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Introducing Firebase and Google AdWords

Introducing Firebase and Google AdWords

So you’ve built an
amazing mobile app that your users
are going to love, but you want to get
into people’s hands and let them see just
how awesome it is. Well, AdWords helps you do
this, putting ads for your app in front of billions of
people that use Search, YouTube, Google Play, and more. You can quickly set
up an ad campaign to reach the type
of users that might be interested in your app. You only pay if the
user clicks on that ad. And you can set the budget
and acquisition cost that you’re comfortable with. But how do you know you’re
reaching the right users? Maybe some will install your
app and forget about it, while others will make it
part of their daily lives. Firebase Analytics
helps you do this. You can define events
that happen in your app that you consider
to be important, such as reaching the
first level of your game, purchasing a fancy new
pair of sunglasses, or returning every morning
to check out new products. You can tell AdWords
which of these events are most important to you. Then, AdWords will
display ads to people who are more likely to complete
these important actions in the future. You can also build
Audiences, which are specific segments of
users, and have AdWords display your app to them. For example, imagine
that you have a group of users
who are very active, have added a product
to their cart, but haven’t purchased yet. Well, you can use Firebase
to create an audience of just these people and
then use AdWords to give them specific ads and
encourage them to come back to your app and take action. Understanding your users
and engaging with them at just the right time
and in the right way will help you build
loyal users for your app. Firebase and AdWords,
working together to help you grow your user base. Get started today. Your new users are waiting.

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