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Intro Facebook Marketing For Small and Local Business – Live Marketing Challenge #5

Intro Facebook Marketing For Small and Local Business – Live Marketing Challenge #5

In today’s video, we’re going to show
you how to set up a Facebook page for your local business and a few marketing techniques
that you can use to grow your business on Facebook
Hey guys, this is Brandon from SoldWithVideo.com and we are moving on to the very next post
of the live marketing challenge where we are taking a local based business and growing
it online, and showing you exactly how to do it. Like always, you can follow us online-
MarketingChallenge.com. Alright, so let’s just get right into it.
The reason why you want to use Facebook as a local business owner- because it’s a great
way to connect with your audience. It allows you to announce sales, announce your new products,
announce your new services, let everyone know when your hours are. It’s a great way for
you to form a relationship with local residents in your area. But one of the most powerful
reasons why Facebook is so important is because you can actually run ads to people in your
area, and you can even choose the demographic. So the first thing you need to do is set up
your business profile. And I’ve already created a video walking you through the entire
process, and we are going to have a link to that video at the end of this video. So be
sure to stay tuned to the end to see exactly how to do it. But there are a few things that
you need to know before you start setting up your profile. The first thing that you
should know is that the header at the top of your profile cannot contain any call to
actions, prices, or contact information. If it does, you can get in trouble with Facebook
and your profile can be deleted. But you can add it to your profile image, which is the
thumbnail that appears next to all of your Facebook activity and at the bottom left side
of your header image. And that is the exact formula that we used
with YogaInNapa.com. We had one header image that shows a yoga pose with a nice little
quote, and then we put the contact information and her business name in the profile image.
To see exactly how we did that, feel free to click the link below this video at any
time and see our blog post explaining the entire process.
The next thing that we need to cover is the Facebook landing page. You know how your website
has a services page, an about us page, contact page, and a bunch of other pages besides the
homepage? Yeah! Yeah, I do!
Well, your Facebook profile can do the exact same thing. And you do that with landing pages.
When you add a landing page, you’re actually adding a tab or an extra page on your Facebook
profile that people can check out. You can use these landing pages as opt-in forms, pages
that show of your services, your prices, or anything else that you want to do. But one
good technique that I like to use with Facebook landing pages is to have a page showing fan
content and non-fan content. So what happens is, when a non-fan visits that page, they
see a page that says ‘Like our page to get a free discount’ and there’s a Like button
that appears right above it. They go ahead and they click that Like button, and as soon
as they do the page transforms and shows them a deal, a special, or some kind of discount
that we’re offering. So what happens is we get a new Facebook fan and a new client
all at the same time. And you can easily direct traffic to these pages through Facebook ads.
Or, you can just have it displayed on your Facebook profile and any time someone goes
to your profile they can click on that landing page and get that special by liking your page.
And that is exactly what we did with YogaInNapa.com. We created a special that people can access
if they like our page. So now if someone is already a fan and they go to that page, they
automatically see that special. But if someone goes to the page and they’re not a fan they
need to like our page. And then as soon as they do, they’ll be able to access our special.
And now we’re moving on to how to get more Facebook Likes. And there are literally a
ton of ways to get more Facebook Likes, but I’m going to cover five of the easiest ways
that I think local business owners can get more Facebook Likes. You want more Facebook
Likes because those are fans who are basically subscribing to get all of your Facebook updates.
The more fans you have, the more people you can broadcast your messages to. It’s a great
way for you to be able to stay in contact with a ton of people and form a relationship
which in return, turns into sales. And the very first method is just to add Facebook
signage to your business. This mean put a Facebook sign on your counter, your windows,
or your door. This just lets people know that you’re on Facebook. And if they really liked
you, they’re going to go home, look you up and like your page.
The next method is to run a Facebook ad. And we created a video showing you exactly how
to do this, and we’ll have a like to that video at the end of this video. So be sure
to stay tuned to the end. Number three is to ask your email list. If
you have an email list, just send them an email asking them to like your page. There
is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And if they liked you enough to subscribe to your
newsletter, they are most likely going to like you enough to like your Facebook page.
And method number four is to have a Like box to your website. You have most likely seen
these on other websites. It’s just a box that says ‘Like us on Facebook’ and people
can actually Like you from your website. They don’t even need to be on Facebook. And on
our blog post, which you can access by clicking the link below, you can actually see where
you can go to set one of those up for free. And last but not least, have people check
in when they come into your business. And this method is not necessarily asking for
Facebook Likes, but it’s broadcasting your business on people’s Facebook profiles.
And this could lead to a ton of traffic to your Facebook profile, and leading to a ton
of Likes. But beyond getting more Likes, the check in technique is one of the most powerful
methods that I think small business users could be using on Facebook. Don’t know what
the check in technique is? Don’t worry because we’re going to go into it right now.
Almost everyone with a smartphone has the Facebook app installed, and when they go into
a business they can check in, which actually broadcasts on their Facebook profile that
they are at your business. When they check in, that is basically free advertising for
your business which is awesome! Which means all of their friends are seeing that they’re
in your business. And it even provides a link to your Facebook profile.
So here’s what I recommend you do. Put up a sign behind the counter that says ‘Check
in on Facebook to get our free daily surprise’. And so what happens is they’re so curious
to see what this daily surprise is that they will go ahead, check in, and show you that
they just checked in to your business. So now what happens is your business just got
broadcasted on their Facebook. And here’s something that most people don’t realize
actually happened. When they check in, Facebook can tell which one of their friends are close
to your business and will actually send them a Facebook notification letting them know
that they are at your business, which encourages that person to come visit their friend in
your business or store. So not only are you getting free advertising, but you could potentially
bring in more people to your business when they check in. And when they check in and
show you that they did, give them their daily surprise. But make sure that daily surprise
is of good value to them, because if it’s not they could bad talk you on Facebook. And
if you give them a great surprise, they’re going to talk greatly about you on Facebook.
And I recently experienced a business doing this, and their strategy was genius. If you
want to see what their strategy was and how you can implement it in your own business,
click the link below this video. Thank you for watching, and I hope this video
helps shed some light on what you can be doing to use Facebook in your local or small business.
If you have any questions or you want more information on how to use Facebook in your
local or small business, click the link below and read our blog post. It goes into more
detail than what’s covered in this video. And don’t forget to leave a comment or hit
that thumbs up button. And I will talk to you guys soon. This is Brandon from SoldWithVideo.com
signing out.

10 thoughts on “Intro Facebook Marketing For Small and Local Business – Live Marketing Challenge #5

  1. One time I played with Facebook Ads to target one person… yup, 1 person on the entire planet, and it worked. He got the ad 🙂

  2. Brandon, how could the business owner know that the customer check in their business? How can the customer prove that in order to get a "daily surprise"? Could u explain more details ? thanks!

  3. Alex, the only way to really do it is to have them show you on their phone that they did it. They will not know to do it until they see the sign and when they do just have them show you the phone or have them do it right in front of you.

  4. lol I've never heard this song in any of James's videos (Although I haven't seen them all). And this is song on audiojungle and has been downloaded 1500 times. So yea, chances are other people will use it too. In fact it's on the most popular list every week, which is how I found it. Again, if you want to judge the content based off a song, that's fine…no one is forcing you to watch my videos.

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