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Is “Clear History on Facebook” Feature, the End for Facebook Ads?

Is “Clear History on Facebook” Feature, the End for Facebook Ads?

After one year since Zuckerberg
announced the new feature clear history on Facebook as a consequence of the
Cambridge Analytica scandal yesterday Facebook published a new blog
post saying that new feature will be live in the next months this means that
the users will have the possibility to switch off the Facebook pixel making
impossible tracking them out of Facebook is this the end of Facebook Ads? Keep
watching to hear what I think about it Welcome to the Growth Academy So it looks
like clear history on Facebook will be reality and if you are using Facebook
Ads to promote your business or market your business I get that you are afraid
if users will have the possibility to shut down tracking out of Facebook it
means that we won’t have idea of what they are doing or what kind of websites
that are visiting imagine the repercussions for e-commerce platforms
here’s what Facebook announces in its article when someone disconnects their off
Facebook activity we won’t use the data they clear for targeting this means that
targeting options powered by Facebook’s business tools like the Facebook pixel
can’t be used to reach someone with ads this includes custom audience built from
visitors to websites or apps and again businesses should keep this in mind when
developing strategies for these kinds of campaigns in the second half of the year
and beyond do you feel like you’re in front of a dragon in Game of Thrones
okay let’s talk about this if you’re using Facebook Ads should you be
concerned? first of all Facebook already has a
feature to clear history for searches inside of Facebook you can wipe your
entire search history from mobile or browser have you ever use it I’m sure
you didn’t even know it was there I’m sure that would be a tiny group of
people who will use this new feature to clear their history out of Facebook but
the vast majority of users on Facebook they don’t care to be spied around the Web
I get it seeing all these ads in Facebook that seem to read your mind is
annoying but I still have to meet one single person who is angry because
Facebook allows it and more importantly Facebook makes
99% of its revenue from Ads I don’t know you but I don’t figured these guys
destroying their money machine by themselves but I guess we have to wait a
couple of months to see what’s gonna happen now back at you
are you afraid of this new future or not reply in the comments below and let’s
have a discussion around this topic and never forget to subscribe to my channel you
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every time I will post a new video on this channel so let’s talk in the
comments I’ll see you there cheers mate

8 thoughts on “Is “Clear History on Facebook” Feature, the End for Facebook Ads?

  1. I agree, they will not destroy their own business! In addition, the digital, the web is constantly evolving. as usual, we will adapt;)

  2. I'm so glad that right now I am not dependent on Facebook at all. I swear, so many social media platforms have been going through some crazy changes lately it's hard to keep up!!!

  3. I agree that so many ppl dont know this feature was already here and they dont care about it.

    Also I dont think FB would take their money bank from this, Ads !

  4. I haven't heard about this new feature. But thank you for talking about it. It makes absolute sense what you are saying.

  5. I don't really use Facebook ads anymore, but at least I know how to use them so the option is always there 🙂 At least for now! Thanks for the video.

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