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Is Your Amazon FBA Product Too Saturated? How To Do Product Research!

Is Your Amazon FBA Product Too Saturated? How To Do Product Research!

How do you know when your Amazon FBA product
is too saturated to sell on Amazon? What is Amazon product saturation? I am going to dive deep today to explain to
you whether or not your Amazon FBA product is too saturated. First, what is Amazon FBA product saturation? Product saturation means that you are selling
a product that a lot of sellers are already selling causing you to not be able to make
any profits on Amazon. Or, product saturation can be, you are selling
a product that has no differentiation and it looks like another “me-too” product that
looks like every other seller. We are going to jump inside of my computer
later so I can show you exactly how to find out if you have a product that is saturated. Is there a way to get out of product saturation? Usually not. And I know this sucks but there are sellers
everyday coming to me telling me that they have sourced a bad product because they didn’t
know how to do their product research. If you guys need help with doing your product
research so you can find profitable, good products to sell, I have a very good video
right here that I did with Helium 10 talking about how to find products using Helium 10
software. They are absolutely one of the best softwares
that I use to run my Amazon FBA business. Now usually if you end up with a saturated
product, the only thing you can do and you should start doing, is liquidating your product. You will have to just pull it out of Amazon
and donate it or sell it off of Amazon so you don’t collect storage fees. You cannot sell a product or make a product
profitable if you have the wrong product to begin with. And if you are already an Amazon FBA Winners
student of mine, then you already know the steps on how to get back your initial investment
that you put into your product that turned out to be saturated. There is a way to break even on your product
so you don’t lose any money. Alright, let’s jump inside of my computer
and go over how to find out if your product is saturated. I also forgot to introduce myself, to everyone
who is new to my channel, my name is Tamara Tee. My channel is focused around how to build
an online business for yourself so you can have the freedom to do what you want in your
life. If you guys want to see more videos from me,
be sure to hit the subscribe button and of course, the notification bell so you can get
notified every single time I post another fabulous YouTube video. Alright, so the very first thing you want
to do is go to Keyword Research and type in your product. I am going to pretend that I am selling a
cell phone case. By the way you guys, please do not sell any
products that I use as a demo here. It is very saturated and I previously made
some YouTube videos talking about which products are the most saturated on the market and which
products you should absolutely stay away from. Make sure you check out that video if you
haven’t. Okay, when you use Keyword Magnet, Research,
sorry, Magnet Keyword Research, this is going to pull up all keywords that are related to
my cell phone case. Now, this is really, really simple. I am just going to sort the search volume
here by biggest to smallest. And search volume means how many people are
searching it every single month. And these keywords that are showing up here,
on the left side under Phrase, means all the different types of phrases that customers
are searching. Now, I want you to be very mindful here. Every time someone types in a keyword; for
example, if someone is typing in “iPhone X Case” and it says 547,000 exact searches,
you have to keep in mind that not everybody is a customer. People are window shopping. People are getting product ideas. People are just randomly browsing and they
are not really customers, right? I would say, a small percentage of what this
is, are actually customers. But not everybody is a customer. For example, if I typed this in right now,
that just included 1 search here, right? You get the idea. A lot of people think, just because what is
typed in here, are customer searches, it is absolutely not. Going to my next point, if your search volume
here is way too high… by the way, there is a very strict criteria that I teach my
students to look at every time they are choosing products because if you get out of that criteria,
you are now falling into the category of saturated products. The more people who search for a specific
keyword that is related to your product, the more saturated it is, right? There is a criteria to that but we are not
going to dive deep into that today. We are just talking about how many competing
products and how to tell if your product is saturated. Right here, here’s all you got to do. If I look at this keyword, if I am selling
a phone holder, right? I am selling a phone holder, it is a cell
phone case, or maybe I am selling an iPhone case, and all I do is go over here. Now, giveaways have been discontinued, right? Giveaways no longer work as well as they used
to so if you guys are still relying on giveaways, please, please stop giveaways and start launching
your products using PPC only. This number here, 1,176 means that in 8 days,
that’s how many are getting sold to be on page 1 for “iPhone case” right here. If we do the math and we divide that by 8
days, that means that the sellers are organically selling 147 units a day, approximately organically
in order to make it to page 1, the top of page 1, for the keyword “iPhone case”. Now, selling 147 units a day is not impossible. I’ve done this many times. However, for more beginners, you should be
targeting keywords that are lower. When there are lower number of units being
sold and that’s going to tell you in this column right here, I would say anything under
400 units in a span of 8 days. But do the math, 400 divided by 8, is 50. If you reach for keywords that are under 400
in this column right here, CPR 8 day giveaways, it means that any product with a keyword that
sells less than 400 units in 8 days, means that that keyword is less saturated. There are less searches but there is still
a decent amount of searches for you to get sales. And like I said, all of these searches right
here are not all customers but from my experience and from doing the research and everything
that I have gathered through my Amazon journey, you should be starting to target keywords
that are under 400 units in a span of 8 days. That just ensures that it is easier to rank,
to get onto page 1. I hope that makes sense. If you have any keywords that are above that,
if you have any keywords and there is tons here, right? Obviously the cell phone case is saturated. If there are any keywords that are above that
and it is very specific to your product, that is a very saturated product. We are not going to talk about PPC right now
but what I am meant by what I just said is that you should be targeting lower competitive
keywords related to your product if you want to start ranking on page 1. You will not be going after these big guys
right here, right? It just does not make sense. It’s too saturated. The beauty of keyword research is that it
will tell you whether or not your product is saturated. And we only want to look at relevant keywords. There’s going to be a lot of random keywords
that show up sometimes like “water shoes for women”. This is in here because somehow, maybe someone
left it in someone’s review, or maybe they left it in their backend keywords on their
product listing. There could be many reasons why weird keywords
come up here for my cell phone case. But that’s why, and all you have to do is
remove that and only look at keywords that are specific to your product to determine
whether or not you have a saturated product. If you are unsure whether or not these keywords
relate to your product, all you do is click on it and see what is on page 1. I know that sounds so obvious but a lot of
the times people are just looking at numbers here. Or maybe you’re looking at numbers here and
you’re thinking to yourself, everything that I just said, but you’re not double checking
what is on page 1. For example, if I go to iPhone X case and
I click on page 1 right here. This will bring up page 1 and now it’s time
to do some analyzing, whether or not your product is saturated. I think this one is very clear it is saturated. I don’t like to spend too much time looking
at these products like this. I actually like to go into my Helium 10 Chrome
Extension that tells me all of the numbers. Numbers don’t lie, right? If I wait for this to load and a lot of these
products have thousands and thousands and thousands of reviews. You want to stay away from those products. There’s a list of things that you must stay
away from and reviews is one of them. Reviews do matter, especially if there’s a
few sellers that have tons and tons of reviews. If I sort review count right here, there’s
1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, I think there’s 20 sellers, 10 to 20 sellers that have close
to 1,000 or more reviews. That’s a big red flag. Now, in every single niche, there will always
be leaders. There will always be sellers that are leaders
and some of them, when I say some, there may be 1 or 2 with a few thousand reviews, that’s
fine. That’s absolutely normal. But when you look at a product like this and
everybody has thousands and thousands of reviews, and especially half of page 1 have hundreds
and hundreds of reviews as well, I am halfway down the page and there’s still hundreds and
hundreds, thousands of reviews, right, it’s pretty obvious that you should no longer sell
this product. Reviews do matter especially if you are trying
to compete with a lot of sellers who are in the thousands. Just try to weigh that out. Like I said, there are people that will have
1,000 reviews but what you want to do is try to stay away from that. Also, revenue, if I sort revenue here. Now, in my previous videos and in my course,
I talk a lot about looking at revenue for each individual seller. For this product, there’s a lot in the market. There’s nearly $2 million. Now, you may be thinking, “wow, there’s $2
million worth of cell phone cases that are being sold on Amazon.” That sounds really appealing but there is
a sweet spot for this. You cannot sell a product that has too low. And you should also not sell a product that
has too high of a total revenue because once it’s too high, like this one, it’s close to
$2 million, there’s too much competition leaving you with a saturated product. I also suggest doing a keyword search like
what we just did, going onto page 1 and running this X Ray again for different keywords to
see if you get the same results. I can almost guarantee you that you will get
very similar results because Helium 10 knows that you are trying to look for the same product. Keywords say it all itself, right? The keywords say everything. They tell us everything. If I look at something else, iPhone X case,
if I look at iPhone X, I am sure that’s the iPhone but you can always look at other iPhone
cases and I am pretty sure it’s going to be a very saturated market for those cell phone
cases as well. But just to verify, you want to check out
other keywords on top of just one main keyword, iPhone X case. I hope I made some sense here. I know this can sound very confusing but it
all comes down to knowing your criteria and when to balance out the reviews, the revenue,
and how much people are selling on page 1, and whether or not you can compete with the
other sellers. You also want to be very aware of big brands. I know you guys already know this but I have
to mention it again. You have to be aware of this, such as Torras,
they are a trademarked brand with that little symbol there, right? They are obviously a very big brand. Same with Amazon. You should not be buying products that are
sold by Amazon especially Amazon Basics because they always have the best deals and lowest
price with margins that you cannot compete with. And a lot of the times, you think maybe your
product is very well differentiated, you have a very unique product, but at the end of the
day, Amazon itself and bigger brands will dominate. Just keep that in mind. If you don’t know whether or not if the brand
is a big brand, a very well known brand because I didn’t know about Torras until right now,
right? I could tell because they are trademarked
meaning that they are serious business. You can just click on their listing, go through
their storefront, and just check out their other products. Or, go into Google, type in their brand and
see if their website actually pops up. It’s good to do a quick check on competitors
to tell whether or not they are big brands. And if there are a lot of big brands that
are selling your product, stay away from the product. You probably have yourself a very saturated
product. I know this video has given you guys some
insight today so you can apply it to check if your product is saturated. If you have a saturated product and it is
still selling really well, congratulations, that is absolutely a miracle. But there are lots of times where products
are super saturated and you just know immediately to stay away from them such as the cell phone
case. Alright guys, if you have questions for me,
please leave me a comment below. Give this video a thumbs up if you liked it. Subscribe to my channel. And of course, I’ll see you guys in my next

12 thoughts on “Is Your Amazon FBA Product Too Saturated? How To Do Product Research!

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  3. Hi Tamara! Thanks for the great info. Quick question: I think I found my product but the only issue is the main keyword seems saturated. It has a bunch of other great keywords with high search volume and low giveaway numbers. So is this still considered saturated or should I just try to rank for a lower keyword? Thanks!

  4. My products are definitely in a saturated market. I didn't know how to do research when I started so I just started selling something I thought was cool. It took me 15 months to start profiting and I almost gave up a few times, but now that I'm making some money, I don't know if I should keep fighting for a bigger and bigger share of my market, or just enter a completely new one.

  5. Hi Tamara. What about the number of sellers in the market (i.e the number of people selling the same product is 5,6 or 7 pages deep). Is this something you look at yourself or are you more concerned with what page 1 looks like?

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