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in this video I am going over if Doug
bouton is a scam we’re going undercover diving deep and finding out the truth so
you may have heard of him the cliff falls affiliate who was negative 414 in
his bank account and then got over six figures in click miles affiliate
commissions in just four months he’s number one on the one funnel away
leaderboard and consistently keeps me being number one so yes there are rumors
going around about how he achieved this and I thought well how about I find out
for myself so I first met this guy Doug in person in February 2000 nineteen at
but I’m hacking live and this is when things just started working out for him
I remember he would reply to my emails my affiliate marketing emails being like
oh this is good this is good and when someone actually starts getting
results that’s when I really start taking notice so we were all hanging out
at the bar and he seemed pretty nice and I was asking him hey Doug how are you
doing this how did you all the sudden get a bunch of clickfunnels affiliates I
mean all the clickfunnels affiliate marketers were pretty much all friends
and we try to tell each other our secrets without charlie too many secrets
and his answer was like oh I’m just using Facebook I’m just doing Facebook
organically for free I was like oh you got that mini click those affiliates you
just hit dream car you just got a hundred clickfunnels affiliates from you
just from treat from free traffic and you have no existing audience you’re not
using YouTube you like just started growing an email us
no ads I couldn’t believe it and yeah we were all thinking out we’re all becoming
friends we’re all sharing drinks but I still kept my guard up and then a few
months later I noticed online everything was still growing he was telling all
these OFA but I wouldn’t funnel away packages and he was getting all these
click funnels affiliates making all this money and that’s when I was like I
really need to get to the bottom of this so in April I asked him if I could
interview him for my group and put YouTube but I said hey I’m gonna
interview you and from my audience I need you to tell the truth I need to
know we need to know everything that you’re doing and I felt like now that
there was some trust that he would share this real secret and in this 45-minute
interview again he sang almost free Facebook traffic but this time I did get
to squeeze a little bit more out of him because he was on the spot so it wasn’t
like emailing and he had time to think about his questions he was we were alive
so I really wanted to know the answers and it turned out that it was also not
just Facebook with Facebook but his lead magnets and the bonuses that he was
offering and see he has this Facebook group and it does not have that many
members and I mean at the time it had even less members but his strategy as he
was sharing was when people joined in the group he would get them on his lead
Amendment which is a free click loans course free training and if people
bought from him that he would give them extra bonuses coaching extra training
and I was like what the heck I came out free training to I have three academies
free courses but like I don’t have as much rapid growth as you’re having from
these lead magnets so I was like what’s the difference and actually signed up
for it myself and I was like okay this is why because it’s really good not only
does it look really nice but it’s full of a bunch of information ways to
monetize click funnels all the ways to set up click funnels how to do all the
tech stuff email autoresponders products members area everything that people
should know when they’re getting into click funnels and he has templates
different things in there and he was saying that the key to it is when people
got in his group they would either sign up for click funnels trial or if they
already had click funnels they would upgrade and either get on one funnel
away challenge with him or get on a higher ticket bonus with him that would
get him bigger commissions but he also shared that one of the strategies was
just being super helpful to people I was like you’re not doing chatbot so you’re
not doing the paid ads you’re not doing – you’re just doing everything was
Facebook how do you do this and he said it’s because he’s super engaged in his
group and you can tell that in his group be super engaged and he said his key to
success was just to be as helpful as possible but I was like this sounds too
simple to be true like how do you find the time to help everybody I mean I’m on
the same journey doing the same thing and I don’t see how there’s time to help
everybody so fast forward to July just a week ago a couple weeks ago we were both
invited to speak at Timothy Lee’s mastermind in Orlando here we all are at
this mastermind and during Doug’s talk I was like I gotta take some notes on this
because there’s still something that’s missing like he’s telling you all this
stuff but whatever he’s doing is working and I want to implement this within my
business so dokes topic was how he’s making affiliate commissions but what
was different what I didn’t realize before one of the main takeaways that he
had for the audience was that he needed to what really helped him was changing
his environment changing where he worked like literally cleaning his room
literally setting up in his office in his workspace and opening up the windows
and getting clear on his goals posting his goals up getting serious about
ending procrastination and laziness and improving his physical health and his
mental health and here I was all along thinking that Roberts must be some
strategy some automation that he’s doing some texting when really it was just
like what’s within him and being at this event with him is where I witnessed in
person like how he was making the time to help everybody
he was just literally putting in the work like I was just chilling and like
watching the speakers or like basing offers like scrolling on Facebook or
Instagram and he was literally putting in the work he always had this laptop
open and he was working and I was like sitting a few seats by him I know it’s
like kind of behind like he’s dropping like trying to see like what’s on the
screen what is he doing like is he just scrolling on Facebook looking at cat
memes or scrolling on YouTube watching Kardashian
like I spend my time doing and no he was typing up emails and social media posts
and actually setting up funnels working on his course working on his bonuses
working on his new webinar working on his new course I literally like he
doesn’t even know this I saw him pull his wallet and like get out his credit
card and sign up for a software for his webinar like actually taking the massive
action and for me I was at this mastermind to have fun I just wanted to
hang out hang out with my friends go party and the last night a group of us
we went downtown in Orlando and we invited ugh it does not know I’m here to
say this he didn’t know I was gonna make this video though I asked him I said
okay scam video and he’s like okay maybe I
can go out but it just depends on if I get my work done and he ends up not
coming out because he was so dedicated to get his webinar ready and getting his
course ready and recruiting the affiliates and taking care of his
audience he literally stayed in to work on his business so I really don’t think
I can call that a scam it’s just literally putting in the hard work so
after witnessing this and getting to know in the past year I really truly can
with a hundred percent without a doubt recommend that you guys attend this
webinar that he’s put together that I’d like watched him built I like spied on
him a few sheets back and like I was watching him put it together I know that
it’s gonna be so value packed I see the content that he puts in his bonuses and
his freebies and his free group so I know that this webinar is going to be no
fluff totally value packed in this webinar he is gonna go over the five
ways that you can start an online business using clickfunnels
in a way where you’re not wasting time or money because I’m sure plenty of us
have done that and the sooner we can get to success with it the better so that’s
his main goal for this webinar he’s calling it how to grow a six-figure
digital marketing business even if you’re brand new and no idea where to
start he’s also going to share
the six step process that he uses to scale six figures when he had no
following no audience and no egg spend in it and he’s gonna be sharing the
secret ingredient that separates the people that are successful versus the
people that try and never end up making any money and then if you get signed up
for the webinar if you register for it he’s going to give you this sales funnel
mastery course for free so Doug is so dedicated to this webinar that he’s
actually doing ten presentations live in August and then picking the best one to
be an auto webinar so at whatever time you guys are watching this video you can
register to watch it I’m gonna put the link below in the description of this
video so hopefully you can make one of the live webinars or watch the replay
and then this way you can also get access to his course on my channel and
in my videos and the things that I recommend to people I would never
recommend something that I truly didn’t believe in and I’ve just witnessed
throughout the past year how much Doug has helped people actually make money
and quit their jobs and he’s even the help to me and I’ve been able to
implement a lot of his teachings within my own business and it’s helped me to
get more results I was on the one funnel away at leaderboard with him so we me
and him and eight other people won a mastermind trip in Idaho where
clickfunnels headquarters is so I’ll be able to hang out with Doug more than and
if you guys have any specific questions or secrets you want me to get out of him
because I’m pretty good at making him answer the questions just leave it in
the comments below and I will make sure to get that answer to you and I’ll see
you guys on his live webinar or webinar replay thanks for watching

9 thoughts on “IS DOUG BOUGHTON A SCAM??

  1. Thanks for watching! Let me know in the comments what questions you want me to ask Doug when I see him at the next mastermind.
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  2. Yes, Doug is %100 really hard working! I've been in his group since Feb. and I'm in his Master's group talk about value! WOW! and he texts me once in a while just to chat! that was before he was super busy with his launch!  Thanks Rachel for this video! always giving value!

  3. Would love to register for his webinar so I can get his free course. Great job Rachel for squeezing him out his strategies towards success.

  4. Doug is the real deal. He's genuine, super nice, and very responsive. He puts in the time and the work. His content is high quality, as well.

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