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Introduction to Warc – advertising and marketing database

Introduction to Warc – advertising and marketing database

This is a quick introduction to Warc DCU Library’s marketing and advertising
database. There’s a a lot of different ways to use Warc so going to show you a few of
the ways I think you find most useful first of all you can do a simple search
up here like this So I’ll do a search for Guinness. And you can see the search results here You’ll get a list of all of them here of you can filter by case studies, articles, research papers etc. Some of the hits here mightn’t be directly about Guinness, they might just be referring to Guinness in passing So what you can do to refine your search filter by industry sector – I’ll click on Drink and Beverage here and you can see here there are search
results for different brands I’ll click on Guinness. So all the search results are refined to Guinness And I can also filter by year or by region Next we’ll look at the navigation bar up here and again, there’s a lot packed in here so
I just show you a few more interesting things. First of all I’m going to look at the case study finder This a powerful search tool to allow you to search globally for case
studies and advertising and marketing so much to do with you can choose your
region you could use your industry you can even choose how successful
the advertising campaign has been by few different criteria. So what I’m going to do as an example here is I’m going to look for advertising campaigns up for SUVs for
the UK So I’ll choose United Kingdom here and open up Industry Sectors open up Motor and Auto select SUVs. And click here to find cases And it has found 18 case studies on this you can also do more general browsing by industry so if you click on topics you can see different industries here you can click
on them for latest insights and then finally if you click on Data over
here There’s a lot in here but just give an example of what kind of things you can get here If you click on Takeaway Tables and then go to Ireland. Here we can see the year by year spend on advertising on Ireland as a whole with figures for all media or for just
newspapers, just magazines, just television etc.

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