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J.D. Scholten’s Campaign Announcement

J.D. Scholten’s Campaign Announcement

it is here among the rolling hills along the endless road in the wind its in the dirt and the mud and the soil in our callused hands their gentle touch the sense of who we are it is here in the field and in the seed amongst the cattle; the machine in our towns and in our homes our blessings and our troubles and, the elders who know too much and our children who know too little it is here our virtues passed down through the seasons sowed in the earth from long ago grown, and nurtured, and tended to it is here rooted within us within him

13 thoughts on “J.D. Scholten’s Campaign Announcement

  1. Glad to see you in the race J.D.! Also good to see so many familiar faces in your campaign announcement video! Well-done!

  2. I am amped to get started once again in making this a WIN &not a CLOSE LOSS in 2018. Lets do this thing people of the 4th District!

  3. J.D. Sholten seems like a swell guy.
    We need Steve King out of office, he does not represent Iowa or America.

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