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The best people who are going to be police officers today in the city of Portland are those that have a compassionate heart. Going into every call realizing that somebody’s mother sister brother family member and having perspective what if that was your how would you want to be treated is the mindset i go into it. I witnessed my first gang shooting at nine years old so many times that I go back and I remember I would mean i was that kid that didn’t have anywhere to go it makes me want to be there for every kid that I work with. You think of a police officers being some big rough-and-tumble guy it’s not that it’s just talking to people it’s being there when people need help Community policing isn’t a division it’s who we are. If you care about people if you want to make a difference you want to really help that’s what we’re looking for I started my career in the military I was military police. If I never made it playing professional football and in the NFL I knew that I wanted to be a police officer. I really didn’t expect it to be a police officer I actually didn’t like police officers growing up because of the tension we have back growing up. I worked as a radio reporter here in Portland for years. I was 100% set I was going to be an attorney and then I did a couple ride-alongs with the Portland Police Bureau, that kind of totally changed the course of my life. We’re just regular people were not robocop we’re not perfect we’re just family folk. In the military I traveled all over the world I’ve lived in different places there’s no place like Portland. Portland sits in the middle of this incredible natural Wonderland from almost anywhere in the city you can see Mount Hood. We’ve got hundreds of miles of open beach along the Oregon coast, a massive old growth forests in the Columbia Gorge and high desert to the east. Because of this diversity, within hours you can do just about every outdoor activity imaginable. I’m the type of person that needs a constant challenge in what they’re doing and I come to work not knowing what that day is going to look like not knowing what i’m gonna have to face it’s exciting for me and it’s challenging for me because I want to do good everyday and find the solution to those problems that come in front of me we are empowered to fix the things that are broken if people don’t know who else to call to fix a problem they call us. When someone calls 911 that they’ve reached a moment in their lives where they need some additional help and being a person that gets to step in and kind of intercede and come alongside those individuals is really really rewarding. Portland Police wants to reflect the city that it serves it just makes a difference when someone is in trouble that you can see someone who looks like you. Every day I feel a sense of accomplishment that I’ve done something to affect someone’s life. I’ve got stopped by a lot of people and they say oh you’re the first female Hispanic that I’ve ever seen as a police officer and I make them proud and sometimes they talk to their daughters and they tell their daughters like look you could be a police officer and I think that it gives them hope it gives the community hope. That’s exciting when you are part of a team that brings order brings peace back to a chaotic situation or something that’s just intrinsically valuable in that. There’s a place for you in this organization regardless of who you are what you look like what your interests are – you’ll find a lane that works for you The training facility the Police Bureau built, I think it shows that the investment that the city was willing to make its Police Department. So now we can do our firearms training our pursuit vehicle operation training our classroom lecture training which can include, you know, legal updates or equity training, as well as our scenario-based training which takes place in our scenario village and that is where we put officers in situations that they may find themselves in on the street. Having a state-of-the-art training facility allows them the opportunity to work through those different scenarios that allows us the opportunity to hone those skills that really takes to be a good police officer. There are a lot of great things about being a police officer those are the things that never make the news, that never make the public conversation once you’re out here and you see the impact that you can make you will find that it is very satisfying career path. If you really want to make a difference you have to try something you know you have to be the change. I just feel like now being able to help people means more to me than it ever did before because I was that guy who had some point couldn’t get the help I feel like I deserved and I want to be that help to somebody else who deserves it. Working for Portland Police has allowed me to do something with my life. A lot of young people today are trying to make their mark in the world and make a difference. You can make a difference by being a police officer

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