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Jennelle Eliana’s SECRET to 1 MILLION Subscribers in 2 Weeks | Conditioning in Advertising

Jennelle Eliana’s SECRET to 1 MILLION Subscribers in 2 Weeks | Conditioning in Advertising

This channel has been everywhere Is YouTube flooding your homepage with women who live vans? Over 1.3 million subscribers Weird information going on about this youtuber that just blew up overnight called Janelle What is the magic formula that actually got her there. I don’t even think PewDiePie
is gaining 300,000 a day If the algorithm is not backing her,
I don’t know what it is They never did that for anyone,
not that I know of They’re saying she’s a
YouTube plant made by investors so you know they can
promote stuff on the channel 1 million subscribers For a lot of people viewers and creators alike reaching the 1 million subscriber milestone means you’ve made it it takes work ethic, perserverance, and largely time years and if you’re one of the
lucky ones, months. Before It started vlogging. I had a YouTube
channel for five years And in those five years I had a
whole bunch of huge viral hits Movies that got 15, 16 million views But my subscriber growth was anemic. The channel growth is anemic, flat like that 5 years 500,000 subscribers Then I started uploading daily and in five months. I had 500,000 more subscribers That’s 1 million subscribers 5 years for the first 500,000 5 months for the second 500,000 It takes a long time It’s a big reason why this creator Jenelle
Eliana sparking is some controversy this channel with only two videos has hit 1 million subscribers within a matter of weeks Is this growth legitimate or is there something more dishonest going on? Welcome to psych IRL.
My name is Donna I’m gonna start this video off by saying
that this video is sponsored by audible Go to audible.com/psychirl or text PSYCHIRL to 500500 Oh man, Jenelle Eliana I’ve got so many requests from you guys
wanting me to do a video about her So that’s what we’re going to do right now but she hit 1 million subscribers
with only 2 videos That’s crazy. That’s unheard of. and with that fast of a growth comes the conspiracy theories. Who is this channel? And how did she grow so fast? Hello, I’m Janelle and I live in a van
with my pet snake, Alfredo Her Channel pretty typical of a
van life channel Although she has the added element
of that quirky teen editing almost always associated with Emma Chamberlin And with only two videos she’s managed to
hit 1 million subscribers because this growth is such an anomaly, many have speculated that it’s artificial that Janelle has purchased these views and subscribers or that she’s an industry plant In regards to the first point: purchasing
views or view botting, it’s very unlikely if you’ve been subscribed long enough, you’ll know I’ve done experiments on view botting on a different channel the short answer to whether or not it works
is, no it doesn’t work in terms of metrics, the views register making it look like a large number of people have seen your video but the watch time only lasts for a few seconds So it’s enough to register as a view but it’s not a large enough watch
time to share with new viewers as a result you have 0 interaction
because these views come from bots and your video will not be shared
because of the short watch time In addition if botting views does prove
to be a successful endeavor, The most subscribed people would
be the ones with the most money This is not the case. Many who seem to be growing fast on YouTube are just regular people Almost any time a channel
grows a substantial amount There’s always a theory of there must be botting views or they must be purchasing views It happened with PewDiePie. It happened with T-Series. and now it’s happening with Jenelle Eliana And honestly, I lean to the side
where it’s hard to bot views today You have the YouTube purge where YouTube
purges subscribers that are inactive or subscribers that don’t watch your
videos and that helps get rid of bots and most of all this is testable Testable for you Now, I don’t advise it because botting views is against YouTube’s terms of services, but if you’re curious… Don’t follow this advice if you love your YouTube channel But you can buy views and if you
do go viral contact me because I guarantee you it is hard to become
a popular youtube purchasing views I don’t think it’s possible but now comes the biggest conspiracy theory of Janelle’s channel It’s that she’s an industry plant Now, how does it YouTube benefit from someone being an industry plant? Conditioning is a very real thing
with in commercials Beer commercials for instance often have attractive women, sometimes they’re located on a beach and it’s to subconsciously tell the viewer, if you drink this type of beer you can have this lifestyle too now conditioning can be a little bit stronger
when the brand introduces a character because now that character is
associated with those things But you can place that
character everywhere and there’s two types of characters brands use one that’s completely fake. The mascot The Burger King guy. The Geico gecko Brands can shape this character
however they want The other character is actual people. These people have some sort of life story that happened to them That makes the brand associate that
story with their brand for example sports athletes
partnering up with shoes And here’s the thing, it’s so much easier to
deal with this fake character because you don’t have to deal with the problematic thing that advertisers are afraid of Well, with YouTube the viewers
want real people So is Jenelle Eliana real? Or is she an industry plant? You’ll often see the faces YouTube wants to be represented by something called YouTube Rewind It’s this end of the year video YouTube puts out that features the biggest events and creators Well as long as your advertiser friendly one of the biggest conspiracy theories of
Jenelle Eliana is that she’s one of these faces that
are advertiser friendly But she’s an industry plant an actor placed here by YouTube just so
they can attract more advertisers What has led to such a theory is past
brand ambassadors. There seems to be a pattern of characters: teen male heartthrobs, LGBTQ+ representatives, and in this case it seems to be the females superstar each year the same characters represent youtube and once they get too old and the audience is uninterested someone new repaces them in the comments of Janelle’s video some have speculated that she’s to replace Liza Koshy now that she’s more concentrated
on television I did a video a few months back
about Joana Ceddia who blew up to 1 million subscribers
within three months There was the same kind of whispering that she might be an industry plant Also other than gossip and whispers there really isn’t any solid evidence that she is So how plausible do I think that Jenelle Eliana is an industry plant? 1%. Maybe 5% According to her Instagram she’s been
living in her van since 2017. her first post though was on July 2018 meaning she’s had a digital footprint for over a year And she didn’t really appear out of nowhere. 1 year is also a really long time to train an industry plant It’d be more effective for YouTube to find established channels that have been uploading for some time and align with their advertising policies they would then theoretically contact these channels and ask them to be a representative of their brand a creator who’s only uploaded two videos may not have that much dedication to the platform because of this short time span
that they have been here Furthermore, blowing up a supposed industry plant channel this much in a short amount of time isn’t the smartest So it’s very unlikely for Janelle to be an industry plant. Now though, how did her channel blow up? To be honest, watching the rapid growth of my channel was a little overwhelming I needed to take up step back from social media for my mental and physical health
because I was not prepared for this On her one-year on Instagram, she
accumulated over 100,000 followers Now with YouTube, there are a few factors
that could lead to a viral video click-through rate and watch time The click-through rate is the rate at which someone will click on the video upon them seeing it on their feed the more people click the video when
they see it to appear, the more YouTube will promote it the more people see it and skip it,
the more it won’t be promoted This is a big reason people use clickbait titles. Before you go crazy with a clickbait title though There’s another factor in virality: Watch Time Or how long one watches the video the more an individual stays to watch
it, the more it’ll be promoted We can assume Jenelle checks off both
these boxes clicks and watch time Her established audience from Instagram would be enough to gain her clicks and watchtime since she created content for that niche. However, I wouldn’t warrant her Instagram audience as the sole purpose she gained a large audience in a short amount of time her sudden popularity can additionally be attributed to the popularity of the topic shes creating content about According to Google Trends, the search term van life is at its highest popularity right now Sure, of course, there’s some luck involved but there’s also strategy to help inch your way in that direction of that luck You can actually use that to grow your own social media presence and your own channel And you don’t have to be this influencer that you know takes photos by the beach and stuff like that You can use it to grow a sustainable business This is a plausible career that people
are going after now One of the best audiobooks that helped motivate me is “Crushing It” by Gary Vee He talks about how the Internet is such an
amazing tool to build your business, but people around you just don’t get it. They think you’re crazy and it’s this thing that isn’t gonna work out So yeah, it’s very motivational if you’re into
growing your social media presence. you want to do that to build a business Currently audible is running a special
for Amazon Prime members If you’re an Amazon Prime member you can save 66% off if you join audible today before July 31st It’s just gonna be $4.95 for the first three months and then after that it’s back to regular price $14.95 July 31st is coming up fast. So you better sign up soon Go to audible.com/psych or text PSYCHIRL to 500500 So the reason I said 5% is that I don’t think she’s an industry plant, but she may have had help. may have but not on her behalf. Like she didn’t go
ask any corporations Hey, I need help. Please grow my youtube channel but she has appeared on several articles and that may have led to some traffic onto her channel and it’s a combination of these things
that helped boost her channel I’ve noticed the same thing with
another creator Matt D’avella. He’s the director of the Netflix
documentary: Minimalism His podcast series did okay But when he started uploading videos
about minimalism his channel just took off so for him, it was a combination of his Netflix documentary and this trending topic of minimalism Now, he didn’t exactly get to 1 million subscribers within 3 weeks or 2 videos but how did Jenelle do it then? Now, I think a lot of people miss this part
and they underestimate this part but it’s her demographic her age. She’s a teen Teens just do so much better on YouTube On the surface. It may look like Janelle is only here to replace someone like Liza Koshy But that may only be a half-truth. Despite us seeing these similar
characters on YouTube over and over again. If you didn’t already notice, I happen
to be an identical twin Yes Grayson and I are in fact twins. We are twins. We’re the Merrel twins They’ve existed long before the internet Yes, a corporation does put them together But that’s because they sell and their biggest buying demographic is teens Teens relate to these characters because it helps them develop their own sense of identity Finding out what you like in a significant other Or finding out who you are in
someone you can relate to So it isn’t exactly that people are replacing female superstars every year in terms of YouTube of course it’s more likely that every year, there’s a new batch of teenagers looking for someone they can identify with it’s hard to do that with someone who’s 30 years old that demand is now being reflected by Jenelle and on YouTube by teens and who they make popular the difference is one is being chosen by a corporation while the other is being chosen by the viewer The argument then becomes if YouTube knows teens sell why wouldn’t they choose their own stars? That one’s pretty easy The algorithm is better and faster at choosing the next teen stars Gathering millions of teens data on who they would click on and who would they watch the longest seems pretty efficient to me This is further exemplified when we see artificial growth or growth outside the means of the algorithm legendary youtuber Johnny D His voice make my heart melt into a million pieces and then he repairs it again A few creators who received shoutouts from larger ones don’t nearly have the numbers their sub count reflect it just goes to show you you can’t cheat growth on a platform based on what viewers want to see you can get all the shoutouts in the world but if viewers don’t like your video, you’re
not going to grow here I think a lot of marketers say that old YouTube is dead and that you can’t do variety content anymore but I think that it’s harder to do. But if you’re
a teen, Go for it! A lot of you send me these teen vloggers who all of a sudden blow up and they’re not doing niche content They’re just being themselves. They’re talking to the camera. They’re doing that Emma Chamberlain editing they’re getting numbers like fifty thousand really fast and a lot of you guys are showing me
these people and I’m like Oh my gosh, how are they beating me? They’re just they’re just talking to the cameras are doing Will I get a lot of subscribers if I do this ? Or this? I think a lot of that is because people forget what YouTube actually is. It’s not TV like YouTube was and is for that matter is this thing where you talk into a camera and you connect with other people, it’s it’s this internet community that’s what it is. And that’s what it kind of always will be and I don’t think that’s going away anytime soon That’s the end of the video. I will see you guys next time. Stay Psyched!

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