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It’s Never the Right Time to Monetize

It’s Never the Right Time to Monetize

– I don’t know if this was too soon, but it was more of like,
we have some needs. You know college, and
this thing, like can we create a shop, but– – Look, the, to your point, and obviously you follow my content enough. You, I always say, hold your
breath as long as possible. (logo sound effect) Don’t monetize your audience
as much as possible. So for example, yes, I’m always
gonna think it’s too soon. I, because I think it’s too
soon whenever you do it. If somebody did a 47 year Disney podcast and on the 40th year, went to monetize, I would say too soon. Every time I monetize, too soon. I never, my dream is to
never monetize audience. My dream is that American Airlines, the official airline of Disney, which I don’t know if it is or isn’t, sees what you’re doing because you built such an audience and comes in as a $250,000 yearly pre-roll
sponsor to your podcast. If you can build a framework of passion where you don’t have to
monetize your audience, and that’s what everybody does, swag to the audience, subscription to the audience, premium to the audience. No, if you can figure
out, by the way, I would rather this is how literal
I think about this. This is where I want people to take ingredients that I’m saying
and put ’em together. For example, you ready
for my favorite thing that I think you should be doing? I think you should be buying and selling Disney items on eBay and Etsy at scale. If you’re a human that
goes to Disney everyday, here’s what I know enough about Disney. Every day, if you’re going there, or how often your going;
and deeply knowledgeable, when there’s a discount
on a Disney exclusive item at Disneyland, you’re there. That item is, do you know, I mean if you watch my stuff when I do Trash Talk, I mainly buy Disney
plush toys for a dollar. That’s what I, if it’s Disney Store, I’m buying for a dollar;
I’m selling for $13. I’d rather you flip. Going to T.J.Maxx and Marshalls, Walmart, and Target closeout lane,
going to thrift stores, and actually buying the retro T-shirts for $2.50 and selling them for $13. I’d rather you make money on the side that has nothing to do with Disney, build the biggest audience, and wait for sponsors and outside businesses to subsidize versus
monetizing your audience. ‘Cause the second you asked,
it changed the relationship. When you’re recording, the second you ask, it changes the relationship. – Yeah.

29 thoughts on “It’s Never the Right Time to Monetize

  1. True, if you built your brand to make people that is why you need to find a way not to sell things to them. If you sell things to them, you are not an influencer anymore but a coach or a guru.

  2. Fucking laughing my ASS off 🤣😂🤣😜👍 love the #MickeyMouseEars ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  3. "Success seems to be connected with action. Successful people keep moving. They make mistakes, but they don't quit." — Conrad Hilton

  4. The mindset needs to shift from how to make the most money online to how to make the biggest impact online. Often you'd make more money the second way.

  5. It’s a lot more work to make a side money oppose to monetization than to click the monetize button….🤔

  6. I love your content but you say don’t monetize yet there is an ad playing before your video which is monetized.

  7. those ears make you look silly and what you say doesnt have as much impact as you think it has…. it's negative i know but 99% of your content is good, but this is the 1%

  8. A question! Isnt promoting a brand a kid of ask as well? In the the end they want a sell to, so wouldn't it be better to promote our own stuff to our audience? Curious about this 🙂

  9. But isn't having a sponsored message a form of monetization?
    If nobody in your audience buys what your sponsor is selling, you have failed your sponsor. Unless they're also only thinking of branding, but I don't know how likely you are to find that kind of sponsor.

  10. I love when he talks about flipping on eBay. I recently started doing that and have seen some pretty good gains. Just today I sold a Gap CPO Jacket for $30 with shipping. I bought it for $1 at a yard sale a week ago. It's so much fun!

  11. This is my goal with my relationship with my audience …. for it to be so pure that I never monetize them and that I’m so good at what I do that sponsors come in to pay me and I get to pick and choose who I work with because I’m so good . Probably will take me a decade but I have a shot I think 🙂

  12. Hehe, Gary practicing that stoicism without even knowing it.
    PS: I listen to Gary while I work from home in my own digital studio because I listened to Gary's advice for 2 years, watched his every move and deployed self awareness against my talents and passion. Now I'm my own boss and fucking crushing it. Listen to this man. If you think he sells snake oil it's because you are full of shit and don't want to admit it to yourself.

  13. Is it just me or is it actually difficult to focus & take Gary seriously with those Mickey mouse ears 😂😂

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