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Işık Ülgenalp | BA (Hons) Advertising

Işık Ülgenalp | BA (Hons) Advertising

Hi my name’s Isik and I’m 3rd year from
advertising. So I’m exhibiting a piece of work that one a pencil this year at the
D&AD New Blood which is about a Microsoft brief well I had the idea ever since I
saw the microsoft hololens. Microsoft they will like use any Microsoft product
you want so I latched on to the hololens and I
said all right whatever what if a child conducted an entire Orchestra virtually
through the hololens and using service products which won me the pencil. My
course has been fantastic in the sense that I love my tutors. They have been
more than helpful in the last three years. I had a university or college
experience here that unlike anywhere else I have ever been honestly. I was in
Hong Kong last year doing the exchange on behalf of the university, people
really hammering that ideas comes first you know you can always make something
look prettier but you can’t make a horrible idea into a good one,
so that has been a very profound experience for me

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