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Janoe Arijanto on factors affecting advertising in Indonesia

Janoe Arijanto on factors affecting advertising in Indonesia

There are three foundations that affect the landscape in Indonesia recently There are several foundations but the most influential lately are three one is technology, two is media, and the third is content but the most influential is technology, which affects changes in media and how people access information the strongest in technology are major changes in mobile and rapid changes in internet. there’s the question that if the internet, digital media changes so massively will there then be an equally massive change in how people or marketers spend on digital ads? there is definitely a change but not necessarily in parallel or logically equivalent quantitatively what’s happening is user generated content or consumer generated content grows very rapidly and provides information and eventually becomes trusted over time CGM (consumer generated media) affects how people trust advertising and that is being tested right now The information about consumers today, which are commercial information, come from themselves and there are also commercials designed by advertisers These two kinds of information are currently in competition The reality is consumers are becoming even more independent. They no longer receive information in a top down manner but they also produce information and later access them in sharing forums. That’s what’s getting more challenging in today’s marketing communications There are other questions. There is evidence that TV remains viewed by 90% of the people that’s television being viewed roughly daily, but do they watch them? There’s certainly a shift the shift in how they watch television, do they actually watch or are they also on their phones, iPads, laptops? Because today it’s all multi screen. And then is information on television competing with what’s on other screens? what they talk about in other forums, what they share with their friends? At the same time is TV being tested against other media in terms of its power? That’s what’s happening in Indonesia

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