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iPhone X Review: 30 Days Later!

iPhone X Review: 30 Days Later!

Apple’s iPhone 10 has the biggest single year hardware change when compared to any other new iPhone generation over the past decade I spent the past 30 days using Apple’s new flagship and now I’m here to bring you my full review so the ultimate question is is the iPhone 10 worth your time attention and ultimately your money that’s what I’m gonna aim to answer right now in this video what’s going on Tess quad andru edwards here editor-in-chief of gearlive.com if this is your first time here this channel is all about tech gadgets and gaming so if you’re into that kind of stuff feel free to hit the subscribe button down below along with the bail notification icon so you don’t miss any future videos as I said today we are talking about Apple’s iPhone 10 this is the phone that’s been getting all the buzz recently both positive and negative in this video I’m gonna try to clarify something I’m basically gonna tell you about what I like about the phone what I don’t like about the phone but also I’m gonna mix in which features about this phone that you’ll also find on the iPhone 8 and 8 plus since Apple released three new devices this year with a lot of features that are the same across the board you may actually be able to save yourself a nice chunk of money if the features that matter to you the most are available on one of Apple’s cheaper smartphones now before I jump in as you probably notice I’m not in my typical video environment I’m actually here in Maui Hawaii with Qualcomm for the Qualcomm tech summit and in fact I’m looking out the window of my hotel room staring at the Pacific Ocean in fact I will take a picture with the iPhone 10 to give you a look at what I’m seeing right now and I’ll include this in the video as well this is my view right now so I’m a little bit distracted if I get distracted I will have some friends of mine that can jump in and take over in this video now like I said let’s jump into the features that I like starting with one of the most controversial and one that I actually find to be an improvement and that is face ID the iPhone 10 has an IR light a DA projector and an IR camera all tucked into that notch at the top of the screen what most people don’t realize is that this is actually like a min version of the Xbox Kinect that big bulky camera that Microsoft’s used to sell with the Xbox and Xbox one has now been shrunk down and fits right into the iPhone itself when you wake the phone the IR light goes off and if the IR camera sees a face the dot projector flashes a pattern of 30,000 dots the camera then takes a 2d photo which gets turned into a mathematical depth model it’s sent to the authentication chip and matched against the value that was already stored when you set up touch ID in the first place if it matches the phone unlocks and you’re in setting up face ID is super simple you follow the instructions on the screen you look at it and you simply make a circle with your nose do that two times and face ID is set up much faster and easier to set up then touch ID face ID gets better with time as it notices you over and over again if it makes a mistake and doesn’t catch you and ask for a passcode as soon as you type that in it then stores the image that was taken that failed and uses it as a success and going forward as far as speed goes face ID works very quickly and very well a lot of people have been saying now that it’s a two-step process and that now you have to wait for face ID to activate and then swipe up to get into your phone but you actually don’t need to do all that instead simply pick up your phone turn the screen on and swipe up and pretend that face ID doesn’t even exist as soon as it authenticates you’ll be at your home screen and you’ll only be asked for a passcode if there’s a problem with face IDs authentication similar to touch ID face ID doesn’t work every single time but it works just about as often as touch ID did actually find it way more convenient to unlock my phone than touch ID because it’s as if it’s not even there the majority of the time face ID is not just for unlocking your phone though it’s also used for passwords so if you have your passwords stored in your iCloud account any time you go to a website or app that needs you to log in with a username and password if it’s already stored face ID will automatically fill it in for you without you having to do anything at all face ID is so secure in fact that it also works with Apple pay if you haven’t noticed if you compare it to facial unlock systems on other devices like Android phones you cannot authenticate using your face but with the iPhone 10 you can due to the fact that face ID is so secure up next we are talking about that big display some people may not think it’s that big but it is an improvement over the previous iPhone models at least when it’s compared to the iPhone 8 a lot of people think since this is a 5.8 inch display that it’s bigger than the 5.5 inch display on the iPhone 7 plus iphone 8 plus etc but in fact there’s less screen space on the iPhone 10 than the previous plus model smartphones think of this as a taller version of the iPhone 8 or iPhone 7 similar to the jump in screen size when Apple made the display taller when it went from the iPhone 4s to the iPhone 5 the iPhone 10 is Apple’s first phone to use an OLED display after years of Apple LCDs pretty much setting the standard for the industry OLED displays a lot for thinner phones but getting them to be color accurate has always been a challenge Samsung phones tend to be a little oversaturated to the point of almost appearing to be neon while Google’s pixel xl2 has a bunch of issues that we’ve talked about in the past with viewing angles with muted colors with color shifting and LG’s new V 30 even has problems with uneven backlighting this is why Apple has been hesitant to jump to OLED in the past but here at the iPhone 10 they’re finally able to make that jump Apple is using a 5.8 inch Samsung manufacturer Ola display which they say has been custom designed for the iPhone 10 in fact not only did we hear this from Apple but I also heard this from Samsung themselves who said that this is an Apple designed display and that Samsung is just a manufacturer the display uses a diamond pentile picks of the layout which means every pixel on the screen shares red green and blue sub pixels with the pixels around it unlike the previous iPhone LCD screens which have dedicated RGB subpixels in a stripe for every single pixel on the screen many people don’t like pentile displays and I’m actually one of those people but here it’s hard to tell that it’s an actual pentile display with the naked eye in fact apples done so much custom anti-aliasing and sub-pixel rendering to make the display look a little better than the typical Samsung pen silo LEDs and I think anyone who takes a look at the display will agree that the effort was well worth it one of my favorite features of a display is the true tone feature that Apple has implemented here true tone was one of my favorite features on the iPad pro nine point seven inch and also on the newer iPad pro 10.5 inch I was hoping true tone would come to the iPhone 10 and we have it this year the iPhone 10 offers Dolby vision HDR support so iTunes movies Master in HDR play with higher brightness and more dynamic range you can also find these movies on services like Netflix and of course typical regular HDR as well is also supported on the display is the iPhones all the display perfect no it is not every Ola display has some sort of color shift when you view it off axis and the iPhone 10 has that same issue it is a pretty muted color shift but it is there if you look off access you’ll see a slight blue tint when holding the phone off angle a lot of people also asked about burn-in the Google pixel 2xl seem to be suffering from burnin less than a week after people received it I’ve been using the iPhone 10 for like I said just over a month and I have not noticed any screen retention any image retention any burnin at all obviously I can’t talk for the future but here in the first month it hasn’t been a problem at all and speaking of display that is a display that you’re gonna want to protect this iPhone in fact is very fragile it’s a glass on front glass on back and that gives me an opportunity to thank our sponsor for this video tech 21 tech 21 it makes cases and screen protectors that will protect your de ice drop after drop tech21 makes a scratch-resistant anti-glare screen protector along with a bunch of cases they’ve got an assortment of cases most of which protect your phone from a 10-foot drop but you can also opt for a thinner and lighter case then I’ll protect it from a 6.6 foot drop as well the cases look good and they’re also the standard bearer for protection you can pick up tech21 cases at most major retailers that sell smartphones including t-mobile I will leave it directly to where you can buy tech21 cases on t-mobile’s website down in the description below the next feature I want to talk about here on the iPhone 10 is the cameras the iPhone 10 has basically the same cameras as the iPhone 8 and the photos look almost exactly the same so if the cameras are important to you the rear camera is in particular if that’s one of your major buying decisions know that you can get pretty much the same experience on an iPhone 8 plus and if you don’t care about the telephoto lens you can pick up an iPhone 8 and save yourself several hundred dollars off the cost of an iPhone 10 on the back of the iPhone 10 you’re gonna find two optically stabilized 12 megapixel cameras one with an F 1.8 wide-angle lens and the other with an F 2.4 telephoto lens this is an upgrade from the iPhone 8 plus which has an F 2.8 non stabilised telephoto lens that stabilized telephoto lens is great these are probably the best zoom photos I’ve ever taken on any smartphone and it’s also amazing to be able to shoot in 4k at a 6-time zoom and have that footage be nice and clear when taking photos the iPhone also has a new slow sync flash that also does appear on the iPhone 8 and it basically fills in the background a lot better when taking the flash than it did in the past where it would just kind of light up your subjects and leave the background dark the slow sync flash will actually light up both the subject and the background and it actually makes the flash much more usable although I still prefer to take pictures with no flash at all the two cameras on the rear do allow for the portrait mode which works as well as portrait mode on the 8 plus and also supports the new portrait light feature which is in beta where you can apply different lighting effects to your photos in real time in another difference from the iPhone 8 plus though the front camera also supports portrait mode and portrait lighting that is where that knotch comes back into play which Apple calls the sensor housing that’s what uses face ID but that’s also where the front camera is stored regular front camera photos do look similar to what you’d find on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus but when you turn on the portrait mode you do get that blurry background and you have to make sure you’re well-lit in order to get it to work properly if you’re in a low light situation you may find the edges of the subject to come out a little soft and the iPhone will have a problem finding where those edges are and what’s a blur and what not to blur it is a little odd and confusing because the Google pixel 2 and pixel 2 XL are able to take amazing front camera photos in portrait mode with an almost perfectly blurred background and it doesn’t have all the physical Hardware features that the iPhone 10 has instead it’s using cloud processing to achieve the effect and it looks fantastic on the pixel too so hopefully we see Apple improve the software here in the front camera for the portrait mode selfies to look even better perhaps the most impressive thing about the camera to me though is that it can shoot 1080p video in 240 frames per second which is crazy you’re not gonna find that on any other smartphone and it also shoots 4k video at 60 frames per second again not something you’re gonna find on any other smartphone at least here at the end of 2017 both of those are very very impressive feats and if you’re someone who takes a lot of video like I do it is something that you will appreciate right out of the gate alright it’s night time right now I figured I tried doing a video clip while walking front camera right here so you’re hearing the sound directly from the camera as well as the picture all that noise all these fountains back here anyway there you go this is a look at the front camera in pretty dim lighting sundown is in Oh sundown was about seven 1/2 minutes ago so you can see it still captures pretty good now I’m in some shadows I’m walking through some trees and you can see its capital in the trees capturing detail still making sure that my face is pretty well lit up up next in particular I want to talk about the feel in the hand of the iPhone 10 I’m coming from an iPhone 8 plus 7 plus 6s plus and 6 plus when Apple released its larger phones I went with the biggest phones they had because I wanted the biggest screen they had and then when they added that dual camera I wanted the best camera that they had however as much as I liked the plus size phones I hated how they felt in the hand I always felt that I was struggling to use them one-handed and missed the one-handed ability that I had on my iPhone 5s but I didn’t want to give up the better camera experience and the larger screen here with the iPhone 10 the problem is pretty much mitigated now again the screen does not have as much surface space as the iPhone 8 plus does however it’s a larger screen a sharper screen and I can use this device with one hand a large part of that is all the new gestures that Apple built into the iPhone 10 since it is an almost bezel s display with no home button at all it all now relies on swipe gestures those swipe gestures are all optimized for one-handed use and I think they work really well in fact I prefer it over pressing a home button and double tapping a home button etc however if you are someone who likes that home button and you’re gonna miss the home button you may want to opt for an iPhone 8 or iPhone 8 plus instead and by the way those phones are just as powerful as the iPhone 10 as far as the processor and the RAM goes the iPhone 8 plus and the iPhone 10 are similar in those specs so if you’re someone who prefers a home button you can buy an iPhone 8 plus and you won’t be missing out on any speed another feature I want to touch on that I think most people kind of ignore is the side button what used to be the power button is now called the side button and sports multi-functionality so just pressing and tapping on it will turn your display off and on tapping and holding it will invoke Siri to allow you to talk to Siri and I actually find Siri invocation to be much better using the side button than I ever did using the home button one-handed Siri is much easier when you can just grip the iPhone 10 when compared to having to shimmy previous iPhones in your hand to press and hold a home button and awkwardly holding your phone hoping you wouldn’t drop it because it’s all off balance now you just simply squeeze the side button with your thumb and you’re talking to Siri again the lack of a home button does mean you need to use the side buttons a little more in order to use Apple pay you simply double tap the side button and then authenticate with face ID and Apple pay is ready to be used and if you want to take a screenshot you just squeeze the phone together you press the side button and the volume up button at the same time in order to power the phone down you can squeeze both the side button and either one of the volume buttons hold them down until you get your reset menu so again the side button makes with gestures is my preferred way of navigating iOS Apple gets a big thumbs up from me because this is a lot easier for me to use preferred method than using the old home button style up next let’s talk about the speaker experience the sound experience of the iPhone 10 I think it is fantastic it is the second loudest smartphone on the market right now behind the razor phone the speaker sounds fantastic one of my favorite tests to do when I’m testing smartphone speakers is to choose a song with a lot of range start playing the song close my eyes hold the phone in front of me and basically take in the song and see if I can hear all the stereo sound and how wide that soundstage sounds on the iPhone 10 it passes that test with flying colors you get stereo sound you get one speaker in the earpiece which actually functions as a loudspeaker as well and there’s a second speaker at the bottom of the device so again stereo sound coming out of the iPhone 10 and these speakers are loud they have bay they have good treble good mid-range I do not think they’re better than the speakers found on the razor phone but those are bigger dedicated speakers but for a smart phone like this as thin as the iPhone 10 with as small speakers as you see at least externally on the iPhone 10 I never expected the speakers to be this good the iPhone 10 speakers are so good in fact that I think they’re just as good as buying an inexpensive external Bluetooth speaker instead you can just use the phone itself okay you might be asking me what about the big feature what about the feature everybody is talking about why haven’t you yet started telling us about an emoji well an emoji is one of the most popular features of the iPhone 10 not for me personally I do think they’re funny I do think they’re cute I do think people have used them in some pretty creative ways but it’s not something that I use on a daily basis however they’re cool they’re not something that’s gonna sell the phone but they are something that’s gonna delight people who buy the phone if you’re unaware what you’ve been watching in this video are the an emoji I’ve been using different an emoji to go through all my thoughts on the iPhone 10 here in this video and emoji are Apple’s animated emoji characters it’s basically built in machinima right for your iPhone most importantly they work and they work well they do facial tracking with muscle movement they track your head they track your eyes they track your mouth they track the muscles in your face and they map it out in such a way that it hides the difficulty of doing this this isn’t easy it’s not something that we’ve seen before and Apple does a good job just making it fun and making it just work without any fuss an emoji works by using the front camera in conjunction with the true depth sensor some people are saying that it just uses the camera Apple says that’s not true it does also use the true depth IR sensor for some of the an emoji functionality one other thing about an emoji is that they are not iOS only you can send them to other iOS users you can send them to iPhone 10 users you can send them to anyone using any previous iPhone that’s not the phone 10 and even Android users can see them as well because Apple will just turn them into a movie file and send them to anybody in your contact list up next let’s talk about a couple of new features on the iPhone 10 that also do appear on the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus again if these are features that are important to you you may want to consider a cheaper smartphone from Apple you do not need an iPhone 10 to enjoy these the first one is wireless charging since the iPhone 10 has a glass back instead of the aluminum metal back it now supports wireless charging using the Qi standard so any Qi wireless charger will work Apple specifically has mentioned one charger from Belkin and another charger from Mophie you can pick up those chargers and use them but you don’t have to use those two brands you can use any brand Qi charger out there and it should work with your iPhone 10 however the iPhone 8 and 8 plus also have the glass back and they also support wireless charging so again you do not need to pick up an iPhone 10 if wireless charging is important to you when deciding on your next iPhone another similar feature is the ip67 water resistance I’m a big fan of water resistance on smartphones and as we’ve seen some flagship recently have not shipped with water resistance Apple has been shipping with water resistance since the release of the iPhone 7 and 7 plus you get that same water resistance on the 8 and 8 plus and the 10 but if that’s something you’re considering in your next smartphone purchase you do not need an iPhone 10 in order to have water resistance on an iPhone device but if the iPhone 10 is something you’re considering do know that it is ip67 rated which means it can be submerged and up to a meter of water for 30 minutes without suffering any damage and the last feature I want to touch on here that I think is relevant when discussing the iPhone 10 and this is actually number 10 on my top 10 features it is the new design itself what you’ve got here was a sandwich of what Apple says is the most durable glass they’ve ever used in a smart phone with a surgical grade steel band connecting the two pieces of glass now when Apple says it’s the most durable glass they’ve ever used in a smartphone I’m gonna believe them I don’t see any reason why they say that if it wasn’t true however you should not be tricked into thinking that if you drop this phone that it’s just not going to break glass versus concrete concrete is gonna win probably 95% of the time so again if you happen to be clumsy if you have slippery fingers slippery hands or you work in an environment where you may drop your phone be sure to grab a protective case again links to the tech21 cases down in the description below on the left side of the device you’re gonna find the volume up and volume down button along with the mute switch and on the other side over on the right is that side button that I talked about earlier some people are going to argue with the notch on the display that is what some people think looks like absolute crap some people do not like the fact that the notch comes down the sensor housing comes down into the display and that the display curves around this it would have much rather have had it be a complete bar at the top or blacked out the display to make it a more uniform look I personally find and you’ve heard this from a lot of other people as well I thought it would be distracting but it’s not something you really notice after you start using the phone unless you’re holding the phone horizontally and watching video in full-screen mode or playing a game that fills the screen then it’s more noticeable but when using the phone 95% of the time that sensor housing doesn’t get in my way personally so there you have it guys that was your look at Apple’s latest flagship the iPhone 10 the biggest departure in any single year I phone release big jump here in the design of this phone you can pick up the iPhone 10 right now it starts at 999 dollars that’s for a 64 gigabyte version and it’s available in both silver which is really kind of like a white with silver accents and it’s also available in Space Gray as well if 64 gigabytes is not enough for you you can also out for 250 six gigabyte version that sells for 1000 $149 and is available in the same two colors silver and Space Gray here at the end of 2017 you have a lot of great options when it comes to which smartphone you’re gonna buy the iPhone 10 I think it’s a great device the iPhone 8 and 8 plus save you some money and bring you a lot of feature parity you’ve got the Google pixel 2 which I think it’s one of the best phones of the year definitely best camera on that phone don’t forget about Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 if the stylus and dual camera is something that’s important to you if it’s not the galaxy s 8 and si plus are fantastic phones as well and if you want to save yourself even more money and don’t care about all the top-tier flagship features be sure to check out the 1 + 5 t again so many great smartphones here at the end of the year it’s crazy how fast phones are innovating right now but I want to hear from you what phones have you guys picked did you pick the iPhone 10 did you pick a different phone comment down below and let me know I’ll meet you down there for further discussion fanboys if you’re gonna start flaming people every iPhone review video that I do starts picking up fanboys people who say that I’m paid by Apple to say nice things people who say in the same video that I’m paid by Samsung to not say nice things I try to give you a fair and balanced look at this device let me know what you think though in the comments below I’ll make sure that for further discussion like I said if you enjoyed this one please do drop a like on this video and don’t forget to click or tap on my face here at the bottom of the screen in order to subscribe for free to the channel if you haven’t done so already that way you stay on top of all future video releases thanks so much for watching as always guys I appreciate your support I got to get back down to the beach here in Maui I’m Andrew Edwards and I’ll catch you in the next video [Music] you [Music]

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