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iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

iPhone 6 Plus Bend Test

Presented by SQUARESPACE What’s up guys, Lew here, back with another video and today we’re going to be doing the official …iPhone 6+ bend test Now, normally, I wouldn’t do a video like this but I woke up this morning and saw a number of reports Claming … that the iPhone six plus was bending inside people’s pockets. So, I decided to pull mine out of my pocket… I’ve been using it as my regular phone for the last couple of days, and, upon inspection, I actually noticed a tiny little indentation towards the centre of the device Which, kind of implies a little bit of a bend, not much, nothing conclusive, but, some of the images I’ve seen from other people show a far more significant bend and the claims are that people are just using it in their front pocket which, normally, wouldn’t result in a bent aluminium phone. But, in this particular case, we have such a large device and I can see this being a significant concern for people, so, for the sake of science Today, i’m gonna bend this iPhone six plus to see how much force it actually takes to make this thing unusable or essentially bent in such a fashion that you would be pissed off as an owner of one of these devices. So, without further or do, lets get into the iPhone six plus bend test *Music Playing* So, there you have it guys unfortunate, but, under the pressure of my hands it does bend quite significantly, specifically around this portion here where the buttons were My focus was more in the center portion, but it seems to be a weak point up here near the button cutouts Bottom line here is that its an aluminum phone it is going to bend If you apply enough pressure, like I just did Now will this happen in your front pocket? That probably depends on how tight your pants are and how often you wearing this in your pocket I think it could. This, this was painful to do, but for the sake of science to let you guys know if it’s an actual possibility, it looks like it will be a possibility on the iPhone 6+ not necessarily the piece of information that you guys want to receive as brand-new owners of this device It’s probably not gonna be the most durable from that stand point, but, it’s a huge foot print, look at the foot print of that thing This is a huge piece of aluminum and we all know that aluminum is incredibly malleable, but now we have actual evidence on camera not just a picture of a bent phone After the fact, yes it bends under the force of my hand pressure Just pushing on it, the aluminum bends even with this robust piece of glass It’s time to see how Apple respond to this, if I get any updates I’ll let you know. In an upcoming video and quick reminder I got an extra iPhone, regular iPhone 6 that I’m gonna give away shortly so subscribe for that. Maybe, this is enough information to push you in the direction of picking the 6 over the 6+ bigger footprint, bigger piece of aluminum, greater likelihood of bending There you have it, little bit of proof right here on Unbox Therapy Thanks for watching guys, this was painful like I said before but it’s all for the sake of science. So that you can know a little bit more info about this investment that you’re about to make. Alright, catch you on the next episode. Later. SQUARESPACE, the all-in-one platform that makes it fast and easy to create your own professional website portfolio and online store for a free trial and for 10% off visit SQUARESPACE.COM/UNBOX and enter offer code “UNBOX” at checkout. A better web starts with your website.

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  2. You did not follow actual rule of bend test… you should bend at the central of that device but I can see you was not trying to bend at the central of the device. While i was watching i noticed you intentionally tried to bend a particular point which was not central no doubt. Both thumbs should be at center of the device and then trying to bend is actual bend test… so in video there is no logic to blame apple…

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