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Jeffree Star x Morphe Brushes Reveal

Jeffree Star x Morphe Brushes Reveal

what’s up everybody? welcome back to my
channel! hi how are ya? now in today’s video let’s just dive right in because I
am really really excited to be revealing drumroll please… the Morphe Brushes
Jeffree Star brush collection!!!! YASSSSS! now this bad boy has been in the works for a
very long time and today we’re gonna be revealing everything that is inside and
I also did a few other products which will all be of course revealed in
today’s video!! now before we dive into everything here I have to say a quick
little story and now you guys I know you’re like wow
Jeffree Star is collabing with someone else and it’s not with my brand no this
is me as an individual this has nothing to do with Jeffree Star cosmetics as you
all know my brand is sold in every morphe brushes store and of course on
their online website now.. me and morphe go way way back for highlight today I’m
gonna be using the morphe m3 10 fan brush I love this this is really nice to
just chisel you can do the morphe 510 which I love this guy so let’s use this
one right now to buff out the under eye and help it look really flawless I’m
gonna be using this tiny morphe 5 1-3 brush I love this morning perfect for
detail okay I’m gonna play a clip right now from when I talked about making
brushes with morphe I have a collab coming out with morphe brushes yes I am
obsessed with them you guys know I use them in all my videos I’m gonna show you
a little sneak peek of a few of them should we do it should we do it okay
we’re doing it BAM now this was all the way back in 2015
coming into 16 now me and more feet we go way back now lipstick NIC introduced
me two more feet years ago and I’ll never forget when she came up to me and
she’s like Jeffrey you have to check out this brand the brushes are affordable
but they’re amazing and I was like okay girl look I’m too having to try anything
especially when it comes from such a amazing and talented artist looking back
I would have never imagined we would be growing together all these years so this
story to me is pretty special because Nicole brings me two more fees very
first store in Burbank California it was a tiny little store and I went in
there and it was magical there was brushes all over the walls and I was
like this is aesthetically amazing so I shop I get some brushes I go home I
try them love them now if you guys go back to my very first video on my
channel I’m using morphe I’m talking about them and I am just I’ve always
just lived for them you guys know I’ve never had a code with morphe but I
really stand behind their brand and I have always wanted to make my own
brushes so fast for it’s a lipstick NIC taking me to the morphe store meeting
the owners and falling in love with their vision they told me such big
dreams and hopes and it reminded me a lot of myself and the vision that I had
for my brand I met them I had three lipsticks JSC had just launched and they
were like okay let me try it out and it’s just crazy how over the years we
have gone to really bond become family and now to finally be able to create
something together for all of you guys is so magical a lot of you have been
asking even to this day where the jeffree star morphe brushes where are
they what ever happened to this what ever
happened to that and I’ve always kind of like skated by but the real T is morphe
and my brand were both growing very fast and at the time it just was not right it
didn’t feel right we had started an idea but then they were skyrocketing I was
skyrocketing and you guys years years went by and I was like okay I would love
to revisit this idea when I decided to put my brand into the morphe stores it
was such a big deal to me because you guys know I am NOT into retail but we
have grown together and built such an amazing partnership I thought it was
time to make something magical so now you guys let’s dive in into the morphe
Jeffrey star brush collection now when I was creating this I wanted to do
something that was both face and eye because you guys know I live for skin
and I love dramatic eyes so of course I had to create all in one so this is
seven custom eye and face brushes now let’s dive in so when you guys purchase
the brush set this is how it comes I’m actually going to show you the real one
that you get fully wrapped because you know mama is all about the packaging so
it comes in the starstruck makeup bag course it will come fully wrapped so let
me just take the plastic off like you would be getting it in the mail
it comes filled of course girl she’s sealed all right now here is what it
looks like you know how to give you the eyes on the cover now this is the
starstruck bag it is very iconic and very chic with a little pink peekaboo
vibe to it there is silver holographic detailing
girl I wanted it to be very me of course so everything is in my iconic pink
now let’s zipper open now when you open it up every brush comes wrapped and
sealed on its own you guys ready to dive do the brushes now when you open them of
course they all are individually wrapped so let me go into the one that is not
wrapped so we can really dive in and I can show you guys everything alright now
I’ve taken off the plastic on everything for this set so let’s dive in to b7i and
face brushes alright you guys now you know I am a packaging Queen I wanted
these to look like pink icicles like diamonds like a stiletto now every brush
head is custom there is synthetic and natural which we will dive into in a
second now you know I’m all about quality these feel so soft okay now
we’re gonna go through all of the brushes we’re gonna show you everything
and we’re gonna talk about what they do how they work and now as I go down the
list of all the brushes I am gonna insert clips of me using them and I’m
gonna be just telling you guys about them as I go over it now I am probably
gonna have no wig or makeup on so I’m so sorry run no just kidding
alright let’s go through all the brushes let’s just give you all the tea right
now so before we go through all the brushes by the way this does come out
this is a protectant BAM hello and we’re gonna put this right in here now let’s
get down to all the nitty gritty now this full set retails for $49 you
are getting a 42 percent discount because if you were to buy all the
brushes individually they would be $84 so high savings how are ya all right now
the full I am brush set and if the beauty tools I am about to show you in a
second will be available february 5th of course in
every morphe brushes store and their e-commerce website whoa I’m so excited
also I quickly want to note that on the day of the launch on Murphy’s website
each brush will also be available individually so if you’re like six and
maybe not one girl you can snag them up of course there will be the full
collection so let’s open her up and see what’s going on okay the first brush is
json’ this is the size Queen brush now a lot of you have seen me apply my
foundation with a beauty sponge of course we’ll get to that in a second but
I’ve been applying foundation with a brush for years and years before the
sponge trend when morphe first gave me their buffer foundation brush years ago
I dyed it like change my way of applying foundation so when Beauty sponges
happened I kind of set her aside but so many other makeup artists loved using
face brushes on me whether it’s lipstick NIC or Mama Mitchell they always use a
brush like this to apply it and I had to have one in my set now as you see as I’m
applying it all you got to do is buff and blend by doing quick circular
motions and you’re gonna have a seamless foundation look which bitch you know
that is the only thing that I live for this applies foundation with ease if
you’re someone that doesn’t like a wet sponge or you’re more of someone that’s
like on hands and you like to blend or be an artist this brush is for you and
as I go through each brush I will tell you about the hair of course this is for
liquid products so this is synthetic bristles now you guys know I am a powder
Queen so js2 is the point blank precision brush I love setting my under
eyes I love putting powder everywhere so this is the brush for that the bristles
are amazing of course they are synthetic they fit perfectly into all of the
contours of your face you want to get right up in there it gets really in now
this brush gives you a very smooth application with any powder product and
if you want to go full on this will do the job for you now whether you’re using
this brush to wipe away your baked if you’re doing a little concealer moment
or you can take like your pressed powder I love just taking the brush
pressing it in and then packing it on the skin oh it’s so good and this will
give you that beautiful mannequin look then I live for here is brush js3 this
is the iconic contour brush now lipstick Nick first used this brush on me God
years ago and it was an old school morphe brush with a little different
shape I wanted to make something a little more it doe me but she would use
it and I was like girl for contour and the way she would do it and the way
would go along the nose it was so just soft and pretty and it was just like oh
okay and it’s always fun just the other makeup artists do my face because of
course I have been doing my makeup for a very long time a specific way so to see
another artist translate their vision on my canvas is really fun so this brush
changed my life I really love it now it’s really good for small areas as well
you could you know build product pretty easy and I love the way that these
handles are shaped it is like an icicle or like a diamond cut but the way that
you can hold it is so easy it doesn’t feel weird there’s no like weird like
you know I look well I’ve you some crazy brushes some mermaids and unicorns and
that shit did not feel good in my hand this feels very sleek and BAM also this
brush slays very good with powder and cream or liquid products as the bristles
are synthetic js4 is one of my favorites this is the fly high brush now we all
know I am a high lighting Queen I love to glow from outer space highlighting is
my obsession even with my own brand I made one highlighter formula and then
somehow I made three or four whether it’s liquid or powder I am obsessed with
the globe but we all know I’ve been using a brush like this from morphe for
years now I’ve also been using this one secretly off camera for a few months now
I’m obsessed now I think I’ve used the morphe 510 in god 100 videos by now it
is the easiest brush to apply that stunning glow of course this is natural
hair I wanted to make something that was really super soft and put the products
on with ease now if you’re someone has a little too no eyebrows this is really
fun to do to the highlighter palette and also just
go anywhere you want it’s easier to kind of like get bigger areas and it hits the
cheekbones the nose the Cupid’s bow the chin you can highlight your whole body
and existence with this one here is the js7 double trouble brush now I want to
create a pink spoolie and an eyebrow brush in one I am obsessed with this now
we all know I’ve been drawing on my eyebrows since 10th grade I’ll never
forget the day I did it BAM goodbye and I’ve been drawing them on ever since
last year I kind of spent the majority of the year taking time off from brows
but baby they’re back this year this brush if we zoom in is razor sharp now
my problem with a lot of brands is that the bristles are too fat or too thick so
when I someone has zero hair to work with go in to apply it it was spreading
powder it was making things weird I wanted to be able to flick hair and end
product whether it’s gel or powder on with an easy application and it was hard
for me the brow brush that I’ve been using I’ve had literally 12 years I want
to say it’s an old Aveda brush that I maybe my dog chewed in half and I still
salvaged it but it was so thin I wanted to create something like that now we all
know that you can use this angled end to draw on your brows if you have none like
myself you can use it to carve out your brow with concealer and of course flip
it around high spoolie how are you of course we all know you can use this
to brush out harsh brow lines if you’re someone that has hair which probably 90%
of you watching this now if you’re someone that uses a pomade to draw on
your brows before the product dries take this and flick it and it will give you a
softer appearance as you guys see in the b-roll yes all right now let’s dive into
eyes here is the js5 crease queen brush you can really get into the detailing of
your eyes with this now I do have deep set eyes so I wanted to create something
for me and for everyone out there to really use because this has longer hairs
that are natural so natural hairs are gonna apply powder flawlessly I love
this brush because you can place the products all in the right spots and you
can buff out to perfection it’s very easy and I love how it just fits right
in that eye socket good morning here is Jay
six the rule blender brush this is a little different than five of course
let’s hold them up for comparison’s hi how are ya now Jay s6 is really good for
carving out a chisel I look you can pack on products with this and it really
gives you that opaque look in a blink of an eye I love just taking this brush you
can pack on color you can go under the eye and I love the short density so if
you really want to get in that crease this is it for you baby
now you guys know I love eye brushes I have learned to do my entire eyelid
literally these two brushes so if you’re someone that likes an easy type of glam
on the go this is for you now just like js5 this also is a natural haired
bristle and it applies product amazing all right you guys here are all seven of
the face and eye Geoffrey start morphe brushes eye I’m so happy we’ve been
working in this for a long time I know so many people say that during launches
but I wanted everything to be perfect you guys know I am a stickler for
perfection when it comes to products and I didn’t want to bring anything but the
best for you guys so let’s do a little recap this entire brush set with the
starstruck makeup bag does retail for $49 of course this will be in every
morphe brushes store location which by the way they’re opening up a lot more
this year saddle up this will also be available on morphe brushes calm of
course on February 5th oh my god that is like around the corner and if you’re
watching this in the future they’re out oh my god okay but you guys thought I
was done oh no no no no no no no no we also we also have some tools coming out
miss mama we have the morphe jeffree star beauty sponge trio yeah
now if you’re someone that doesn’t like applying your foundation with a brush a
bitch I got you now this amazing moment has three custom Beauty sponges we all
know let’s pull them out I have so many I have been using the red one for a
moment a minute for months and months now I’ve been using this I love it when
it’s wet the way it expands I love how it feels and it really gets in there and
then of course well let’s put the red one down and let’s open up the jeffree
star ones all right now when you take it out of the packaging here is what it
looks like there are three beauty sponges or right here yes let’s take
them out now this is a very cult favorite for morphe people lid for the
sponge including myself and I go baby I want to make a pink Geoffrey start
version now of course this is the highlight and contour sponge this whole
thing including the brushes are a limited edition I do want to say that
right now in case you’re like girl what’s the what’s the T that’s the T
mama now this is the highlight and contour sponge it’s baby pink and it’s
paired with two brand new mini highlight and contour sponges which I love the
minis I’m actually gonna go wet them right now so you can see how they expand
and then it will dive into everything all right I just wet the highlight and
contour sponge it is at its full peak and of course this is the full-size
version here is what the mini looks like and then when you wet the mini here is
how big the mini gets yes now I love these ones for concealer under the eye
if you’re someone that has really long nails or it’s harder to reach for you in
certain crevices of your nose or eye girl this is it you can really get in
the nitty-gritty as I call it and get up all the gig and this blends out amazing
alright now what is the T on this let’s get into it of course this launches the
same day on February 5th with the brush set and this will be retailing for
sixteen and dollars with all three sponges yes girl how are you okay so
what do you guys think of everything sound off below I am beyond excited
grateful and just so appreciative of the morphe team for believing in me and
letting me create something so fabulous with them I have been with morphe since
day one and to be able to create brushes which have been so high
requested for me is a dream come true so shout out to the morphe team for
believing in me and my dreams and what I wanted to accomplish baby I think we did
it and I’m so proud of these brushes and sponges so you guys sound off below what
do you think of everything I’m now gonna quickly throw up some images from the
campaign you guys are about to see these all over social media in stores and
everything we had so much fun creating these images I don’t even know what is
my favorite moment the blond hair the long ponytail I want to do something
different I mean you guys I have been doing photo shoots since 2005 can you
imagine I have done so many looks every hair color in the book so I’m trying to
always reinvent and keep things really fresh so I am so proud of this campaign
the brushes the sponges and everything so I am just so proud of everything that
we’ve done I also quickly want to say thank you to everyone out there watching
for even making this possible thank you guys for always believing in me and my
dreams alright let’s do a quick recap you guys the brushes and the sponge set
will of course be in morphe stores and online February but I’m so excited now
everything you did see in today’s video is a limited edition so girl don’t play
games all right you guys thank you so much for watching today’s video and for
watching this announcement I am gonna go celebrate and let out a deep sigh
because I’ve been holding in this secret for months and to finally have it out
there is so unreal alright you guys I love you so much and I will see you on
the next one mwah bye guys

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