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Introducing Apple Watch Series 4 — Apple

Introducing Apple Watch Series 4 — Apple

[DEEP RUMBLING] Jony Ive: Apple Watch Series 4
is more than an evolution. It represents a fundamental
redesign and reengineering of Apple Watch. ♪ Music playing ♪ While retaining
the original iconic design, we’ve developed and refined
the form, also managing
to make it thinner. The new display is now
over 30 percent larger and is seamlessly integrated
into the product. The interface has been
redesigned for our new display, providing more information
with richer detail. The hardware and the software
combine to define a very new and truly integrated
singular design. Navigating with a Digital Crown, already one of the most
intricate mechanisms we’ve ever created, has been entirely reengineered
with haptic feedback, delivering a precise
mechanical feel as you scroll. In addition to
an optical heart sensor, there is a new Apple-designed
electrical heart sensor that allows you to take
an electrocardiogram, or ECG, to share with your doctor. A momentous achievement
for a wearable device. Placing a finger
on the Digital Crown creates a closed circuit
with electrodes on the back, providing data the ECG app uses
to analyze your heart rhythm. [HEARTBEATS] While understanding heart health
is essential to our wellbeing, addition features
and enhancements encourage us to live
an overall healthier, more active life. The accelerometer, gyroscope,
and altimeter allow you to record
new types of workouts, measure runs
with increased precision, and track your all-day activity
with great accuracy. Enhanced cellular connectivity enables something
truly liberating: the ability to stay connected
with just your watch. Phone calls, music streaming,
and even emergency assistance are all immediately available
from your wrist. Apple Watch Series 4
is a device so powerful, so personal,
so liberating, it can change the way
you live each day. ♪

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