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Introducing Google Nose

Introducing Google Nose

Google Search is incredibly powerful. You can search for text across the Internet most of human knowledge, images, books, videos. But, we realised that there was an important part of the Search experience that we’d overlooked. Our task as designers is to get our users the information that they’re looking for as quickly and as beautifully as possible. But, until now, we couldn’t always give users what they were looking for Because, sometimes, they’re not looking at all. My wife and I have a puppy with so much energy that we walk her 5 times a day, and she sniffs around every nook and cranny. This is how she gets information about her world. Photo-auditory-olfactory sensory convergence is a phenomenon that’s been promised in science fiction for decades. – We’re excited to announce Google NoseBeta our flagship olfactory knowledge feature enabling users to search for smells. Our mobile aroma indexing programme has been able to amass a 15 million scentibite database of smells from around the world. – With an elegant integration into our existing knowledge panels, the Google Nose Beta Smell button seamlessly connects scent to search. By intersecting photons with infrasound waves, Google Nose Beta temporarily aligns molecules to emulate a particular scent. Google Nose Beta works on nearly all desktops, laptops and quite a few mobile devices. In the fast paced world that we live in, we don’t always have time to stop and smell the roses. Now, with Google Nose Beta, the roses are just a click away. – If you have a question like “what does a new car smell like?”, who knows the answer? Google Nose. – What does a ghost smell like? Google Nose. What does the inside of an Egyptian tomb smell like? Google Nose. Google Nose. Google Nose…Beta.

100 thoughts on “Introducing Google Nose

  1. I gotta admit I fell for this one when it came out 6 years ago. I actually did everything in their instructions and when it was supposed to release a smell, my phone would make a weird buzzing sound. I kept smelling it but nothing.

  2. 6 years later, I'M STILL WAITING FOR NOSE.

    Happy April Fools! Wait, if it would be real, then how would you use it?

    Wouldn't it be weird smelling your computer in public?

  3. Carry on GOOGLE… I always wait to see your all new advanced innovation…😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  4. Bruh it's 2019 and i though this was real gonna be added and posted this year in 2019. WHY DID YOU ANNOUNCE IT BUT NEVER PUBLISH IT ONTO GOOGLE?

  5. I love the reaction when people say “I wish this was real”.. it reminds me of when Google introduced its cloud service, saying its google.. inside a real cloud! Hahahah


    Who would have thought.. Google must have a comedy team in their marketing department lol

  6. Google vr ✓
    Google ar ✓
    Google earth ✓
    Google smell ✓?
    Google taste …

    If all of this has been filled a virtual world can be made

  7. Why not involve bionics here? I mean, we feel the smell because the particles connect to our receptors as ligands. Some tech apparatus can catch them, too. Just a little bit of info processing, memorization and behold! — the Nosebot.

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