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It’s Not About The Number of Your Instagram Followers

It’s Not About The Number of Your Instagram Followers

Instagram is really never meant for
growth in followers alright people welcome back to my channel Mike The Dope Toast
It’s Mike here this week we’re not doing Draw With Mike unfortunately if
you really came to tune in just to watch that random drawing Instagram is
introducing a more convenient way to create story ads you can just go to your
story and you know snap a photo of something and just add some text and you
can promote that as an individual story ad wow that’s pretty convenient Facebook
manager is actually launching Instagram Analytics which is pretty similar to
what Facebook already had it’s going to show you how many clicks how many
swipe up how many views are going to convert into real customers so it’s
beyond likes comments saved um DM followers it’s about conversion if you
are unable to convert your followers into buyers into people that are going
to watch your YouTube your email list it’s going to turn into your super loyal
fan it’s so important whatever you’re doing must actually able to convert people
however you might actually do it 10 times and nobody converts into your
loyal fan it takes time and consistency to push yourself out makes people
realize that how trust-able how worthy that they are going to spend their time on
you it’s about how you think and how you execute indeed followers are important
from time to time they’re accumulated it’s not just about
algorithm it’s not just about metric but it’s about how many people here and here
is respecting you is liking you is loving what you’re doing even I have
this question in my mind all the time Why am I not growing like fast why I am not
growing so many followers in one day but I think the biggest question comes to my
mind is that why I need those growth in the first place what is the purpose behind
it’s going to be a pain for you to keep thinking about so now I really came to
the place that I don’t want to f**king care about those things I care about how many people are
going to convert cross-platform supporting me that’s my purpose make
sure that you set a goal for yourself goal is the fundamental thing what matter the
most right here it’s that how you want to execute so once you understand your goal
how many days you’re going to achieve that it’s quite hard to say that you
don’t know whether this person is going to convert by at the end of the month for something it’s going to take time but I think what
you need to do is to at least you’re putting out content now we speak about
Instagram putting out story DM people doing all the basic that everyone
told you to do obviously but now you have a goal you know which direction you
are heading for you’re not just blindly posting every post serve a purpose is
your post serving the purpose of converting people commenting leaving
feedback follow you but because they love your content up because they want
you to follow them back if I can convert one person with one post with one action
I think I’m satisfied the more the merrier obviously without like a core
notion you’re going to lose really quickly you’re going to lose the momentum
how many of those people that have been following me have been my supporters
since day 1 are still my supporters right now are those people still exist
in your circle in your sphere of influence that’s a good question
leave a comment down below I would say maybe 5 or 10 people that truly supports
you no matter what reverse engineer now what you can do to push those things of
course you can’t force relationship you have to be as real as possible you have
to be you how many people you can keep right now is the most important let’s
say 10 people actually going to like your post they’re going to comment and
to share they’re going to should give you a shout out they even going to share
it with their family and friends real impact in real life not just online presence if
you’re able to have that real impact even through your online presence 10
people can be hundred let’s be a little bold hundred can be thousand you just need
that 1000 fans super fan are the people are going to do anything for you not
you know illegal but you know they’re really going to help you in certain way
probably like last few months I completely switch my content completely doing
something different right now I really see that totally different scene people
come to me not because I just post a beautiful picture they come to me
because they want to be part of this like these past two months I talked to my
friend and said I really feel content by doing that like if you’ve never meant to
be something else don’t try to force about that just be you just trying to do
something else that not only makes you happy but it’s sure it will convert when
I see the result even though it’s not so many but it would just keep continue
continue on real impact turned into real revenue
obviously I don’t think it’s necessarily a bad thing for you to think about growth
but I think you need to put things into perspective I would say asking but you
know keep begging for those numbers coming in you’re being controlled by
algorithm you’re controlled by Instagram you might suffer a lot of like mental you
know you’re not being healthy you might actually not doing a lot of things
abandoned your real life sacrifice for nothing so my last piece of advice is
that fill the void what in your niche that nobody is doing do that that’s all
it’s never too crowded there is always room for everyone there is always the
white space that can attack probably the best one you want to heard but before I
say goodbye to everyone just want to make some announcement that next week is
going to be the last episode Everything Instagram I don’t know how
far I’m gonna carry maybe I would do a new series about that leave your
Instagram handle down below if you want I can check you guys out if you have
any inquiries or if you have problems like this video if you like it subscribe to this
channel hit the bell so you wouldn’t miss any new content coming from
Mike The Dope Toast so see you guys in the next one so happy holidays in advance!

3 thoughts on “It’s Not About The Number of Your Instagram Followers

  1. I like how you say this. It's so true that it doesn't matter how many people follow you if they're not converting into sales. It's much better to build up real relationships with the real people out there! Well said my friend.

  2. Thank you.. I just tried the story ads and it doesn't load.. Keeps telling me my post is the wrong aspect ratio. Tried a few different things and still says no.. I'm on Android so… Have you tried the ads yet?

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