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James Charles x Morphe Reveal

James Charles x Morphe Reveal

(Camera beep and shutter sounds) (Foot steps) Yass James (Beat-boxing) GETIT Ah (BREATHE) *me dancing by myself) (Beat-boxing) (clap clap) Hey! Ohhhhh…(Clap Clap) Hey Ohhhhh…(Clap Clap) Hey Hey ohhhhhh… (Clap Clap) Hey hey! Oh yeah! Ohhhhh…(Clap Clap) Hey(Choir) ohhhhh… (clap clap) Hey! Ohhhh (Whispers)Unleash your inner artist (Shutter clicks and beep) *MORPHE X JAMES CHARLES* Hi Sisters, James Charles here and welcome back to my youtube channel or should I say… my palette! Oh My God you guys! todays video I’ve been wanting to film for literally so many months now it’s not even funny today is the grande reveal of my Sister Collection with Morphe, that I’ve been working on for over a year now and I am so beyond excited to show you guys everything that we have in store First of all, can we just talk about that little commercial that you just saw fully produced by me, makeup by me music by me and my best friends Anthony and Brenna so much fun, so good, so fresh so I guess we should just like jump into it I figured I should show you guys the James Charles artistry palette first oh my god, this is the packaging right here, we have this beautiful look right here that you guys just saw at the end of the campaign commercial I created this over six months ago now and you have no idea I have never wanted to post an instagram picture more in my entire life But I’ve had to hold it back and keep it a secret I am so proud of how this look turned out it was inspired by my look from 2017, blank canvas and we have this beautiful light grey packaging then we have Morphe x James Charles in my iconic sister signature in just a white glossy font the packaging is super super minimalist but I absolutely love it and think it is just so chic if we turn the palette to the back we have this cute little note from me, sister James it says, “Hi Sisters! James Charles here and welcome back to my palette. I love glam but I also have a huge passion for crazy, colourful, outside of the box makeup and I’ve created this palette with that in mind. I included every beautifully formulated shade necessary to create literally any look you could possibly imagine.” We’ll get into that in a second. “I cannot wait to see what you come up with when you unleash your inner artist.” – James Charles. THAT’S ME! THIS IS MY PALETTE! As well as the palette we also have my brush collection launching as well these two together complete the James Charles X Morphe Sister Collection I am so beyond excited, this is basically my all time favorite Morphe brushes but also a few different new brushes that I made myself as well I’m gonna be jumping into this a little bit later on in the video so make sure you stay tuned but for now lets jump into this baby We just pop her, right on open this is a brand new one Comes in bubble wrap so it stays protected when it’s shipping (excited exhale) TA DA! OH MY GOD! There she is! So the palette comes in matte black, soft touch I literally love how these feel so so so much and the text on the front is in shiny black says Morphe X James Charles just like the packaging on the outside in the white it is just very very sleek minimalistic, very much my overall style Oh my God I haven’t opened this on camera before I’M SO EXCITED! OKAY! OKAY! OKAY! Okay If you open it up we have, (Music playing in the back) Hallelujah! Hallelujah! (Screams) 39 beautiful, amazing colors Now the top of the packaging we have this little saying right up here that you heard at the end of the campaign commercial in my little (whispers) ASMR voice (laughs) and that is “Unleash your inner artist” Now I’ve has this quote in the notes app on my phone for literally 2 years now and I knew that I wanted to use it for a big project and, hello, what better to use it for than this eyeshadow palette My mission as an artist since I joined the community has always just been making it fun, creating new content, doing things that nobody would ever dare to do. Taking a step away from tutorials and making beauty videos actually entertaining. Playing with color, playing with avant-garde looks that most people wouldn’t necessarily deem “wearable everyday content” and through doing that I have been able to express myself and put myself out there and find all of you sisters and find such an amazing audience that also has such a love and appreciation for art so that is why we are unleashing our inner artist with this collection Now obviously you’ll notice that there is a plastic wrap that comes over all the shades This obviously protects them while traveling BUT, all the shade names are also listed on every single one of the colors There are 39 ICONIC shade names that you guys are definitely going to recognize from all of my sister sayings and also some things that definitely has a personal meaning to me as well We are going to get into those in a quick second but for now I’m just going to take this off and show you guys the palette in all of its glory! Obviously you guys know that the Morphe Palettes usually come with 35, this one comes with 39 with the middle row all having bigger pans This is obviously remodeled after the 39A which is the palette that launched last holiday season that I was actually the model for! I’m going to dive into each individual shade in a second BUT, before I do that I want to split the palette into 3 sections, and kind of explain how I organized it and why it looks like what it does and its going to make a lot more sense RIGHT NOW! So, “Unleash your inner artist” The whole point of creating my Sister Collection with Morphe was that I felt like there was something missing on the market and that was one eyeshadow palette that could truly create any single look Now I know this palette is obviously very, very big BUT, the whole point in making this was that you could travel with it, take it anywhere take it on set with you if you’re a working makeup artist have it in your kit if you’re an in home beauty guru like myself, and literally be able to create ANY single look imaginable So the top two rows of the palette are for my more everyday, wearable, glam shade type of people Now the middle row you’ll notice are all the bigger shades Now Morphe did this for the first time in the 39A palette and they did that all the transition shades which I though that was so cool to have a transition shade for each different skin tone BUT, you definitely don’t need 7 different transition shades, so what did I do? I made the seven middle shades all the most used shades not matter what look you’re creating So, we have a matte white and a matte black Perfect for setting your base or deepening anything up whether it be a typical everyday glam look OR an artistry or even a drag look We have a highlighting shade This is literally one of the most beautiful highlighters ever, I will show you in a second And then, these four colors are all four colors needed to create literally any warm toned smokey eye SO, you have your transition shade, you have your deepening shade you have your further deepening shade, and then you have your FURTHER deepening shade Now what you’ve all been waiting for, last but certainly not least, The bottom two rows of the palette are all of our rainbow shades NOW, as an artist and starting off I have always wanted my perfect rainbow eyeshadow kit But I have never been able to find it Obviously the Morphe 35B has been something that I have used for a very, very long time but it is gone now RIP, gone, and now to be forgot to be replaced by this baby right here There were definitely a lot of shades in there that I felt like needed a major, major improvement So, when I had this palette idea I worked with Morphe very very closely to formulate every single one of these shades to create literally the most bomb rainbow eyeshadow colors you will ever see in your entire life So before we actually get into the individual swatches I do want to kinda go over each of the individual formulas we have going on in here because there’re quite a few I did tell you guys that this is a very very versatile palette and I was definitely not lying SO, we of course have out beautiful metallic shades all throughout the palette they are going to be applied best with your finger or a damp brush using a sister setting spray We do have one glitter, kinda metallic pigment as well You guys are going to be shook when you see this And this is kind of like a layering shade that is best packed on lightly We have one beautiful, blinding highlight shade as well and then of course, the majority of this palette is beautiful, vibrant, pigmented, RAINBOW matte shades Now I do want to touch on the matte shades and some of these formulas behind them because, most of the mattes in this palette are considered pressed pigments and not typical eyeshadows Now, what does that mean? I didn’t know until very recently when I was formulating this with Morphe but now I do so I want to share it with you guys The ingredients in pressed pigments are just slightly different than eyeshadows And they are actually exactly what their name says It is literally just the actual color pigment pressed right into a pan, ready for you to use Where as an eyeshadow has a lot of other stuff mixed in it as well to make it perform really beautifully Now, that being said by doing pressed pigments it allows you to make the most vibrant, true to color product ever and I am so incredibly proud of these As an artist I will stay straight up to you guys some of these pressed pigments are a little bit harder to work with Just because you have to use slightly different techniques BUT, once you figure them out they are so incredibly beautiful and I know you guys are gonna fall in love with them So my advice to you, I have personally found that packing on the pressed pigments with a flat brush works the absolute best to get maximum color pay off and to make sure all the shadows stay in place AND, as well, I always use Shape Tape or my concealer as an eyelid primer before doing any eyeshadow For the pressed pigments I would actually not recommend this Now this may come as a little bit of a shock to you guys but if you’ve been subscribed to me for a very very long time you know that I am definitely a firm believer in the makeup conspiracy that primer is a scam Now, I low-key do still stand behind that to this day, BUT, when it comes to these pressed pigments I swear to God you guys, myself and the Morphe team have found out over the past several months that using these pressed pigments on an actual product that is formulated for the eyelids is going to make the shades perform so beautifully and is going to give you the best result possible Now, I really like using the Mac Paint Pot for this and I also like the Morphe eyelid primer as well It is only a few dollors with code “JAMES” for 10% off your purchase Now I have never believed in this, I have never cared enough, but, through trying these pressed pigments I will 100% say confidently that you are going to want to use a product specifically formulated for the eyelids For maximum blend-ability, for maximum pay off, and for maximum pigmentation with all that being said, lets jump into the swatches So the first shade in the top left corner is called “Canvas” it is inspired by my iconic blank canvas look from last year It is just a super light bone colored shade and it is perfect for setting the lid, AKA, starting off with a blank canvas You can’t really see that because it is like my skin tone color, but it is there I promise Next up we have the shade “Ring Light” which is obviously inspired by my iconic yearbook story that started it all and this one is just like a metallic kind of bright gold It’s literally almost metallic white And here’s what it looks like So pretty, hello Next to “Ring Light” we have this gold shade called “So Good” I love this color so much When creating a gold I really wanted it to be a light true gold I feel like so many golds either read too bronzy or too yellow and this one is like right in the middle So good! Wow I’m not good at swatches Okay, oopsies Next to “So Good” we have this bright orange shade Which is called “518” inspired by my hometown area code My school colors were orange and black, so this is like a little ode to my past life basically And this one is a bright vivid orange Now, this formula looks matte but it is one of the shades in the palette that is a pressed pigment Here is “518” Oh! So good! Right there, haha Next to “518” we have a little bit more vivid orange color This one is called “Rusted” Cause I always say “Crusted, busted, dusted, and rusted” and it’s kinda what this color reminds me of So pigmented This shade right here is a metallic bright orange color And it is called “Halloween” inspired by my favorite time of the entire year And when I officially started doing makeup for the first time Oh my God All the metallic shades in this palette are truly unmatched Look at that Next to “Halloween” we have this really unique browny-gold type of shade right here This one is going to be perfect to placing right on the lid for a smokey, sultry look And this one is called “Wig” Oh my God. Gorg And then finally to complete the top row we have this cool tone brown shade called “Tea” because I love a good sister sip of tea and this is literally just the perfect cool tone brown for deepening up any look And that is the first row of the glam shades all done So starting off the second row right here we have this light cool tone brown shade called “Punch Me”

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