the kind of ad that you’re seeing here with just a very very simple image Okay, and again if someone is willing to take the time to read this whole thing then click that link over here Then they are already in a mindset now of actually taking action They’re not just clicking impulsively so before I move on and go into this deeper Let me know if this is making sense And this is actually you’re learning something is this helpful Give me a yes and the question box if this is actually making sense to you and that this is helpful Okay, perfect seeing yes yes. Yes Okay, left says. This is really helpful, okay, awesome. We’re just getting warmed up, okay. We’re just getting started so check this out Let’s start with video the biggest tips I can give you for your Your videos if you want to run them as Facebook ads is number one you do not need Fancy videos Okay, don’t fall for the trap that you have to have this fancy gear in nice. I mean look at me I’m doing this webinar for you, and I’m in my home office with terrible lighting and reflective glasses, okay? It’s more about the content that I’m getting across to you Hopefully, we’re doing a good job at delivering some great content for you Okay, so it’s more about the content than it is the lighting so making sense so you don’t need the fancy videos Okay, just focus on the value and or providing some curiosity in your video as to and who is this person? I’m really enjoying this video. We did enjoy what they’re putting up it okay and focus on providing value Okay, and giving a bit of content rather than just you know getting that click as quickly as possible, okay? So let me ask you a question How many of you say me? Emme on the on the air questions box if you don’t want to shoot video okay for whatever reason You’re just not up for shooting video You’d rather drive traffic and visitors in in other words, okay with there’s no right or wrong answer I would just love to know how many people we have on here that just would not want to do video, okay? Don says too ugly I’m sure you’re not jay says too. Shy of and say me me me okay We’re gonna punch you that that wouldn’t want to okay? Well for you guys. This is your answer, okay? It’s the story that I talked about and even for those of you that are happy doing videos We often use a story Ed because it sometimes Outperforms our videos okay? Here’s the thinking behind this This is what your ad would look like on a Facebook timeline of someone that you’re targeting, okay? Nice image to grab some attention. Nothing crazy. It’s just me in a pink shirt, and you know in Miami Okay, so it’s nothing too exciting a bit of copy that grabs their attention and they start reading and it’s interesting okay and I’m writing this in such a way because I know who I’m targeting with my Facebook ad And what they’re going to do is they’re going to click this button here that says continue reading, okay? If they do that they’ve taken that first step and said okay. I want to learn more about what’s going on here So they click continue reading now this whole story opens up, okay? And so this person is going to read through this now you might be thinking john no one’s going to read through that on Facebook Okay Well think again because that’s what I told you bro when he first taught me this and I said dude Get out of here my videos are going to outperform this thing, but trust me I was proven wrong by jabril time and time again people Will read this if you’re targeting for the right way, and if they read this simple story Just talking about you and how your business came about and you know and While you created this product or why you started recommending that product whatever it is that you’re promoting write about it in a story Okay, by the time someone reads all of this and click this button They are ready to take that action and that’s why we get such a high click-through rate That’s why we get such a low cost per lead And that’s why we’re just making millions of dollars collectively on Facebook because we spend a bit more time providing content providing value, okay Hey That’s that that’s the number one key to why we do so well on Facebook and why we crush our? Competition in any industry that we go into is because we’re willing to put that little bit of extra time Into putting some good content together. It’s going to outperform everything else. Okay a bit like that that Chase credit card example That jabril gave you, okay? That’s the number one rule then the second thing I want to teach you is why your Facebook ads didn’t work if you’ve tried them in the past And I’m going to give you this solution right now in this video check this out most people Will do this now some of you may have seen this example already Some of you haven’t if you have it’s going to be a good refresher for you So this is typically what someone will do when they get excited and start setting up a Facebook app, okay? They put an image together they get their text They’ve created their ad and this image here is going to represent our face forget, so then they say right I need to tell Facebook who I want to see this at okay. So then they go into Facebook They set up the ad okay, and they start you know telling Facebook. What audiences they want to see You know they want to target for this ad so let’s say your website, or what you’re promoting is all about cooking okay? and you’ve got an ad all about cooking so you’re going to say to Facebook right what I want you to show my my ad To anyone who’s interested in Gordon Ramsay? Jamie Oliver buzzfeed food good food Food channel food Network whatever those things are called all these and audiences that would make sense, okay? And what happens you run the ads results. Come back. It didn’t make you money Okay, you put more money into Facebook than you got back out a typical result for most people that give Facebook ago, okay? Is that the results come back and you don’t make any sales? You know or it just doesn’t give you a positive return on investments, okay now. Here’s the thing There was actually a winner in there, but you missed it because of I don’t want to say laziness It’s just not not loading this stuff And I’m about to teach it to you right now what you should have done is you sort of? Duplicated the exact same ad multiple times and then shown each duplication to One audience But I think it’s going this way so each duplication to that you know to a different audience So we’ve got one duplication of the exact same ad going to Gordon Ramsay’s fans another exact duplication going to Jamie Oliver’s fans and BBC food & Food Network and so on and so forth Excuse me because now the results are measurable, okay? You couldn’t measure the results before if you lump them all together like they said right here well how on Earth? Do you know what is the different audiences and how they interacted with your ad you can’t possibly know? whereas if you do it like this, you can actually measurably see if One of these audiences or more than one actually responded to that so what you’ll find is when you do this you’ll find some interesting Information audience one two three and five did not respond to your ad they didn’t make make you money but for whatever reason audience for they did You found a winner okay audience for you put one dollar into advertising and you generate it on average about two dollars back out as a Result for your business you put ten in you get 20 out you put a hundred in you get 200 back out and you can Scale that puppy. Okay, so actually there was a winner in here There is a winner in the ad that you thought didn’t work there was actually a winner okay But you missed it because you weren’t able to or you didn’t know this stuff about Duplicating your ads actually testing the different audiences okay and measuring the people don’t teach this stuff And it’s why people fail on Facebook if you take nothing else away from this Facebook presentation right here Take that please because that will be the golden I’ve already used the golden goose that will be the golden ticket for you, okay? So now you can leave it a golden goose and a golden ticket right you’re doing well on this webinar So you can do the same thing with male and female right you run your ad and maybe your results come back and males Responded better to your ads and females, okay same with age groups right you might learn that actually out of all the different age groups 25 to 35 they responded well, and we made money and all the other age groups We didn’t well then we’ll turn all of those other age groups off And we will only scale to the 25 and 35 right? So like I said you you test small you test this stuff here with a small amount of money you find the winners With you know some testing with you with a few dollars the cost of a few Starbucks And you do some testing and you find a winner and who then you scale it And you only start throwing more money at Facebook when you know you’ve got a winner. They’re making sense, okay? So now you found a winner in this very simple example you know the audience for who a male Between 25 and 35 they responded best to your ad okay? I’m just going to check the you guys in there Okay, cool. All right so same thing with your copy of the actual ad itself okay? So you can split test the image that you’re using you can split test the the headline So you could keep the exact same ad the same you could keep the exact same video exact same targeting But just change the headline, okay? So that now you’ve got the same ad with headline 1 2 3 4 5 results come back headline to perform best So we’ll turn all the others often will keep headline – okay. This is when it gets fun You literally start creating money using Facebook 1 they give you 2 or 3 back as a result you know of you selling your products And services ok you ask you a question How many times would you do that ok if you had the ability to? Put $1.00 into advertising and generate 2 or 3 dollars back on average for that $1 spend How many times did you do that let me know in the question books? I’m pretty sure what I’m going to see but We see some funny answers sometimes when I ask that question chris says constantly Monica says forever Jason Says Forever Richard said all day every day Davida says Nein Nein Nein Nein nein Albert is five Whether you do that five times, okay, I pretty good a little bit more than five I get awesome Punchy saying loads as much as I can all that good stuff, okay? So listen imagine you spend a couple of weeks testing ads find the winners and scale them up now. You have a mere Automated traffic machine pumping profitable traffic for you every single day into your business now I want to make you a promise right now at this point. I want you to write this down, okay? You can probably paraphrase what I’m about to say in your notes the reason Why most other people who have tried Facebook advertising in the past and haven’t made it work? The reason why it hasn’t worked for them and the reason why? 99% of people who try Facebook ads do not get results and often lose money, okay? It’s because they were not willing to take that bit of time and actually Test test different headline test the different ads test the different audiences Okay, what we need to do is spend a couple of weeks, okay? We teach this inside of our training program We teach the concept of you know a couple of weeks testing just see what the numbers are doing see what your audience to do When you find a winner then boom you can scale it up okay? So you spend a few dollars testing okay? And then you only scale the winners, and this is what most people don’t get results, but I’m just curious Okay, you can go ahead and interact with me here give me a yes in the questions box if you have ever tried a Facebook ad before and it hasn’t worked and that’s why you are here on this call is because you want to learn how to correct the mistake that seems to happen we Want to correct the fact that you know you’re trying Facebook, and it wasn’t working and give me an o n oh Give me an o if you have never tried Facebook before and you’re on this webinar because it just sounded interesting And because you want to start giving Facebook a go or you’ve got to that point now where actually okay? I know Facebook is important. I need to be on there I would like to finally start doing some stuff with Facebook So we have a look here the contrast so say yes yes yes yes, yes, no No, no, no no okay. I see a few notes to that’s very interesting so most of you are saying Yes that you have run outs before that hasn’t worked and some of you are saying no, okay? it’s just very helpful for me just as I go through this training knowing how to best cater it for you to get to Have you get the best out of it okay? So that’s how we started getting to these numbers these big numbers is because we started small and we started scaling up, okay? We get to these kind of crazy numbers We taught this to one of our students called Tom render and we actually brought him up on stage at one of our events and There and he why it started with doing a qa and he was in the audience And he put his hand up We got a mic to him, and he said you guys gave me a massive problem a major brewer thinking oh gosh What’s he going to say because it sank embarrassing and he said we were we went from one sale a month Okay to a thousand pounds a week, and we literally had to shuttle for ads because we were overloaded with orders We’re like oh, man. That’s the coolest story ever come up on stage And we had him share it from stage, and we filmed the person and he’s just giving us an update now and he said as the back on them returning 300 to 400 percent Roi okay, this was just with this idea of duplicating your ads and testing and treatment so it’s worth doing okay very much worth doing so Let’s do the secret number three you guys still there. He’s still awake still ready for some more I want to talk about the hidden treasures behind Facebook ad has been responsible for multiple six figures in additional income for me for free Okay, I know that sounds crazy because we’re talking about Facebook advertising which obviously costs money So what I’m going to be going over here in secret number three? And I’m going to show you the ways that I make additional income Okay, as a result of my ads that are not that are not trackable in your an account, okay? And they’re not visible unless you actually know what you’re looking for so I’m going to break them down for you this for Hidden treasures that you’re going to want to write down okay get your pen to paper and write this down number one likes on your page Number two Shares number three private messages, and then before the long game, okay? You got two seconds to write that down because we’re going to start moving through this now, okay here We go first is likes on your page This is what an ad looks like or an example of one when you start running it on Facebook, okay? This is an ad that we started running for one of our youtube training programs, okay? And you can see that the name of my Facebook page is my name John Penneth II this was you it might be your brand name your company name or your name or whatever ask your website’s name but when you run an ad it says sponsored And it has the link to the page that is running that ad you’ve most likely seen it yourself So what ends up happening and people don’t realize this is they focus so much on the results of the ad itself That they forget that a huge number of people will click on the name of the Page that the ad is coming from and will check out that page ok so. I now have a page With at the time of recording. This is probably much more by the time you’re seeing this oh nearly 37,000 people following this page ok 37,000 people following this page every single one of them has come as a result of running my Facebook app ok I’ve done nothing else nothing else have I done and 37,000 people who have seen my ads running on Facebook they’ve decided that you know what I actually want to check out his Facebook page Ok I’m going to go ahead and hit like and follow him and get updated with with that stuff too. So there’s 37,000 people now that I can go ahead and write something on my page I can put some more content out I can make an offer I can put an ad on my page I can redirect them to my website I can communicate with them I can I can do all sorts of things now let me ask you a question How many of you think that you could make a few extra sales of your product with? 37,000 people that you can follow up with absolutely for free ok yeah, I see a bunch of yes is coming in of course you could so this is another way what I have literally made from This 37,000 people providing content following up with them building relationship with them I’ve made an additional hundreds of thousands of dollars Just as a result of having these likes on this page and building an audience and putting an asset on Facebook and that happens no other way Then people just liking the page from ads how cool is that ok that’s the first one second one is shares This one is literally going to blow your socks off ok so you might want to grab onto socks right now in this moment? Hold on tight, because they’re going to try and escape you because this shares is one of the most overlooked Forms of what I call a hidden treasure on Facebook ok and this is another reason why we spend so much time putting Content and value into our ads because when if you ever heard of an advertisement being shared, okay, you don’t see an ad for You know a Hoover Okay, and you don’t you know you don’t see it on on TV and see a hoover and immediately pick up the phone and call Your friend and say hey, I just saw an ad for a hoover you need to go check it out I’m going to try and find it online and then link so you don’t do that, but for some reason look at this We’ve had on one of those videos eight Well over eight thousand seven hundred and fifteen shit eight thousand real people Okay
Real people who have seen my ad and they’ve seen enough value in the ad that they said I’m going to share this with all Of my friends okay, it’s other one got one hundred and forty six years and five hundred and sixty-eight I want to show you three examples check this out the average person on Facebook according to zuckerberg okay have two hundred friends Two hundred friends when they share your piece of content that’s being seen by over 200 people Okay, so the hundred and forty six shares gets me in front of a potential Twenty nine thousand two hundred free views the ad that got five hundred and sixty eight shares that gets me in front of a potential Hundred and Thirteen thousand six hundred free visitors and the big Daddy right the ads that got eight? Thousand seven hundred fifteen shares one of our ads. Got me in front of a potential listen to this one point seven four three million Potential viewers for free I didn’t pay for that advertising I just put a bit of extra time into providing value and content to the people that I was targeting on Facebook and They saw enough interest to share that and now I’ve got thousands in some cases thousands of people sharing my content across Facebook and It’s not content. It’s an ad okay, and I’m getting all that traffic coming to our website, okay? Is that just nuts am I just preaching to myself because I mean this stuff? Just gets me fired up right number three private messages. So once people land on your Facebook page They also have the ability to click up here and leave your message, or it might be down here Okay, Facebook boy is moving this stuff around, but they can send you a message now. I get message on that page daily I took a screenshot earlier and say you can see How many people have left me met it and I could have scrolled and this just goes on for days So I get messages from people in my inbox, and I get messages like this look getting your course john very excited Hi, John hoping you have any webinars coming up? You know someone looks you asked me to put them on my mailing list okay this person over here said hey John can you send me the direct link to your course? Yes? I know you have a free video series But I’m ready to buy so these are messages that you would have missed if you weren’t checking your private messages So it’s very very important that you are constantly checking those private messages because there are customers and there are sales to be Utilized inside those private messages and the fourth thing is called the long game, okay, very simply Here’s an illustration. Let’s say you put $1,000 into Facebook ads, and you return a thousand leads in return okay? Most advertisers will you know that goes into your funnel if you want to call it a funnel go to your website and those people You know most people teach you just got to work as hard as you can to try and convert some sales as quickly as possible And try and generate you know a thousand to break-even or generate two thousand dollars in return to get some money back and can make some profit and the problem there is that you are going to just you’re going to kill the Engagement that you have with your audience because you’re so desperate for sales whereas what I do is I spend more time Providing more value providing more content going overload on this stuff. So that later on down the line I put such a good relationship with them that later on I see no my funnel and my process will spit out 5,000 dollars because I was patient enough to wait a bit longer here’s another way to illustrate this okay? We’ve got a graph income over the lifetime of a lead in this case, so the red line Will illustrate? Someone who’s building their business. You know just on scarcity and building their business on You know trying to get as many cells as they possibly can to recruit their ad spend as quickly as possible and what you’ll find Is yes you might have a little spike initially? But you are going to completely you know your numbers are going to drop off your leaves are going to be Unengaged your prospects don’t want to listen to you your visitors I’m not going back to your website because they feel like they’ve got much value from that and so you made a little bit of Money, but then it burnt Okay, whereas the green line represents how myself jabril and our coach Chris we build our Facebook ad campaigns? Okay, we focus on the long game, okay? We may be sacrificed even just a little bit of revenue on the front end to maintain that relationship Give good brand awareness and get them to really enjoy the content We’re putting out there And we have got a lead and we have got a visitor and a customer and a fan for life I’ve still got people on my email list that joined me years ago And they still buy products from me based on my recommendations today. Okay years ago It’s because I focus on providing value first before I ever even asked for a sale okay, and that’s the long game all right So here’s what we’ve covered, so far Chicken were one behind the kurds of a Facebook ad campaign is returning six hundred and twenty five dollars to every $20 bet Sika number two the results after spending three hundred ninety three thousand dollars on Facebook ads in the past 16 months And I showed you the two ads are working the best, and I showed you our trick about duplication and seek number three I just showed you the hidden treasures behind Facebook ads has been responsible for multiple Six figures and additional income for me for free and hopefully even just two shares dier dier Mentioned there got you excited. Let me know has that been helpful if you guys enjoyed that game give me yes in the questions box a Big yes, if you want to it has been helpful Kevin Rita Rollo Richard Story says wow awesome Yes, yes yes yes yes Wayne says yeah in capital letters yes, yes. Yes very much very much. Yes. It’s okay awesome Comments of flooding in that’s super encouraging for me in jabril, so let me ask you a question, okay? Because we’re just super excited by something check this out We pull up this slide here, you ask you a question myself and jabril. We are super excited About something that we’re launching. We do have a Facebook advertising training program, okay? We do have one and I would love the opportunity to tell you about it right now I almost get excited again and drop my drop my headphones. I’d love the opportunity to tell you about it Let you know what’s going on, and how you can actually work with me And you bro and have us help you build your Facebook campaigns and make sure the profitable and getting results So give me a number one in the questions box if you’re okay with me taking just a few minutes right now and letting you Know how me and you bro, and I’ll coach Chris can actually make sure you’re getting results for Facebook and work with you I’m just curious. I don’t want to just assume that that’s okay Okay, hunter you’re one going in Justin’s there’s one more my one one one okay? Well, I see loads of ones going in okay. I appreciate it. Awesome. Good stuff. I don’t want to assume that that’s okay I want to make sure you get value out of hearing about that okay, so we’ve got a training program

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