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Introducing the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR — Apple

Introducing the new Mac Pro and Pro Display XDR — Apple

Jony Ive: We have created
a new high-performance Mac for our professional users. It’s designed and engineered
to enable a wide range of uses, and virtually
unlimited possibilities for customization. Central to the Mac Pro design is a precision,
stainless steel space frame that also functions
as handles and feet. It is the structural foundation
for an architecture designed for absolute flexibility
and uncompromising utility. The space frame provides 360-degree access
to the interior as well as multiple
mounting points for a variety
of different components. Dan Riccio: To meet
the diverse demands of our professional users,
the dual-sided logic board is built for configuration
and expansion. ♪ Music playing ♪ The new Xeon processor
has up to 28 cores and can run continuously
at maximum frequencies without constraint. 12 DIMM slots accommodate
up to 1.5 terabytes of RAM for the most demanding tasks. And eight available PCIe slots allow users to build a system
that fits their needs. For many pro workloads, graphics performance
is critically important, so we’ve created
a new graphics architecture, the Mac Pro Expansion Module
or MPX Module. With two GPUs
in an MPX Module, it’s the world’s most powerful
graphics card. And Mac Pro is designed
to accommodate two modules with up to four total GPUs. To transform video editing, we’ve developed
Apple Afterburner, a programmable
accelerator card. It boosts the performance
of ProRes and ProRes RAW video, eliminating the need
for proxy workflows. For maximizing the performance
of every component, Mac Pro has
a 1.4-kilowatt power supply and advanced
thermal architecture. Three large impeller fans
quietly channel air from front to back, while a blower pulls heat
from the memory. This system eliminates
the need for fans on individual components, keeping sound levels
remarkably low. Jony: The thermal system
is enclosed by an aluminum housing
that slides over the frame and completes the architecture. Its unique three-dimensional
vents are machined on both internal
and external surfaces. The resulting
lightweight lattice pattern maximizes air flow while creating
an extremely rigid structure. Our preoccupation
with utility and function defines the design of Mac Pro. The stainless steel handles
and I/O ports are easy to reach, and optional wheels
help enable complete access while also making it easy
to move between workspaces. To complement the capabilities
of Mac Pro, we’ve created an equally
uncompromising new display, Pro Display XDR. A 32-inch, edge-to-edge panel is housed in a machined aluminum
unibody enclosure. The same unique and functional
lightweight lattice vent pattern also acts as a heat sink
for the system. Dan: With over 20 million pixels delivering extreme
dynamic range, Pro Display XDR
is the first 6K Retina display. The backlighting system includes
a large array of blue LEDs that generate
exceptional brightness and modulate independently
based on the content. Along with an intricate series
of custom lenses and geometrically-optimized
reflectors, this system literally shapes
and controls the light, achieving industry-leading
brightness while dramatically reducing
blooming. In addition to
a P3 wide color gamut and remarkable
contrast ratio, Pro Display XDR also has better
off-axis contrast than any LCD. Jony: The display magnetically
attaches to a stand made from a single,
solid, aluminum extrusion. A precise mechanism
in the arm counterbalances the display, making the height
and angle adjustments feel almost weightless. Allowing for even
greater adjustability, the display works in both landscape and portrait
orientation. With Mac Pro
and Pro Display XDR, we’ve created a system defined by utility
and flexibility. They represent two very new,
very powerful, highly engineered
professional tools. ♪

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