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Introducing AdWords Editor 11

Introducing AdWords Editor 11

With AdWords Editor, you can make bulk changes
across one or more AdWords accounts. It’s now even easier to make these changes with
Version 11. To get started, download AdWords Editor at “google.com/adwordseditor.” In this video, we’ll introduce you to useful
time-saving tasks and Advanced search and navigation features in
Version 11 of AdWords Editor. The Accounts Manager window allows you to
add, download, and manage multiple accounts side-by-side, including AdWords manager accounts.
Just add any accounts you have permission to manage. You can also view the total number of changes,
errors, and warnings in an account from the accounts manager. You have the ability to work in multiple accounts
at the same time, so you can copy and paste from one account window into another account. You can also drag-and-drop items easily within
an account, like the example shown here, or drag-and-drop items between account windows And you can undo and redo a larger series
of changes beyond just one. Do them in succession with Ctrl + Z on Windows or ⌘ + Z on Mac,
and redo one or more changes in succession with Shift + Ctrl + Z on Windows or Shift
+ ⌘ + Z on Mac. You can also select a specific task to undo, or undo multiple actions at
once. The Make multiple changes tool automatically
organizes your text into rows and columns to allow you to add, update, or remove multiple
items at once. Want to copy-and-paste? Go ahead — the tool
will still automatically organize your data for you!
AdWords Editor’s advanced search features offer more flexibility. You can apply multiple criteria to a search
or apply view filters to help you get closer to the results you want faster. If you didn’t quite find what you were looking
for the first time, you can edit your search by double-clicking the search criteria. You
can also save your most frequent searches for future use to help you save time. Search shortcuts give you options for even
faster, more advanced searches directly in the search bar. You can also use keyboard
shortcuts to navigate and create items in your account. To view a list of available
keyboard shortcuts, select Help Shortcuts in the application menu. Lastly, AdWords Editor also offers support
for two Shared Library items: shared bidding strategies and shared sitelinks. For more information about AdWords Editor
11, visit the AdWords Editor Help Center. To get the latest AdWords tips videos, subscribe
to our YouTube channel.

6 thoughts on “Introducing AdWords Editor 11

  1. "Advanced search features offers more flexibility."
    "to help you save time."

    Saying this in a video doesn't make it true.  The "Advanced Search" capabilities in Adwords Editor 11 is pathetic.  You took away the textarea multi-line search capabilities and replaced it with a text field.

    If I want to filter a list of 50 phrases now, it's no longer a simple copy/paste into a textarea.

    I must be the only true power use of Adwords Editor here because removing multi-line search capabilities should upset those that truly know how to use Adwords Editor.  The casual users won't notice this but to the people that use this every day, this is a major deal.

  2. I can't find how to paste Campaigns, ad groups  and keywords while doing multiple changes. I can choose campaign, but cant choose ad group row, or keyword row. Is it still possible? ( I could do it in previous versions)s

  3. why is it that 90% of programmers think that creating  updates is like playing hide and seek…nothing is easy to find, its ridiculous….and using off beat words to define a particular functionality, which again makes it difficult to do what you want to do…and what happened to logic and intuitiveness with the navigation, it just aint there. Do you guys think that making something more difficult automatically make it better. No it doesn't. Just label thinks logically and put where you can find them, how hard can that be…I know I will be shot down by some, but that's  how I feel right now after spending the last 3 hours trying to upload a campaign from speedppc, and still not getting anywhere. I'm ticked off.

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