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Introducing the new iPad Pro — Apple

Introducing the new iPad Pro — Apple

♪ Music playing ♪ ♪ This is the new iPad Pro. ♪ It’s unlike any iPad
or anything we’ve made before because everything has changed. Starting with the screen,
as in all screen, that goes edge to edge
on an impossibly thin profile. No, thinner.
No, thinner than that. Yeah! That thin. So it’s not impossible. It just required fitting
a larger display into a smaller form. Tuning individual pixels to create perfectly
rounded corners. Reengineering
the TrueDepth camera system. Making the speakers smaller,
but louder. Adding microphones,
shrinking LEDs. Pushing it all to the very edge, so it fits within
that narrow border with everything still weighing
about a pound. So when you hold it,
the technology seems to recede and you’re left feeling like you’re essentially
holding light. That’s because
the Liquid Retina display is our most advanced
and responsive display ever. There’s no more Home button
because it has Face ID, the most secure and seamless way
to unlock your iPad. It’s been redesigned
to work in any direction, so there’s no wrong way
to unlock it or use it. It also has the most powerful
and smartest chip we’ve ever made. Made even smarter
by the Apple Neural Engine, now on iPad
for the very first time. It’s powerful enough
for Photoshop. Yeah, real Photoshop! And because of the chip,
everything you do, like surfing the web,
messaging at the same time, dragging and dropping,
is faster than ever, and faster than 92 percent
of portable PCs. But that’s not all. We didn’t just think about
the iPad or the accessories, but how they all connect. That’s why there are
102 magnets, all precisely aligned
to create a perfect system. [CHOIR HARMONIZES] [CLICK] So you can do this… and charge your pencil
at the same time. Drawing or writing
will feel as natural as, well, a pencil, only better, because its
cylindrical touch sensor gives you more control, like switching tools
with a double-tap. ♪ There’s also a new keyboard
that snaps into place like this, and this. Which is perfect
for Group FaceTime. And with USB-C,
this now connects to that, that, that, and that. This makes things easy,
even if what you do is complex. [MUSIC STOPS, RESTARTS] iPad Pro is more versatile,
more portable, more capable. It’s like a computer,
but unlike any computer. This is the new iPad Pro. ♪

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