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Is Alkaline Water Really Better For You?

Is Alkaline Water Really Better For You?

[ intro ] You may have heard of alkaline water— it’s the newest health trend hitting grocery
shelves. These products are essentially just water
treated to have a more basic pH between 8 and 10 instead of water’s usual neutral 7. And supposedly, they take your internal chemistry
from acidic to alkaline, leaving you more hydrated and healthy. Drinking alkaline water can even prevent bone
loss and cure cancer!… if the health gurus are to be believed. But science doesn’t back it up as any kind
of miracle drink. The claim is based on an old idea often called
the acid-ash hypothesis: that a more acidic body leads to health problems
like cancer and osteoporosis. And if an acidic body creates bad health, then making things a little more alkaline
could prevent all sorts of diseases. So for decades, folks have been coming up
with special diets— and, now, beverages like alkaline water— that are supposed to raise your bodily pH
and thereby cure cancer!… somehow. But, there isn’t one “bodily pH”. Human blood has a pH around 7.4, for example, while muscles are a bit more acidic at a pH
of about 6.1. And it’s not easy to change those numbers
with what you eat or drink. For example, a study published in 2001 is
often touted as showing that special diets can tweak internal pHs but even it didn’t actually find much of
an effect. The researchers prepared two meal plans for
8 volunteers— an acidifying one, where the foods had higher
amounts of phosphate in them and participants drank a low-pH water and an alkaline one with loads of calcium
and a high-pH water. But after 4 days on the alkaline diet, while
the subject’s pee was noticeably less acidic the average blood pH only went up 0.014 units
on average. That’s less than the participants’ daily
variation, and likely within the level of error for the instrument used to detect it. It’s actually a good thing they didn’t
find any big changes to blood pH based on diet. The range of pH where your cells work well
is really narrow so big swings in either direction can damage
your organs and even be fatal. That’s why your body has several systems
in place for keeping acid-base levels balanced. For example, it can respond to decreasing
pHs by getting rid of one of the most common acid forming molecules—carbon dioxide— by well, breathing a little more. But usually, it’s your kidneys that jump
into action. They take whatever you have too much of in
your blood and put it into your pee. And that’s why urine pH does change based
on what you eat or drink. In that 2001 study, for example, the alkaline
diet raised the subjects’ urine pH by an average of 1.02 units. So if you wanted to alter your blood pH by
drinking an alkaline beverage, you’d have to interfere with your kidneys— which, just to be clear, is a really bad idea. And other parts of the body also regulate
their local acidity, either by making acidic or basic compounds
or by throwing whatever they don’t want into the blood and letting the kidneys take care of everything. That means that your urine is pretty much
the only bodily fluid you can alter by chugging alkaline water—with one other exception. You do have some external control over the
pH in your stomach —at least temporarily— because you can directly neutralize some of
the acid there with what you put in it. And it’s why alkaline water /might/ be effective
against one particular health issue: acid reflux. Acid reflux is thought to occur because acidic
stomach juices activate a digestive enzyme called pepsin. If there’s too much pepsin or it sloshes
up into your esophagus or other places it doesn’t belong, it binds to tissues and causes symptoms like
burping and heartburn. And an article published in 2012 did find
that alkaline water can deactivate pepsin. But that was done in dishes in a lab, not
in an actual human body. And we already have lots of cheap, readily
available meds for neutralizing stomach acids— that’s the whole idea behind antacids. When you look closer at the other purported
health benefits of drinking alkaline water, the evidence just isn’t there. Take cancer, for example. Some scientists noticed that tumorous tissues
are often more acidic than healthy tissues— which is likely where people got the idea
that reducing acidity could cure or prevent cancer. And if that were the case, you’d think that bladder cancers would be
especially susceptible to alkaline diets because urine pH can actually be influenced by what
you eat. But a study of over 27,000 men from Finland
in 2005 found having a lower urine pH didn’t significantly
increase the risk of developing bladder cancer. Similarly, many have claimed that alkaline
water can prevent or help treat osteoporosis, a disease where bones become less dense and
more likely to break. That’s because, if your kidneys slack on
the job, another way your body can buffer too much acid is to pull calcium and bicarbonate
from bone, and less calcium means less bone mass. However, a study from 2010 found no association
between urine pH and a subjects’ bone mass density or how many bones they broke. And meta-analyses have failed to find any
connection between excreted acids and bone health. So for all the conditions drinking alkaline
water might prevent, so far we haven’t seen a real case for any
of them. And despite the acid-ash hypothesis existing
for half a century, there hasn’t been any direct research showing
that an alkaline diet or alkaline water can improve a person’s health. Luckily, there don’t seem to be any side
effects, either, so if you want to drink alkaline water because
you like the taste, more power to ya. You’ll just have some slightly more expensive
pee. Thanks for watching this episode of SciShow! If you liked learning what actually happens
to all that alkaline water you’re drinking, you might like our episode on what doctors
can learn by looking at your pee. [ outro ]

100 thoughts on “Is Alkaline Water Really Better For You?

  1. An old idea that won the Nobel prize for medicine for discovering the cause for cancer….in the 40's. Strange omission.

    You measured for a 4 whole days ?! Wow that's a long time

    Don't forget to take that fluoride they out into your tap water!!!!

  2. Very Sorry to say this Lady is not very well educated … There are 1000`s of clinical /3rd party studies that prove incredible benefits on ALKALIZED Water ! ( Chemically changed Alkaline Water has nothing to do with Alkalized Water ) . Go out and search on trusted sites like https://scholar.google.com/ or webmed . Search for Electrolyzed Reduced Water -> pm me if you wish to receive clinical studies and I will be glad to do so.

  3. I saw a lady saying her tap water was too acidic and caused her problems so she was drinking SODA to try and help, like that level of stupidity causes me visceral physical pain. How absolutely stupid can these people possibly be

  4. I got a commercial for black alkaline water and it was so annoying, I'm put off of drinking any colour of alkaline water.

  5. Yay, let's all take some antacid full of aluminium, that would be good for you! Double up on the flouride and chlorine too. Simply filtering the water has to be better than the poison we are given.

  6. The water goes into the stomach that is more acid than a car battery – and regulated to stay so. That should be enough to show that the claims are nonsense. Like saying that mountain climbing is easier if you wear high-heeled shoes.

  7. And any results that "X has shown activity against Y in a petri dish" should be ignored. Sulfuric acid can kill cancer cells very effectively too — in a petri dish.

  8. Artisian, spring or well water is alkaline because of the alkaline minerals like calcium, potassium and magnesium etc and not by artificially split the water molecules by electricity.


    Alkaline water is yuck! 🤢🤮 There are absolutely no health benefits to
    drinking that crap! I feel bad for anyone that falls for the "Alkaline
    Water Hype"! Although rare… long-term consumption of "alkaline water"
    can cause kidney issues and ultimately renal health issues. The only
    health benefits you'll receive is from Ionized Alkaline Water. This
    water was NOT created using mineral additives or Reverse Osmosis.
    Ionized Alkaline Water is created strictly thorough a process called
    "Water Electrolysis". This process creates a water that has an abundance
    of Molecular Hydrogen… which is a very powerful and potent
    non-plant-based antioxidant! 💧⚡️

    This water is also Micro-Clustered… meaning that the water molecules
    have been restructured and shrunk so that the body can easily and
    rapidly absorb the H2O and minerals, thus hydrating the body on a
    cellular level. The alkalinity created during electrolysis is 100% safe
    and exceptional for consumption. There is a lot of misinformation
    online, so be careful of what you read and how you perceive and
    interpret it (at face-value). "Alkaline Water" is garbage and quite
    honestly… NOBODY should be drinking it! 👊

    Learn More About this Topic Here: 👉 @


    Alkaline water is yuck! 🤢🤮 There are absolutely no health benefits to
    drinking that crap! I feel bad for anyone that falls for the "Alkaline
    Water Hype"! Although rare… long-term consumption of "alkaline water"
    can cause kidney issues and ultimately renal health issues. The only
    health benefits you'll receive is from Ionized Alkaline Water. This
    water was NOT created using mineral additives or Reverse Osmosis.
    Ionized Alkaline Water is created strictly thorough a process called
    "Water Electrolysis". This process creates a water that has an abundance
    of Molecular Hydrogen… which is a very powerful and potent
    non-plant-based antioxidant! 💧⚡️

    This water is also Micro-Clustered… meaning that the water molecules
    have been restructured and shrunk so that the body can easily and
    rapidly absorb the H2O and minerals, thus hydrating the body on a
    cellular level. The alkalinity created during electrolysis is 100% safe
    and exceptional for consumption. There is a lot of misinformation
    online, so be careful of what you read and how you perceive and
    interpret it (at face-value). "Alkaline Water" is garbage and quite
    honestly… NOBODY should be drinking it! 👊

    Learn More About this Topic Here: 👉 @

  11. Thank you! My friends are all going on that alkaline water tip. I was always like “I don’t think it works like that.”

  12. Next this lady will be telling us vaccinations and flu shots are good for you too since you don't even know what's inside them. Some people are government loving trolls.

  13. Wow… All ur knowledge is slanted for alabaster people(who age prematurely due to acidic build-up)… Melanin(which is called melanoma in alabaster people) is a alkaline fluid produced to fight/use acid (sunlight in physical elemental form) to help the body instead of allowing that acid to burn-out the body(age it prematurely)

  14. Are you kidding me I've tried every antacid under the Sun. Prescribed and over the counter. Nothing has helped, like a 9.5 alkaline ph level. For some reason has to be ice cold, but enough will work.

  15. Science dont back it because they are in the business of selling chemicals for pharmaceutical companies. They can't prove that can chemicals help anybody they do more harm than good so explain to me why a lot of people suggest drinking carrot juice when it's full of acid most people don't even know that a carrot is really a hybrid plant. a carrot is made from the Queen Anne flower and a wild yam.

  16. 🙂 thank you for this video, the body is a chemical cocktail with different variables for every fluid, nutritional health, activity and avoiding chemicals is how we live longer.

  17. It' s always some dis approved science BULL going on get off that EGO TRIP and make something that will prove the unknown HELP OUT . OOH THE COST is all your interested in ,

  18. Is that post-nasal drip, or jewelry? Why should we listen to anyone who would be stupid enough to do that to her nose?

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    BTW I am PRO alkalized Kangen Life Altering Water, and not so agreeing all of the statements of this video. Aloha, John Hayworth 808-382-2268 http://777.homestead.com/

  20. Alkaline water may have one benefit over other antacids for helping with acid reflux in that it doesn't dehydrate you. A lot of antacids come with a load of salt in some form or another and quickly dry you out. Alkaline water in place of your normal drink after a meal that may trigger reflux may be better than an antacid if your reflux isn't severe.

  21. Negative Nancy, lol, she said 4 days???
    The only difference is 0.14 difference . Try 3 months see what happens

  22. I like learning, but that's not what happens when watching this video.
    Or the next one, that was more like an attempt at Brainwashing!

  23. Yes tell the brainwashed to support a new industry $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$% you see?? The body has 5 buffering systems 👌🏽👌🏽

  24. It doesn't have to be expensive all you have to do is cut up lemon slices or orange slices into your water who raises the pH balance of the water the alkaline instead of aesthetic

  25. All true. But if you really wanted alkaline water don't buy it. Make it by adding baking soda to tap water. That's all there is to it although I don't recommend it.

  26. Not all tap water are the same this is the case in CANADA there are uncountable different regions and sources.

  27. "Spring is King " nothing beats spring water or unpolluted well water . The bible is the secret to eating and drinking right it's real big on spring and well water google it .

  28. Kangen water is the best. We have evidence,doctors have evidence and recommending it. Pls phone me on +44 7901701182 for an encouraging evidence. Pls

  29. Its not that a person is trying to alter the blood ph but it will help it keep it is a healthy ph and our digestive system from mouth to the end has a various in ph levels

  30. I have been drinking alkaline water for years and it has been of great benefit to my overall health and wellness. I have found a great source for information about alkaline water here, alkalinewatersecrets.com/sitemap.html go check it out for yourself. I think you will be pleased at all the great content available to read.

  31. There are so many more factors to what makes water healthy than just the ph. Like how clean it is, testing ppm (parts per million of dissolved solids), also what are all these dissolved solids, does it have minerals in the water, does it have Any form of harmful substances in trace amounts, where did it even actually come from and what has been done to it, Is it living water or dead water, does it have trace amounts of plastics or metals, also how would your body react to any of these factors, etc, etc….

  32. FINALLY!! A You Tube video that is 100% true! I was starting to think You Tube was the devil. A place where anyone can say what they want with no science to back it up. Alkaline water is a scam! All it leads to is kidney stones and a lighter wallet. Thank you so much for spreading the truth.

  33. Your study reference only ran for 4 days. How can you possibly see any real change in only 4 days!

  34. The validity of the term science to people is mind boggling, even though the scientific method is wrong more then 50% of the time…but you know F.D.A. and big daddy government says it's so and we just swallow it with the rest of poison they throw down our throats.

  35. I just find it funny how people just dive head first into these new fad diets, when you thing about it all you need to do is limit your drinking to water, eat food with low Sugar, Saturated fat and to much Sodium. Oh and exercise too, that helps. Going by what I remember from school when the body has too much Sugar your Insulin level rises very quick, cause of this your body can't process all the sugar so it turns on Storage mode, that means anything you eat that has sugar in it will be stored as fat, the body can't use this stored fat until your Insulin levels have returned to normal and then your body can start using your fat.

  36. Alkaline doesn't works Kangen works as it is ionised and it contains antioxidant and it is microclustered as well which have medical benefits

  37. We have been Chugging Alkaline Water for over 3 years now of a pH of 10.0… We actually feel a lot better. Thank you Water Tree

  38. Did you ever stop and think that the alkaline water you drink is filled with chemicals to make it alkaline? Best to research it! Here is a good story about how the right water changed somebodies life! It could be you! https://tipsonthebestwater.com/2019/07/03/changing-lives-one-drop-at-a-time/

  39. I drink alkaline water because it tastes good. Without alkaline water I would probably not drink very much water at all 😕

  40. I drink alkaline water because it tastes good. Without alkaline water I would probably not drink very much water at all 😕

  41. It's not good for anything but oh wait it is good for acid reflux. But take antacids don't drink water. GTFOH. If you drink tap water then you're an ID 10 T

  42. i have wondered though, they sorta touched on it but not really, as im in renal failure and on dialysis, if drinking alkaline water would actually help in my situation, not for anything major, but my doctors did prescribe calcium carbonate as a phosphorus binder. if say i was out and didnt have my medications would drinking a higher alkaline water would provide a similar benefit (or at least some) to the medications. would it be able to bind with the phosphorus and prevent absorption of it?

  43. Blood Ph will not affect because when your body is too acidic, the body will pull calcium out of the bones to make it up, that causes osteoporosis. Why drinking sodas will make your body acidic and drinking alkaline water will not make your body alkaline, there are too much fake information out there and you really need to dig down to the people who actually benefit from it. A teaspoon of baking soda can alkalized 600+ Liters of water. Why the Japanese are drinking the alkaline water and they all claimed to be healthier? There are so many people who went on a alkaline diet had turned their terminal diseases around, where was your research from?



    So, you mention "already available meds" used for certain aspects. Kidney are working, right. What's they difference.



  45. I drink alkaline water simply because I been drinking too many soda's over the years and now it's come back to bite my kidneys and liver. I need to drink water with the least amount of acidity and so far that's Fiji

  46. Our process is not like the Alkaline water you get in the Stores or those electric machines you purchase from online…. We have a patented Natural ROCS and CERAMIC Process. Our water Naturally adds Magnesium, Calcium and Potassium. It is super good, We have been drinking this 10.3 pH for 3 years now! google "The Watertree-Pasadena"

  47. Great skeptical analysis. This is how science works. I'm tired of all these hippydippy pseidoscientists coming at me with their natural remedies. I drink reverse osmosis water, which now I'm being told is dead water and bad for me. It was a guy pushing alkaline water and now I see why. I can see why people filter their tap water or buy bottled spring water like I do, but even when I used to drink gallons of tap water in my mid twenties, I was able to gain muscle and burn fat still which I have maintained to this day ten years later. So it can't be all that bad right? Yet now I'm being told thar filtered water is bad too?

  48. This video totally misleading. She is not telling what is the source of alkalinity i.e. chemically treated or by electrolysis. WOW, youtube has become a place for self-proclaimed "GURUS". My dear, please do one thing, "please drink a bottle of coke every day for the next 15 days and then post here the report of your free-radicals". Let the numbers talk, AGREED?

  49. Alkaline water in not a magic bullet. Its purpose is in alignment with the purpose of an overall alkaline diet. The purpose of an alkaline diet is not to change the pH of your blood. It does not aim to change the pH of organs, tissues, or cells. The purpose is to provide the body the alkaline resources which help the body regulate the delicate pH balance of every organ and system in the body. Think of acid forming foods as being hot, whereas alkaline forming foods cool down the body. Alkaline food and water help put out fires created by too much acid forming food, which dry us out and burn up our organs. It's about balance.

    The requirements of maintaining the blood pH at 7.35 are such that when the alkaline resources are not available through the diet, the body must maintain that blood pH at any cost. That cost of inadequate alkalinity in the diet is huge. Bone and muscle are prime suppliers of alkaline material which help maintain blood pH. Bone supplies calcium and muscle supply magnesium to help buffer the blood when the diet is deficient. All the organs suffer the effects of this buffering requirement.

    The 4 day study of the alkaline diet referenced in the presentation is a joke on many levels. First, the study was set up to find evidence that an alkaline diet could alter the pH of blood. Blood pH is maintained at a perfect 7.35 pH, and nobody wants to mess with that. Second, the alkaline diet group did not actually get foods which are alkaline forming. The researchers that concocted this experiment did not have a complete understanding of the acid or alkaline forming properties of the different foods, and simply proceeded with the mineral ash scores as determinants of how food was categorized. For example, the alkaline group were fed cheese, which has a net acid forming effect in the body, in spite of the calcium content. In effect, both groups in that study received an acid forming diet. Alkaline forming foods primarily come from fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds. No study can meaningfully assess health benefits of any diet in a meaningful manner in 4 days. This study has no has no purpose other than to perpetuate ignorance.

    The kidneys do help to maintain blood pH. They do this through various mechanisms including production of bicarbonate, which buffers the blood, and through chelation of acids to minerals for excretion through the urine. Kidneys will eventually fail under an excessive acid load if alkaline resources are not adequately supplied through the diet, which is the case with the Standard American Diet, which is very acid forming. Such a diet will eventually burn the kidney tubules if not corrected through a more alkaline forming regimen.

    Stomach pH is maintained through various mechanisms. For example, the pancreas secretes bicarbonate into the stomach which improves digestion and signals hydrochloric acid production. An alkaline diet promotes correct stomach pH both directly and indirectly, which in turn corrects indigestion and acid reflux. This protects the stomach, pancreas, kidneys, and effortlessly allows the body to maintain blood pH at 7.35.

    There are many types of cancer. It's true that not all cancers can be corrected solely through an adjustment of the pH, but evidence is mounting suggesting that most are. Have a look at the work of Dr. Tulio Simoncini, an oncologist who has a high success rate of treating cancer with bicarbonate. He treats cancer with sodium bicarbonate, through various protocols including direct injection, bicarbonate IV, and oral dosing.

    Another useful analogy is to think of every cell in your body as a fish in a fish bowl. That water needs to be clean, with a balanced pH for that fish to be healthy. The fish's waste products move into that water. If that water gets cloudy (acid) the fish's health will begin to decline. Our current medical paradigm would have us study the fish under a microscope, analyze various biochemical markers, and then address those through medical interventions (medication, surgery). The fish is then tossed back into the dirty water, where it will continue to function briefly until symptoms reappear. Like the fish in the bowl, every cell in our body is swimming in an interstitial fluid which must maintain a balanced pH. The cells receive their nutrients through that fluid, and release their waste into it. Applying an alkaline diet helps keep that water at a healthy pH for all our cells..

  50. LMAO you just proved their hypothesis when you said that it can affect the pH in your gut dying laughing because and I don't know if anyone caught this or not but most disease occurs because of an imbalanced gut and when you were speaking about acid reflux obviously that's and so if you can alter and change the gut alkaline water certainly you can change other things with it am I right? It can't just be acid reflux is the only thing that can be fixed


  52. Where did yhis woman come from??? It's a known fact that any disease cannot live in an alkaline body. There're practitioners who are treating cancer by using alkaline solutions.
    She must work for some pharma

  53. Thanks for the video. Very informative and you are very smart. But you are just seeing only a part of the entire truth. My analogy to this is that you are looking at the wrong book for the question you want to answer. Doesn't matter how hard you look within the research database, you wouldn't find the correct answer. Because it is not in this book. Just look at type II diabetes for instance. Dr. Jason fung has demonstrated many times type II dm is 100% reversible. But look at the pharmaceutical based researches, they would never give any publicity to that .

  54. If these people really cared about sharing truth they would be selling Apollo mission patches when anyone with a brain know that those missions were a lie.
    If there selling the lie the they themselves are the lie.

  55. Welcome to youtube ,where normal waste people act like doctors, scientists, lawyers……. happy googlin fools and don't talk facts you know nothing about.

  56. Smh I know for a fact that alkaline spring water & an Alkaline diet is helping me with my digestive problems and my health also. Dr. Sebi has proof of curing people who developed major diseases with an alkaline diet. Why would anyone want to settle for meds from a pharmacy??? Smh

  57. The science for more alkaline water has far less to do with adjusting your body PH and more to do with the minerals that make it alkaline in the first place. Minerals such as potassium, magnesium, calcium, and bicarbonate. Given magnesium deficiency is an epidemic in most "progressed" countries, it doesn't hurt to get a bit more in your water, especially since the vast majority of us barely if ever meet the RDI and will inevitably suffer health issues down the line as bodies grow depleted due to it no longer being in food in sufficient amounts.

  58. While I believe you are correct to the best of your knowledge, and I agree with your conclusions, I also think that you should cite your research sources to improve your credibility. If you are just making statements from the void there's no more reason to believe you than anyone else.

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