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Introducing Apple Watch Series 5

Introducing Apple Watch Series 5

This… …watch… …tells… …time. [APPLE WATCH CHIMES] And takes phone calls. This watch tells time, and turns on lights, and opens up doors. ♪ Music playing ♪ This watch tells time and communicates with satellites
12,427 miles above the Earth. [ALERT TONE] It wakes you up… [ALARM TONE]
[BOY INHALES SHARPLY] …and gets you onto subways. And plays every Elton John
studio album… Hey Siri,
play Tumbleweed Connection. …ever recorded. Play Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. Play Madman Across the Water. This watch tells time
and sets timers. And sets your pace and warns
you when it’s too loud. And texts your friends, [CHILDREN CHATTERING]
and opens portals. [WHOOSHING] Kidding. And tracks your distance
underwater. And starts competitions. And accepts challenges. ♪ And tracks your workouts. ♪ And tells you which direction
you should be going. ♪ And reminds you to breathe. [BREATHES DEEPLY] And has an app that measures the exact timing
of the electrical waves traveling through the upper and
lower chambers of your heart, otherwise known
as an electrocardiogram. So in conclusion,
just to reiterate, this… …watch… …tells… …time… …among other things.

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