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Introduction to the Ad Experience Report

Introduction to the Ad Experience Report

SPEAKER 1: We’ve all
been caught off guard by an annoying ad, the kind
that blares music unexpectedly, or a pop-up on top of the one
thing we’re trying to find. These frustrating
experiences can lead people to install ad blockers. And when ads are blocked,
publishers can’t make money. A survey of hundreds
of ad experiences by the Coalition
for Better Ads has shown that people don’t hate
all ads, just annoying ones. Eliminating these
ads from your site can make a huge difference. That’s where the Ad
Experience Report comes in. It makes it easy to find
annoying ads on your site, and replace them with
user-friendly ones. The Ad Experience Report is part
of Google Search Console, which means you’ll need to verify
ownership of your site to access the report. You can do this yourself by
following the instructions here, or you can be added
as a user by your webmaster. If your site hasn’t been
reviewed, or has passed review, the report won’t show anything. If your review status
is warning or failing, violations will be listed
in the What We Found column. Ad reviews report on a sample
of pages from both desktop and mobile versions
of your site. If negative ad
experiences are found, they are listed
separately in the report, since a bad experience
on mobile may not be as annoying on desktop. Site design issues, such as
pop-ups or large sticky ads, concern how ads are
being displayed. Click on What We Found to
see a video of the ad that was flagged. In place of a pop-up, try
a full screen in line ad. It offers the same amount of
screen real estate as pop-ups without covering up any content. Creative issues are shown on
your site through ad tags. Like flashing animated ads or
AutoPlay videos with sound. Fixing the problem depends
on the issue you have. For example, if it’s
a pop-up, you’ll need to remove all the
pop-up ads from your site. But if the issue is high
ad density on a page, you’ll need to reduce
the number of ads. Once you fix the issues,
you can submit your site for a re-review. We’ll look at a
new sample of pages and may find ad experiences
that were missed previously. We’ll email you when
the results are in. For more, please
click the link below.

21 thoughts on “Introduction to the Ad Experience Report

  1. through this measure to block popup ads many advertising firms will falter, browsers must be independent not being censored!

  2. Google has no idea how much this is going to screw over small webstores.

    The store I'm with uses Shopify now and we've been trying to get more relevant customers by putting in pop ups in the store for people to give us their email addresses. But now we're going to get penalized for doing this and there's no app in Shopify's app store that will allow us to make the types of ads that Google wants. And we can't even figure out what is considered to be a good ad for Google since they don't have a template for their preferred designs. They're only showing the types of ads they don't want.

  3. All auto playing video ads on mobile are bad, it doesn't matter if they play audio or not. Blocking ads on my mobile browser, gives me over an hour of additional screen on time since the CPU and GPU can spend most of their time in an idle state. I will block all ads until they stop using the ads that follow you (bad or AMOLED displays), animated or video ads (regardless of audio), or the scroll over ads.

  4. I hope that….Google company or all websites company we must delete this Reklam or sponsor on the websites it's very Annoying….we must design web sites browsers by single click to open one page…if click the one link open many pages it's very annoying….thanks regards….‼️📬📝🤗🖐️🌷©️®️

  5. So, with this update you must remove Ad-Blocker from your chrome store and block it forever 🙂
    Justice = for all !

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